Miley Cyrus: I'm Obsessed with Cafe Metro

Miley Cyrus: I'm Obsessed with Cafe Metro

Miley Cyrus sits down with afternoon air personality JJ Kincaid on Z100 on Thursday to talk about everything from her pup Sophie to her fave NYC eatery, Cafe Metro. She even compliments country cutie Taylor Swift!

On presents that she received during her sweet 16 celebration: “I got a dog [for my birthday]. I named her Sophie. I like getting gifts that fun things because I think it’s like personal when they are given to you…I think it’s great that you can get a gift and it’s from someone’s heart.”

On her favorite place to eat in New York: “Everyone’s going to say it’s icky airport food. Cafe Metro. Not Sbarro. I’m obsessed [with Cafe Metro].”

On pal Taylor Swift, who also dated a Jonas Brother: “I’m ready [for a duet with Taylor]. I already told her that we need to do something together because we’ve been friends before she even exploded. She did an amazing job performing [last night] and looked beautiful. I love that she just speaks her mind.”

There are two parts to the interview. Catch the first part below and the second one’s here.

Miley Cyrus – Z100 Interview – 11/14
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  • trainwreck*

    she’s so down to earth& funny. hahaha, gotta love her.

  • Zenab

    Hahaha, TEAM TAYLOR!!

  • Val

    She is going to team up with taylor and will make the

    Zenab I can not see you comment :(

  • Val

    Now I can forget it XDD

  • Rose

    Mmm can’t wait for the duet with Taylor
    Miley seems like a sweet down to earth girl
    More power to her

  • taylover

    im not usually a miley fan but i liked her in this interview
    her and taylor would do an amazing songgg!

  • Lynneeee!

    Teaaaam Joe!

  • Lynneeee!

    Trully, Trully Shes only on team taylor cause of nick and BECAUSE, she would not say team anything if Kevin Hadnt Worn The TEam Demi& Selena shirt! This is like her chance to get back at JB for it all.
    But TEAM JOEEE. He Obviously is dicreet and smarter then taylor has been.

  • http://?? idigit

    I think that would be a excellent idea if miley and taylor started a band called the ex jonas gf’s. I would think that would sell like hotcakes plus I hear now nick jonas has dumped selena gomez.. There you go, those three chicks would rock out harder than any girl group ever put together. I pray it happens… and i am getting sick of jonas brothers and those so called purity rings. I dont think so!!!

  • Alicia


  • Katie

    she’s awsome
    & just so you know, I’ll be checking jr. a few times a day just like just jared :D

  • miley cyrus fan

    i love miley!

  • Larissa

    i love miley!!!! she’s so down to Earth



  • Ashlee

    her voice is annoying

  • Krissy

    JONAS brothers are real and have a life, without spending time on payback.
    TILEY needs to shut the freak up..and stop making these guys look bad. & taking the lime light for themselves.

    two guys, broke up with you, for reasons!!!
    move on already!!!!
    learn to forgive and forget.
    this coming from girls, who get their hearts broken..
    typ-i cal.
    it happends to everybody.
    long term relationships don’t work out.
    why the f*** doesn’t anyone get that!!!!!

    TAY & MILEY= annoying bitchz.
    but i like tay a little bit.
    IF only they would clean up their acts..instead of acting so immature, by getting revenge, and stating the truth, when it’s not supposed too.

    THINK of other people, besides yourselves just for once.
    you weren’t the only ones, who were heart broken.
    I’m pretty sure, breaking up with someone doesn’t take practice in a few minutes. -.-
    GUYS are not the only jerks.
    WE GIRLS are too, for not understanding.

    lfe ‘

  • Krissy

    not everyone is your best friend miley.
    stop pretending like the are.
    probably hate you, for what / who you are.


    #15 Miley is over nick already ok. miley never really said anything bad about nick she always has spoken good about him and the jonas. everyone is talking b/ of 7 things everyone knows is about loving someone eventhought you hate their faults thats true love . nick knows about songs and he knows that is that she telling him that she truly loved him regardles of his faults, that am sure he knows he has. but she talks more about loving him than hating him. and in seventeen mag she also said she love him so she told everyone they went out so what everyone knew anyway and he admitted on some shows saying they are getting to know each other. she said what fans wanted to hear that they were in love. Am Glad that she said Team Taylor am sure she knows more about what happen than us fans. Beside Jonas Stared the whole team shirt thing by wearing a Team selena and demi shirt first they were the immature ones. They tried to promote nick girlfriend at the time by putting miley down when they knew she was going thru a lot at the time and they put some fire in the oven with that whole stunt. Miley should not trust them. They tried to lead people to take sides but it didnt work because miley is extremely love and extremely famouse so they could not bring her down she came back stronger and better than ever. she works hard and thats what we need to focus on b/she is extremely talent jonas took side and they took the wrong side i hope they have realize that. but is too late she knows now how they turn on her am sure she no longer feel the same for nick after what they did. trying to bring her down putting sel as his love interest in a video when he never did that with miley than going out with her and all. am glad miley realize that what he did was wrong and he really needs to step up in 7 steps if he wants her friendship back i think miley should respect herself a make it difficult for him so he learns his lesson. am glad she moved on and is happy at least justin show her off and is not afraid of anyone. love miley and justin together.

  • jom

    go miley!!! the big difference is just miley is the one who broke up with nick but joe is the one who broke up with taylor!!!!! waaahhhh poor taylor geeting dump

  • kelsey

    i totally argee with comment 17

    miley always talked good about them
    and then they wore that stupid shirt that said team selena and demi
    they are the immature ones
    i used to like them but now i find them very different
    i fell bad 4 taylor cause he cheated on her and broke up with her on a 27 SECOND PHONE CALL
    wat a loser and a jerk!!!!!!!!

  • :)


    I’m amazed. Seriously, this girl is so freakin’ strong … I don’t know how she can handle all this and look so smiley.

  • :)

    # 17 , just shut up!

    Those brothers call everybody their best friends too

    Don’t make me do a namelist

>>>>>>> staging1