Zac to Vanessa: Happy Housewarming, Honey!

Zac to Vanessa: Happy Housewarming, Honey!

Zac Efron bought his on-and-off-screen sweetie Vanessa Hudgens a fancy housewarming gift, Star is reporting.

The 21-year-old High School Musical actor is rumored to have splurged on a $50,000 vintage Louis Vuitton steamer trunk for Vanessa, 19. A source tells the magazine, “Vanessa loves Louis Vuitton, but she wouldn’t spend the money for it. To her, it is a piece of art.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zac’s housewarming gift for Vanessa? (If this story is true, of course!)

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  • xp

    :D thats so nice of him ;d i hope it’s true ! <33 =)

  • Sam


  • D3Mii

    HOLY COW :o 50,000 dolors? for just a bag? jesus, he must love her very much XD

  • kerri

    i love them!

  • Anthony

    That’s not true. Zac says he is very frugal about money, besides that’s just stupid.

  • melissa


  • Amanda

    It was a trunk #3, not a purse.
    It’s a dresser type thing.

  • Zanessa Fan

    Of course is true!
    Zac and Vanessa are ‘in love’ for 3 yeaaaaaars
    I wanna see they married!

  • Carrie

    Anthony- its not stupid if its a gift that she can use for years to come by keeping her belongings and keepsakes in it. Also, just because someone likes to save their money doesnt mean they wont splurge once in a while for either themselves or a loved one.

    If this story is true then I think its adorable.

  • Mandy

    They are soo cute together <3

  • Trina

    It’s called a steamer trunk, because the original intent was to take it on cruises. Most people use them for storage now.

  • Hollisterxgirlx


  • Kami

    Thats sweet of him! Wish them both the best

  • Karissa

    awww thats sooooooooooooo sweet GO ZAC YOUR A GOOD BF!! why cant all bf’s be like this lol but hey , guys are guys!! ZANESSA 4EVA!!!! WOOOOO!!

  • KImi

    If its truee, that’s sweet!

  • Trina
  • bettybaby

    coming from the star you can never tell…………but super adorable nonetheless, and it has often been reported that zac loves making spoiling her and making her happy.

    i agree with carrie, just b/c someone is frugal doesn’t mean they don’t splurge occasionally, especially when its not for themselves.

    the only thing i can say is that if the story is a fib, i gotta give star mag props for doing their homework, i can totally believe that this is something Vanessa would love!!!!!

  • ashlee

    star magazines gets a lot of mileage, don’t they? they make up a story and suddenly they are the “source” for stories all over the internet. yikes!!!

  • bettybaby

    oh and congrats to JJ and his crew for JustJared Jr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  • caznavfan

    Jared it’s cool that you are starting this for the Teen’s especially
    the ones that are overlooked on your main site, but don’t be printing
    just any story or rumour just because it’s Zac and Vanessa. I really
    think they would not like to be in this section anymore, they are
    trying to move on and grow up. Just a suggestion.

  • bettybaby

    just wanted to say congrats to JJ and his crew on the launching of JustJared Jr!!!!!


  • http://ZacEfron Zanessa forever

    lets hope this is true.

  • zanessa/jashley

    oh wow…really ? $50,000 ? WOW !! That is really sweet of him. Haha, I can totally see them getting married and having one gorgeous baby….but let’s see what the future holds. Though, I hope it happens !!!

    Btw, congrats on the crew and whoever else is helping..launching JustJaredJr. !! I love this site already !!

  • Fan

    #20…I agreed with you, but until the comments are very polite, understanding, and mature, and not having the immature teens and tweens constantly bashing and making hateful remarks on Vanessa and Zac. Then maybe JJ will move Vanessa and Zac back into the main section. I am sure that Zac will appear in the front section more often then Vanessa, however, it won’t be long until both will be back in front section of JJ. I know Vanessa will move on, which she has already gained some older fans.

  • :] lovebug

    if this is true…he’s an amaziiiiiing BF. and agreed. just because people don’t splurge on themselves, it’s not like it’s unfathomable for him to spend money on his love, and i’m sure it’s something vanessa would absolutely love, i mean what girl wouldn’t. maybe zac is just a giver and not a taker/materialistic. but every guy loves spending money on their girls.

    congrats on this new site JJ. i think i’m going to be on this one more than the root site, but i’m not sure how zac and vanessa might feel about being featured on here…they are trying to grow up and all.

  • stephanie

    she’s not worth $50,000, zac!

  • christy.

    haha wow thats alot! but super cutee. <3
    live in love zanessa!

    and love the new site jared! i would totally make it my homepage if it wasn’t my parents computer. (;

  • mia

    I wish Zac Efron was my boyfriend. :(

  • http://ZacEfron Angela

    I don’t like Vanessa. Zac needs to dump her

  • zanessa 4ever!!!


  • Kay

    They rock!

  • zacefronlovee

    awww i hope its true! thats so sweet!

  • Nina

    i wish he knows that people suffer on this planet and it’s not always lalaland. Spending this amount of money on a bag is just ridiculously insane. again that’s just my opinion.

  • Karen

    I don’t see the point of jj jr I must confess. Zac anc Vanessa are not teens anymore—at least after December Vanessa will be 20. Plus, both Zac and Vanessa are too big of hit’s getter on the regular JJ not to be there too so why have them here with some other information? It’s seems pointless because the same haters are going to come here and post the same mindless stuff. It may be a great idea to have Mily, Demi, or the Jonas Brothers on a site like this but I still don’t get having Zac and Vanessa or even Ashley here.

  • lilly

    It would be so cute if it’s true!
    they are the cutest couple

  • Shannon

    JJ this is so much better than the main site! and Damn ZAc that;s a great gift if it’s tru they love each other after all why wouldn’t Zac want V to be happy

  • Nono

    SHUT UP ANGELA #29 !!!!!!!!! You are a big slut JEALOUS!!!
    You make me pity!!!! idiot of streets!!!
    GET OUT!!!
    Have a good time!!!

  • =]

    OMG!! that is sooo cute! i want them to get married already!!



  • ally

    thats a really nice gift.
    i thinks its okay that he bought it for her because i mean they are millionaires!!!

  • mhay

    we Love zanessa.
    Vanessa deserved it.

  • pop86

    Congrats JJ on the second site. I think it’s great o have a site for Young Hollywood and there will cross over threads because celebrities like Zac,Vanessa, Ashley and Robert Pattison have fans over various ages.

    #29, Angela , go take your meds.

  • http://ZacEfron Zac Efron’s #1 fan

    JJ what a great idea.

  • meme!!

    i loveee Zanessa!! <3

  • For Real

    Zac’s father joined him in Australia and they are going to be surfing for the next few days.

    Vanessa is finished with promoting in Australia and came home for her sister’s birthday.

  • zyra

    aww snap! thats awesome. if it’s true. else, that said mag is just a farktard.

  • Tanner

    That’s really gross. People are struggling for work and he is dropping multiple house payments on a LV trunk. These kids need to realize what real life truly is. Oh well, no one will care about them in a few years. BANKRUPT!

  • Trina

    I really don’t understand why people are bashing Zac over a story that STAR magazine–the absolute worst tabloid out there–made up. Are you people that gullible?

    This is the magazine that reported that Zahara’s Jolie Pitt’s birth parents were asking for her back. NOT TRUE.

    This is the magazine that reported that Zac doesn’t shower. NOT TRUE.

    This is the magazine that reported six months ago that Zac bought Vanessa an engagement ring. NOT TRUE.

    This is the magazine that has had about 100 Brad and Angelina break up stories over the past two years. NOT TRUE.

    I could go on and on and on. But, when a magazine is KNOWN for telling lies, why do you people go on believing them.

  • rosielee9

    It’s only Zac’s buisness if he did buy this for Vanessa just like what he does with his money that he’s worked for it’s up to him how he spends it.

    And if his father has joined him in Aussie and there getting a bit of time together then good for them it’s obvious that Vanessa would want to come back home and celerbrate Stella’s birthday.

    At the same time they could have come back together and just got rushed through the airport, which again you can’t blame them for not wanting to see the press after the last few days that’s all they’ve had in their face’s doing their job I know but a break from the pap’s has gotta be good no matter what the fans think, after all we don’t have to deal with it they do and sometimes the press do go way over the mark with photo’s and asking questions.

  • laura

    I hope it is true :D:D. It’s going to be amazing if it is, Zac is so sweet!! :D

  • Meltem

    I totally agree with Karen #34

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