Demi Lovato is a Breakout Star

Demi Lovato is a Breakout Star

Demi Lovato strikes a post in these new pics from Entertainment Weekly, which labeled her one of 2008′s Breakout Stars. (Robert Pattinson, Russell Brand, Estelle, Tristan Wilds, Shailene Woodley, Kat Dennings, Chelsea Handler and David Cook were among the others.)

The 16-year-old actress-singer dished to EW that acting isn’t just something she’s giving up on. “Music comes naturally, but acting is a mind challenge and I have a huge passion for it,” she reveals.

Demi will get that challenge in her new Disney channel series, Sonny With a Chance, out February 2009.

P.S. Sorry for the stinky scans!

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Photos: Chris Craymer
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  • Rose

    Wow congrats to Demi
    She totally deserved it:)
    Wow she looks amazing in these, she looks really sophisicated
    I’m glad she isn’t giving up on acting because she’s really talented in that department along with singing

  • Gladys :]

    im happy for her
    shes a cool person
    go demi! :]

  • fabulous

    She so deserves it :D

  • Zena

    I completely agree Rose, that while Demi is a talented singer, I also think that she does have a little bit of an undiscovered and unexplored talent for acting as well. I think that she just needs time and the right projects to challenge herself with, and find out what makes her better. I’m not sure that Sonny with a Chance or PPP are those projects, but at least they’re a start.

    The photos look stunning otherwise, and how awesome that Demi’s standing next to another favorite of mine, David Cook!

  • ^%.,!?

    Demi your soo coooll
    I love your action
    uumm..BTW I’m your
    number one fans from Indonesia
    shhtttt.. eheheeh..
    I like you and Selena Gomez
    you are super BFF!!
    I have a BFF too, her name is Franzeska
    she is as cute as you, I guess
    I hope you can have a much better carrier

    Love your number one fans

  • What ever

    Demi is amazing :)

  • Ali

    although her chin bothers me all the time
    but I still like her better than that Miley Blah….
    Demi and Selena are much much cuter

  • chelsea

    Demi seems so cool! I don’t really love her music, but I think that is more Disney than her anyways. Sometimes you just have to get your foot in the door. Maybe her next CD will be better because she does have a good voice!

  • christina

    Love her! One of the Disney stars I can actually respect.

  • dami

    Demi seems to be a good person which deserves the fame, even if not more!!
    One of the most inspiring people in my life!
    and she does stand out from the whole disney crew


    she is amazing
    she shouldn’t even be in disney.
    she is too good for that .
    hahaha and selena is not in thiss, aahahahahahhaha

    (i dont like selena)


  • demilovatosbff

    to the comment above me, selena is just as amazing as demi is. so don’t bash her, because i don’t think demi would want to read hurtful comments about her best friend. i don’t see how you can like one, but hate the other.

    personally, i’m thrilled demi is in this magazine! she definitely deserves everything she’s getting and more! they should’ve put selena in there with her, but she was well-known a year ago, unlike demi. :P

    although, i’ve known about her since august of last year! ^_^

  • Hello

    I like Demi but I don’t know if acting is for her. Camp Rock was horrible and her acting was too flat. She has an AWESOME voice though. I’ll have to wait until Sunny With a Chance to give her another chance on acting.


    Sonny With a Chance will be a great show. We interviewed Allisyn Ashley Arm, who will play Zora on the show, for our site. She is amazing! So is Demi!

  • Katee

    Yay Demi! :D

  • ilydemi!

    she is too good for disney, and she deserves to be in this list.
    because she didnt needed a rich country daddy to get famous

  • SS

    yay for demii :D i LOVE HERR!
    she has an amazing voice and really talented.

    andd omg rob & russell brand are together … i mean on the same picture o.o how lamee D: i hate russell :(
    DEMI & ROBB <3 :)

  • lala :)

    dannngggg!!!!! demis got some legss!!!

>>>>>>> staging1