Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle are Beach Buddies

Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle are Beach Buddies

A shirtless Joe Jonas and his bikini-clad sweetie Camilla Belle were seen hanging out at the beach in Cabo San Lucas last week!!!

Check out the pic of Joe in his short shorts and a toweled-up Camilla at Us Weekly.

The Jonas Brothers shared on their MySpace that, “This week was Kevin‘s birthday so we took the last day to celebrate his birthday with family, the band, and a few friends. It is so awesome to stop and appreciate all that has happened to us because of all of you.”

Joe, 19, recently addressed the “27-second phone call” on the same MySpace post earlier today. Since then, the blog post has been removed from their MySpace page…

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  • sam


  • Angelica

    This is making me mad, poor taylor I’m kind of believeing her story now.

  • Isvero!

    OMJ!! they look soo cutee!! ive already seen the pic!! i like her soooo much!! and he is sooo freaking hooot!

  • Brittany

    I think they deleted it because what was done is done.

    I love ALL the brothers no matter what, especially when rumors are spread because only they know the truth and it is their private life.

  • jen

    Joe did the the right thing. Instead of going to ellen he went on myspace and blogged about it…that’s the way to do it. In taylor song forever and always there is a secret meassage with the random capitalized letters…. It’s for joe of course. And btw camilla is not really that pretty…. Those eyebrows!!!!

  • jen

    the message says “if you play these games we are both gonna lose”

  • rachel

    late post on this.

  • brittany

    i really don’t think camilla belle is pretty.

  • Becka

    omg seriously can’t the jonas brothers go and buy some decent board shorts!? Like i’m sure they have enough cash to go buy some that dont look like theyve been stolen from a homeless person!

  • Sabreen

    Joe Jonas, your a lying two faced hypocrite. I lost respect for U and nick and kevin. I am so team taylor and miley.

    You and your brothers are two faced liars.

  • Nicolee. I LOVE YOU RICK ;]

    horrible couple.

    no offence :]

  • Sabreen

    U guys swear u have morals but u dont. You cant always have a stupid excuse for your dumb actions. Get over yourselves.

  • Daniella

    Taylor Swift is the most genuine person in hollywood. and Joe Jonas has been with a lot of girls..

    I’m siding with Taylor on this one

  • jjnjkjboyz

    Omg, that means everything Taylor said was true! He did break up with her for that nasty Camilla. Ooooooooh, this makes me sooooo mad, I could just scream. Joe is a complete womanizer.

  • gabby

    i like jonas brothers but i am siding miley and taylor with the whole dating thing

  • B

    hes so ugly n shes relly pretty y date him

  • Larissa

    i agree with gabby

  • Kris

    Okay seriously people .. I know it’s always hard getting dumped by a bf and everything but what taylor did was low .. going on talk shows and explicitley bragging and saying that she got dumped on a 27 second phone call OVER AND OVER again is just pathetic on her part.. i used to be a great fan of hers until she did that and i don’t even like the Jonas Brothers that much .. I just thought it was ridiculous that she would share so much about their relationship when in the first place they didn’t even confirm they had one .. and to do it on the eve of her album release makes me think that she only talked about joe in order to get more media and attention which is really sad on her part .

    Who cares about the new girl in his life and if she’s not pretty .. are some of you seriously that shallow and that obsessed with them that you’re willing to tear down every girl that they date just because they’re not with you ? get over it .. he clearly is going out with this girl for reasons which he doesn’t need to explain ..

    && to say that he moved on THAT quickly we don’t even know .. when did they exactly break up ?? Sure it was probably because he found someone else obviously Camilla, but at the end of the day it’s not like it hasn’t happened before .. sometimes you just meet someone new and connect with them in a stronger way than you did with the person you’re with ..

    I mean it would’ve been a lot worse if Joe had stayed together with Taylor and made her believe that the feelings on both parts were the same and equal.. and instead he stepped up and told her how he felt.. maybe the phone wasn’t the best way …. but in the end he did what he needed to do .. he didn’t lead her on ..
    and he didn’t make rude statements about her ..

    So i just needed to say that after seeing so many damn posts on this whole situation ..

    Taylor . joe broke up with you .. go write your songs, sing them, and GET OVER IT ..

  • Deanna

    it’s obvious that taylor isn’t a liar…she doesn’t need to lie. she’s just not afraid to say how she feels and she doesn’t want to lie to her fans. sorry joe, go ahead and date someone that looks like your sister..i’m sure you’ll drop her in a few months once someone better comes around.

  • vintagelove

    what is wrong with the jb?
    joe is such a man-whore!
    it’s unbelieavble that you would move on so fast!
    poor taylor

    wtf camilla and him look like twins…puke!
    besides her massive eyebrows disstract’s a person from noticing if she’s really pretty or not!

    team miley & taylor

  • Jane

    hahaha well said, deanna and becka! lol hilarious

  • Halli

    Camilla is using him to get publicity.

    She’s been acting since she was really young, she was even in A Little Princess (which is one of my favourite movies) but she is not *famous* and Joe is her GoldenTicket!

  • rii

    taylor isnt tied down by disney, she has no reason to lie. she has also been open about her past relationships, anyone listen to her music perchance? taylor went on national tv and talked about the breakup multiple times for millions to hear. if she would lie the likelihood of her being called out on it is high and very damaging – she wouldnt put herself in that position. joe’s blog was clearly damage control, written because the jonas brothers were losing fans because joe acted like a douche

  • Tess

    Well, they have one thing for sure in common…. their bushy EYEBROWS. She really needs to pluck them.

  • jenna

    For a second I believed Joe’s myspace letter, but then I thought about it. These guys have always lied about their relationships. Nick always said he never dated Miley when he was and same with Selena. Joe did the same thing with Taylor. So why should we all believe him about this?

    And I know Joe is dating someone else now so they’re going to go out in public, but this was classless. Seriously you just broke up with her not to long ago is it really necessary to be half naked on a beach with another girl? You know the paparazzi is going to see you.

  • Emy

    Gosh this stuff is SOOOO stupid!!!!! ENOUGH WITH THOSE STUPID TEAMS!! Oh im team miley. I’m team taylor!! GAHH! Taylor and Joe are just teenagers who had a 3 (maybe not even 3) month relationship!!! People are OVER REACTING!!!! I really think taylor is just saying he cheated. Everyone starts to feel bad for her and take her side and think Joe is disrespectful, when taylor is the one saying every bad thing about Joe…… which might not even be true!!!!

  • jenna

    So basically, JB went to Cabo so they could drink with Kevin (who just turned 21). Maybe that’s jumping the gun and some crazy assumption, but why else do people go to Cabo besides to drink?

  • blair


  • blair


  • erika

    wow i really dont like joe or the jonas brothers anymore

  • taylover

    can the jonas brothers just spare us? they wont last forever in the entertainment industry because lets face it, they arnt that special. Example: video girl? hellogoodbye cover? every other song they ever “wrote by themselves” . They are a bunch of liers. purity ring my asssss.

  • vanessa

    joe’s a liar, he’ll say anything to keep the 13 year old girls interested in buying tshirts with his face on it. $$$$$

  • http://justjaredjr dee dee

    i am siding with the jonas brothers. they are true followers of christ and great musicians. really nice guys. the picture on the beach doesnt even reveal much about the situation. i dont like taylor. no one in south africa likes taylor.

  • sweetnessa

    aww she’s pretty but he is NOT

  • AishaLovesJustJared

    I really love the Jonas Brothers, but what Joe is doing is really bad. He only dumped his girlfriend under 1 month ago, now his dating some flop actress. It pathetic. As much as I love Joe, his being a bad person right now. For the time being, I’m on Tay’s side.

  • Clare

    what did joe write in his myspace blog about taylor?

  • luverofjoejonas

    LOVE them both as a couple!

  • veronica lake

    Wow, I wondered how long it would take for photos of these two together to appear. Not bloody long. Whatever the circumstances, it makes them both look bad. The Jonas Brothers and their management tried to make them out to be perfect role models and now they are reaping what they sowed. How biblical!

    I still say that if Joe and Camille have kids their eyebrows will be hideous to behold.

  • Logi

    ummm…that was for Kevin’s birthday…kind of like a party….

  • Miley Fan


  • ro

    she looks as if she was her sister,

  • brandi

    What they said:

    To Our Fans from Joe, Kevin and Nick:
    It is our normal rule to avoid talking about our private lives. It seems that it has come to the point where we must address a few things. We would prefer to address these things and then leave it alone from that point forward.

    We felt like it was important to respond because recent events have affected our fans. It is important to us as artists and brothers to enlighten regarding this situation. Our fans are the most important thing to us.

    There are rumors and suggestions that are being publicized in the press right now about us. Like all people our age we are trying to find someone special that we can share time with in our busy lives. We all have busy schedules and high demands. We love our life and are thankful for all that we have. We are simply stating that it is difficult to maintain relationships with the kind of life we live.

    We love our fans and it is important to us to protect that relationship.

    To Our Fans from Joe:
    This blog is not an attack of anyone. Anytime you are in a relationship for any length of time there are going to be issues. Sometimes they resolve. Other times they lead to a change of heart. This was the case recently.

    Several things I will state with all my heart…
    I never cheated on a girlfriend. It might make someone feel better to assume or imply I have been unfaithful but it is simply not true. Maybe there were reasons for a breakup. Maybe the heart moved on. Perhaps feelings changed. I am truly saddened that anything would potentially cause you to think less of me.

    For those who have expressed concern over the “27 second” phone call. I called to discuss feelings with the other person. Those feelings were obviously not well received. I did not end the conversation. Someone else did. Phone calls can only last as long as the person on the other end of the line is willing to talk. A phone call can be pretty short when someone else ends the call. The only difference in this conversation was that I shared something the other person did not want to hear.

    There were later attempts at communication that had no response.

    I wish the best for the other person but could not sit back any longer and leave our fans with a wrong impression of the truth.

    Hope this helps enlighten a little.

    We love you and miss you
    Joe, Kevin and Nick

  • .

    i dont like them anymore and didnt NICK say he liked camilla so y is his brother dating her!!!???????

  • cc27

    awh… joe and camille… i dont think they match :( i rather taylor!! but if joe lovez her.. well i guess thats life

  • TIA

    ewww joe looks SO bgrose in the beach picture. i dont get the attraction. btw, taylor is not lying! why would she lie to the public if she could get caught out???? shes just honest and doesnt lie to her fans. I support her all the way on this one

  • skye

    I was on Joe’s side and I like the JB music but I’m also thinking that I really don’t like their ways. And how about Selena sneaking into the Roxy last night for that 77 kids Jb concert.? She’s probably still w/ Nick after they both just said ,what a week or 2 ago that they were single and available,they don’t have good credibility. The thing is people would respect them so much more if they would stop being so secretive and start being more truthful. I’m seeing that this is how they treat girls,just like Nick going out w/Selena right after he and Miley broke up,like it was nothing,she was probably still crying everyday. Looks like they’re willing to sacrifice their honesty and credibility just to keep people from knowing about a girlfriend.

  • Krissy

    NOW I’m really confused who to believe.
    JOE or TAY
    BUT one thing’s for sure
    wrong or right.
    this should be over & not being mentioned.
    TAYLOR & JOE both moved on…
    forgive and forget..
    no more posts please -.-
    sooner or later..
    someone’s gonna lose fans and the other isn’t :S
    WHICH isn’t fair.

    just so it can be out in the open.
    AND the truth for once, can be taken maturely, instead of saying or assuming to much , when it’s supposed to OVER!
    1) JOE an Camilla is not together.
    AND he didn’t cheat on Taylor for that matter.
    TAY totally lied about that.
    WHO would you believe? Taylor who hates JOE just cuz he broke up with her, since he doesn’t like her anymore.. PLUS TOLD the whole world, even tho she didn’t want it to be public and taking advantage of HIM. SHE has a motive..remember that ;)
    OR – JOE who basically risked his rep & give the fans the real truth, then the garbage the media & taylor was over acting about.

    2) EVEN IF joe broke up with TAY just to be with CAMILLA.
    why would he waste all his time, for 2 girls…or show more affection for 1 than the other. He didn’t get to see these girls, AT all!!!!
    HE SHOWED more love for taylor at the time, they were working..on the movie. even the events…that looked real :) hello? obvious much ?
    AND as for CAMILLA, ALL his brothers choosed her, to be in the music video. Just cuz they worked with her, doesn’t mean one of them, has to be dating her. HINT: JONAS BROS. not JOE. THEY all think she’s amazing and beautiful- they ALL stated this, more than once.THESE guys, don’t get to see girls that often, unless it’s for work & events. Give them a break. AS they stated in the blog- it’s hard to maintain a relationship with someone, from far away, mostly focusing on work…. and suddenly losing interest, with too much on your mind.So there’s no way in the world..he could have a relationship with them at the same time. ALSO if taylor knew..wouldn’t she have broken up with JOE first, then him doing the call for 27 secs. logic- hello?

    3) TAY lied because.. besides that VIDEO on him & the interviews with ELLEN and Ryan Seacreast. What better way to get revenge.
    I know it’s her right and all..but if she could have done it a less “OBVIOUS” way, to let everyone know, when they were hiding it the whole time :S THE song – forever and always was good, but why did you have to RUB it in even more..when telling lies?
    I don’t even think she said that- the media, was messing with JAYLOR. IF there was 2 sides of the statement.. coming from 2 mags’…of course it was made up! There was no interview that she confirmed this.PLUS she should have thought of HIMSELF instead of be more respectful and show some DIGNITY!!! TAYLOR your not the only one who was upset. SO quit whining and stealing all the lime light, so you can have what you want >.>AND according to JOE it was you, who hung up on the phone cuz you didn’t want to hear what he had to say. HE was upset about it 2- i bet it wasn’t easy…even tho it has to come out from the un- expected, b4 you got your heart broken later on – he did you a favor! Another thing- just by telling LIES just so his fans would believe it and not support him anymore. That’s really low.PHONE calls are nothing. OTHER people have heard worse and dealt with other WAYS just to break up in their relationship. what was he supposed to do? see you in person?
    you couldn’t even do that.. he couldn’t either..both your schedules are different. get over yourself.

    4) the pic of JAMILLA at the beach. was for kev’s birthday. friends and family only. Im sure the boys liked AND LOVED camilla so much, that they wanted her there. GOSH! it’s not for joe, she’s there. It’s for kev’s big day-.-

    5) Just bcuz the guys doesn’t like telling their personal lifes, doesn’t mean you should start complaining, not knowing everything about the jonas brothers. it’s their morals, and rights. not yours. it would matter to you, if you didn’t want that to happen, IF you were dating them. so exactly my point. And i think, they only kept there relationship status secret is cuz, they know what people( even fans) might say and try to break up the relationship.WICH is true. Instead of disrespecting the girls they date.. you should show some common sense.. AND be happy for them. What kind of fans, would you be, if you didn’t?
    Do something for them, just for once -.-
    Things happen for a reason. BUT everyone can’t get what they want, from these guys. NOT every girl in the world, can live their life’s with the Jonas brothers.


    I’m not choosing sides here.
    I do really do like TAY & JB’s
    But i really do think, they ALL deserve better to find love the right way so it can last longer =]


  • jovie

    that’s all i can say.
    i figured that they would be dating.
    i think that’s the reason taylor and joe broke up.
    joe wanted camilla.
    i lost some respect for joe and nick.
    to me, they’re such heartbreakers.
    first miley and recently taylor.
    who’s next!?
    danielle, camilla, and selena?
    my love for their music hasn’t changed, just my respect for them.

  • gorgeous

    omjjj i do feel bad for taylor because her and joe were a cute couple and i am a fan of the jonas brothers and taylor swift but joe is a big boy and can go out with whoever he wants even if im not the biggest fan of this camilla figure. sorry joe and as for taylor she is so gorgeous she could get any guy she has nothing to worry about

  • http://Justjaredjr Nicky!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    comment #16 aka B I’m not trying to get you fired up but you have it the other way around hes hooooooooooooooooooooot and shes kinda dorky and ugly she can look pretty some times but most of the time shes pretty funky lookin no offence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LV NICKY B :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1