Robert Pattinson: I Didn't Read 'Breaking Dawn'

Robert Pattinson: I Didn't Read 'Breaking Dawn'

Robert Pattinson sat down with Premiere to talk about Twilight since there’s only one week left until opens in theaters!!!

The 22-year-old British actor revealed that he hasn’t even read the whole book series yet! He shared, “I haven’t [read the whole series]. I’ve read all of the books except for Breaking Dawn. I didn’t want to know how it ended. I wanted to have the uncertainty of not knowing where it’s going to go, so I just read the first three. I want to read the last one, but I’m determined to wait.”

If you want to meet Robert in the flesh TONIGHT, he’ll be at the the Hot Topic store at Square One Mall in Saugus, Mass. There will be a Q&A and an autograph session at 6PM, but remember to purchase your $30 Twilight Tour T-shirt so you can get in!

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  • joss

    hot <3

  • cami

    it’s really great that he hasn’t read breaking dawn yet, he can represent edward’s feelings in a better way if he doesn’t know how the story ends
    i think that breaking down is the best book!

  • Sarah

    ahh love him
    so hott :)

  • kayla

    Breaking dawn is definitely the best one of the whole series

    don’t know why people didn’t like him playing edward…i think he makes the perfect edward

  • Erinnnnnn

    i love him.
    im one new moon and
    i cant put it down!

  • kourtney

    I’ve had a hard time reading breaking dawn for some reason. like, I got the book right when it came out and I haven’t finished it yet. I think it was a loss of interest in it, since I think the direction the book was going was in a completely different direction of the other books. it was definitely more.. dark.

    I wonder if he knows the ending of it already though. or heck, even the beginning. WAIT i think i remember him talking about the last book in an interview once. YEAH he was saying how they might not make the last book into a movie because it might have to be rated R because of the birth scene and her becoming a vamp. and stephanie will refuse the right to the movie if the movie has to be rated R. so he DOES atleast know about Bella and Renesme and such. maybe he doesn’t know the ending though.


  • noelle

    ahh cant wait for the movie

    i love you rob

  • jenna

    I completely agree with Cami (the 2nd poster)

  • sabrinaa

    i agree with kourtney… i read the book and i stopped reading it because it was too boring for me but it turned out pretty good. i cant wait for the moovie, btw it doesnt matter if you didnt read breaking dawn. =p

  • Katee

    Ohhhhhh my goodness, he is so GORGEOUS!

  • xoxo

    Kristen said she didnt read it either..

  • charlotteeee

    i agree with kourtney and sabrinaa i also found the book hard to read because it was boring and i couldn’t focus. i never finished it. =[

  • mary

    he is *22 not 21
    anyone planning on a midnight move premiere? i know i can’t wait to see the movie! even if it means staying up most of the night.

  • caitlin

    thats smart…
    although he would totally find out what has happened being around so many twilight fans a lot.
    breaking dawn is awesome!

  • mina

    poor guy just doesn’t want to be asked all the wacky breaking dawn questions…
    “rob, how do you think they’ll film edward ripping bella’s uterus to get renesme out? will there be less CGI like twilight?” lol!

  • no more twilight!

    i hate these stupid books anyway.

  • cmm

    I’m sort of glad he hasn’t read BD yet. that book was…. very diff. than the others. anyway i love Spunk Ransom. keep posting esp on JJ. thanks JJ jr

  • andrea

    i have’nt read breaking dawn ill wait until christmas jajaj
    i love him so much
    he is my real edward in all the words!!!
    love him
    and love you guys

  • Cristina

    i love him so much <3

    and i want to see All the book in theater
    and i agree with kourtney (comment is # 6)
    if they do make breaking dawn it will be rated R
    only if they block out the birth scene.But her becoming

  • Alexx

    Good. Don’t read it Rob. It’s definitely my least favourite of the series.

  • shay

    i think braking dawn was my 2nd fav.twilight is my 1 b/c thats when edward meets bella.lov ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • edward cullen(rob pattinson)_l

    why do people hate him playing edward, that’s stupid! i love him playing edward. he’s the best edward ever. twilight movies would be soooooooo lame without him. serousily. if they do make a breaking dawn. i want him to play in it. i don’t care if it will be rated R. my mom will get me into. she knows how much twilight means to me!

  • zenster

    30$ for Twilight??? damn i should have gone then…. i’m sure from now on it will be 300$!!! =(

  • hi

    i know where to get one of the twilight books for 20 cents im not kidding breaking dawn is an awesome book so is twilight!

  • http://lilollll LAURATWIFANPIRE

    omg….i cant believe girls “” how could you say breaking down is boring,,, it doesnt means fidelity to the whole twilight phemomenom…
    im really sad you ve said that !!!!!…………
    anyway….I really think.. who loves Edward and bella is a completely lover of everything about it …..i hope u guys who really are,…..STILL LOYALS TO THE END !!!!!
    no ofense!!! …………. BEST TWIFANPIRE EVER….

  • http://yahoo cierra

    i think edward is ssssooooo hot. he is my idol and i love him. i’m glad he didn’t read the 4th book because he can express his feelings in his own way and not by the books feelings. but edward is so hot and i love him and i hate jacob he is so stupied!

  • http://yahoo cierra

    i lov breaking dawn its my favorite because bella and edward have a cute baby

  • emily

    @no more twilight!: they are the best boks ever ur a meanie

  • del

    I love Breaking Dawn, in fact, I just finished reading it today for the third time in three months. My favourite part would have to be the confrontation with the Volturi at the end… how could anyone say that was boring!
    I hope they do make it into a movie, because the series wouldn’t be complete without it.

  • Sophie

    he will faint when he realizes he has to be a dad, and hold babies, play with them, and care for them, not only that but watch kristen give birth ; )