Brenda Song Passes The Plate

Brenda Song Passes The Plate

Brenda Song is returning as the host of Disney Channel’s short series, Pass the Plate. She’s even bringing her little brother Nathan with her too!

Pass the Plate is a multicultural series where kids can learn about food from all around the world. It’s also designed to help kids and their families understand more about eating healthy.

The new episodes will premiere on Friday, November 28th @ 12:55PM. Don’t forget to watch and catch the older episodes, get really cool recipes and play games at

10+ pictures inside of Brenda Song passing the plate…

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Photos: Randy Holmes/Disney Channel
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  • sienna

    Gosh!!! I love her… she’s so pretty!!!!!!!!!
    thanks jared!!! good job w/ jjjr!!!!!!!!

  • ^%.,!?

    I like her
    specially when
    she acting in Zac & cody
    she is verryyy funny^^

  • ryan

    i like brenda but no really Pass the Plate, i very glad the day when she’ll leave disney she could play mature role maybe with more action and drama!!

  • no more twilight!

    she is REALLY funny as London Tipton.
    love her.

  • annika Lord

    Brenda Song Rox!!! She totally has to do “Pass the Plate” every year it should be her miniseries

  • vanessajonas

    too much brendaa:O!

  • katy

    I love brenda song!! WE WANT MORE BRENDA SONG!!!

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    delete this siteee i hate having to check 2 sitessssss

  • ilovethevfactory

    I love Pass the Plate… it’s so cool…

    I love the banana one!

  • Jizzie

    yeah she’s so funny!
    but i don’t really care about her..
    more JB, Sel & Demi :D please

  • Kate

    JARED U ROCK! Thank you for putting up yet another post on Brenda Song. Love her! And finally a great site like yours having something on her.


  • erika

    jjj please stop posting about brenda song. i mean i thought you only posted about important stars and now your posting bout her?

  • no more twilight!

    i like her.
    but plz mora zac, vanessa, ashley and the hsm cast!!!
    more zanessa!!!

  • nima

    thanks a lot to post brenda song =)

  • miley cyrus fan tayler

    More Brenda!

  • kt

    NO JARED MORE BRENDA!! i love her because she’s actually talented and funny! a great role model!! plus looove pass the plate!!

  • Jonas Fan

    I love her outfits their super cute.

  • bfan

    thank you thank you i love brenda song she is such a good role model. please keep posting her. im tired of seeing wanabes like selena gomez.

  • Kate

    We love Brenda Song so whoever doesn’t like her well too bad for you. Just Jared Jr is for teens, tweens, and etc. Can’t handle her and see that she’s one of the big people in this group that even TV Guide ranked her pretty high, then get over it!

  • stephanie

    She is so pretty! Omg, thanks for the awesome pictures!

  • Shannon

    She rocks as LondonTipton on suite life! and she looks really pretty in those pics

  • Tess

    She looks old for some reason. She could pass for 40 yrs old.

  • katie(:

    yay :]
    brenda is FINALLY getting some attention.
    she deserves it, yo!
    im proud to be asian because of her (:

    THANKS jared<333

  • erika

    im asian but i dont like brenda. she annoys me

  • trish

    finally put more about BRENDA SONG :)))

  • lilly

    she’s awesome :D
    more brenda!!

  • Suanne

    love her! what a great idea to do a show like this

  • gotme


  • gotme

    she is very amazing

  • hannai

    Brenda’s so cool i luv her

  • lolo

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that show and i have never seen nathan song!!!!! cant wait.

  • GG

    Brenda Song is the best cook, actress model rolemodel i have seen I LOVE BRENDA 2

  • IAM

    brenda rocks my world i love her i am so so so so obsessed

  • riley

    brenda is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love her

  • riley

    Brenda Song is so cute and beautiful and hot. I love her she is such an amazing role model for kids and teens. Very inspiring.

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    Brenda Song is so cute, beatiful and smart. She is a wonderful role model for millions of kids and is very gorgeous. Very insprirings. I love her very much.

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    Brenda rocks!!!!! She is gogroues and looks amaizng cant wait to see it. Love her!!!!!!

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    More Brenda plz!!!!!!!

  • Katiandis

    I looooooooooooooove and admire Brenda and her courage and passions, she is truly amazing and is my role model.

  • gala

    brenda rocks one word simple


    thanx jared so much for posting news and pics about this talented actress.

  • Laila

    Brenda Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laila

    Brenda Brenda Brenda Brenda!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jared so much.

  • getch

    wtf! If u dont like Brenda then dont go on this site. Brenda rocks u need to get a life. Anyway, she looks very cute. I love Pass the Plate and Brenda!!!!!!!!!!

  • getch

    Team Brenda all the way

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  • hales

    Brenda is so pretty!!! I love Brenda i have been a fan ever since the Ultimate Christmas Present. She rocks!!!!! We rock!!!! Camp Rock ha ha

  • baby

    Brenda Song IS MY IDOL

    I love JJJ!!!

  • chenzo

    omg she is so hot i am in love wit her always been just realized how more beautiful she is

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    Brenda ROCKS

  • fof

    Brenda dated Joe and Jesse at the same time i have proof.

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