Denise Jonas Wins Best Mom Award

Denise Jonas Wins Best Mom Award

Denise Jonas — the mother of the Jonas Brothers — just scooped up the 2008 iMOM Inspiration Award.

Each year, iMOM will be honoring a mother who inspires other mothers to raise children who are healthy spiritually, mentally and physically. iMOM says, “Good character doesn’t just happen. It is consistently taught and modeled usually by a devoted mom. Denise Jonas is an inspiration to mothers to make relationships with their children a priority. To put aside the distractions of this busy world and take time to invest in your children’s character.”

Kevin, Nick and Joe have all said they look to their mom for inspiration. Nick has said, “We’re just normal guys….we’re not perfect… we’re just living every day as it comes and trying our best to make our mom proud.”

Congrats, Mrs. Jonas!!!

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  • Krissy

    MRS. JONAS= the best mom ever (L)
    she totally deserves it :)

  • jenna

    She really does seem like a great mom!

  • Lisa

    aww i love mrs. jonas. she seems like such a nice person and a great mom. congrats mrs. jonas!! =D

  • Kamila // brazil //

    She seems to be a fabulous mother and had these kids perfect for that reason alone it has won any prize.

  • Kendall

    Yeah, she seems soooo nice. I’d love to meet her as well as the Jonas Brothers! [:

  • mariana

    go mrs Jonas
    i love you for making these 4 hot boys =D
    she totally deserves it !

  • mrs nick jonas

    she seems like an amazing mum! :D
    she deserves it, for all the thigns she does for the boys, no wonder they adore her

    xxx =]

  • biatch

    congrats! she raised great boys

  • Charlene h

    Congrats to Mrs. Jonas! I think she totally deserived this award!

  • Swagger like us swagga like us

    Definatly best mom!!!…..I’m still shocked a mom would let her 15-16 daughter date a almost 21 year old…that’s something a mom would laugh about…petiful

  • jen

    congrats denise!! she seems like the sweetest mom ever!

  • michelle

    go mrs Jonas!!!
    youve raised such greeeaaattt boyssss<3:)

  • pheaktra

    she totally deserves this award!
    Congrats Denise!
    Go Jonas Brothers…i always am a fan!

  • Emily

    mama Jonas you’re just the best <3 because of you and Kevin four wonderful kids are in the world and that’s the best gift for all the teenagers. congratulations! she really deserves it

  • Flávia

    olha o frankie, e o cabelo do Joe *-*

  • ^%.,!?

    she is a cool mom
    after all^^
    Go for it!!

  • jen

    such a great mother!!!! Honestly she looks more like nick and kevin… Joe is still my favorite and he was just a gift from above!!!!

  • Jonas Fan

    aww she really deserves this award she is an awsome mom and seems like she is so sweet and careing to her boys.

  • jen

    i really dont think they would make a big deal if the boys didnt wear purity rings. I think its a good thing but there wouldnt be all this attention to how great a mother she is if it werent for those rings


    aw if she was younger I would swear that her and kevin were twins! yaaaay the comments work here! cough cough *oceanup*

  • becca

    they look JUST like their mother…

  • http://Justjaredjr Nicky!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loooooooove mrs.Jonas and especially her boys ( actually just Nick <3) im sooooooooooooooooo happy for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON MRS.JONAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LV NICKY B :)

  • Suanne

    She totally deserves this award for raising the Jonas Brothers to be such awesome guys with great morals and values! You go Mrs. Jonas!!!!!

  • joeil4u

    denise i love you so much!!!!! you have 4 faboulus sons, you totally deserve this award!!!!

  • lauren

    that is sooo cool that she got the best mom award!
    she is an awesome mom and deserves this award 10000%

  • xodemijbxo

    she deserves it! look at how she raised them!

  • luverofjoejonas

    love their mom too
    she is so gorgeous

  • catherine aka mrs.joe jonas

    i think denise jonas is so so pretty nd sweet she also luks really young. she is like the no. 1 mum (otha than my mum lol) ;) im soo glad she was voted da bst mom eva! shes also has brought up 4 awesum kids i espicially luv joe he rules!!! nd their lil bro frankie is jst da sweetest luv all loadz frm catty x x x x x

  • catherine aka mrs.joe jonas

    o nd 1 more thing she totally deserved tht award go mrs.j! x x

  • suvi t .

    i think you definitely deserve the best mom award. i am also a mother of 2 girls and i feel exactly like u, i want to be there for my children forever and be a good role model> what u said has really given me more confidence as a mom.

  • http://-----------//---------- ******jonas


  • sophia daphne jonas

    Hi to everybody!!!!!

    How’s everything??
    I just loved her !!
    She is so beatiful, and her kids too (they’re the perfect guys that I ever seen ! )!!!!
    Well, just congratulations Mrs.Denise Jonas, you must be proudest woman in the world!
    Kisses to everybody, and specially to Mrs.Jonas.

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