Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Unscripted

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Unscripted

Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson sat down with author Stephenie Meyer for Moviefone’s Unscripted to ask each other questions and answer fans questions as well.

Kristen, 18, was asked to describe Robert, 22, in two words. “Good actor,” she shared. Do you think she’s right? She also shared that she would love to be the voice of Mowgli in The Jungle Book!

The Twilight premiere will be on Monday, November 17th. Are you excited? If you want to attend, be sure to get a wristband so you can get into the fanwatch area! It all happens at noon at the Village and Bruin theater in Los Angeles!

Check out the full Moviefone interview below:

Twilight Unscripted
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  • Bhavna

    And i can’t wait for the movie!!

  • vanessajonas


  • ANNA.


  • vanessajonas

    ilove who he was reading at the ending.. he seems like a very fun érson but kirste,, is all the time like trying to hard or very awkard

  • ali

    awww that was awesome, hehe!

  • Sandra

    Oh God I can’t waiiiiit !!!
    so funny “Can you do your best sexy face ?” !! hihihi !!

  • Kris

    I LOVE THEM! thanks for posting on so many twilight stars! they’re soo talented and good looking :)

    and Kristen Looks GORGEOUS!!

  • Sarah

    ahh i love Rob Pattinson!
    nice interview,thanks
    love you justjared :)

  • marie

    Setephenie is an amazing writer and seems to be so down to earth! Love her books and the way she describes Edward and Bella.

    Can’t wait to Twilight. :)

  • marie


  • Kendall

    Oh my god, Twilight is the worst book ever. I couldn’t believe it when I heard that they were making it into a movie. Stephenie Meyer is a HORRIBLE writer, just compare her writing to Ann Rice’s vampire books.
    And I don’t hate Robert or Kristen, I just feel bad for them that they have to be in that movie.

  • Frustrated

    Kendall @ 11/15/2008 at 5:03 pm

    If Twilight is such a horrible book, then why do more people recognize the name Stephanie Meyer than say… Ann Rice? I don’t think this book would be a best seller if it sucked and I certainly don’t think they’d be making a movie if it didn’t have a solid fanbase of ladies ranging from age 13 all the way up to age 40. Perhaps, you could actually pick up the book and read it through before you judge. It’s not too hard of a read, I’m sure even you could handle it.

  • Kendall

    All I’m saying is that the people who read it don’t know good literature. It might be a nice story, for say, lovesick people who don’t have lives, but in general the plot is horrible.

    The only reason people “don’t recognize” Ann Rice’s name is because she actually wrote good literature, and our society today (okay, mainly teenage girls) has no idea what good literature is. And you can’t really say no one recognizes her name when you’re the only person you’re basing that myth on. Don’t be so selfish.

    Also, fyi, I started to read the book. It was so horrible I had to put it down after 50 pages. Some people have told me to get through it; it gets better at the end, but I don’t feel like wasting anymore time on a silly book like that.

    Just like I don’t feel like wasting anymore time on you.

    xoxo, Kendall

  • Kendall

    P.S. You’re “sure I could handle it”? Really now, let’s not be dissing one another’s reading abilities over the Internet, all right?

  • Ginny

    what’s with all the animosity?
    everyone’s entitled to their opinion..don’t be so hostile.

    and you can’t generalize Twilight’s fan-base saying they “don’t know good literature.” there’s plenty of Twilight fans who are very don’t be so quick to judge.


  • f kendall

    Kendall, honestly, unless you’re a best selling author too, you have absolutely no right to rash on Stephenie Meyer. You act like ONLY teenage girls read the saga, that’s definitely not true, and you don’t have to be “love sick” to enjoy reading a book like this. I’m so happy that you enjoy Ann Rice so much, but let people enjoy the work of authors like Stephenie Meyer. UGHHHHHHHH people PISS ME OFF. This is why i hate society so much. So ignorant!!

  • jj




    “stupid, shiny Volvo owner!” -Bella Swan

  • Chiggy

    Kristen actually seems a bit happy for once

  • Kari

    Jared, thank you SOOO much for continuing to post all the up-to-date info on Twilight! I, along with many many Twilighters, are ecstatic to see these posts! Once again, THANK YOU! I can’t wait for Twilight :)

  • cmm

    finally somthing with Kstew and Spunk ransom. thanks JJ jr

  • andrea

    l love them
    they look so cute together!!!

  • ellieee

    ahah, funny
    Rob Patz is funny and so cute. !


    ha ha! omg I love them! Iloved when she said ” can you do your best sext face?” lol and then when they were talking about the part when he had to pick her up and couldn’t and she’s like “Rob pulled his groin that day..” lol! Ahh!! I can’t wait for the movie!!!!

  • Lara jane

    “I’m cool.”

  • Cassandra Cullen

    lol that was funny he kept bugging her about the cat lmao also Kendall u might think twilight is for ppl who r not intellagent (if I spelt that wrong it is not cause im dumb im just not a good speller!) you can have ur twilight opinions but seriously why did u bother watching this if u hate twilight and u said u could nit sit through the book and only ppl with no lives read it listen to my first opinion of these books and im telling the honest truth in the 7th grade u can see 50 ppl reading twilight now but early in the year before the commericals came only 15 ppl were reading the series my friends were and i kept saying to them “how the hell can u stand 500 pages or more per book i would have lost it!” they kept saying u have to read it to understand why we stand it so i did i went to the library but they only had new moon even know i wanted twilight so i read new moon i thought i would have got bored and quite and finish it in a week but it took me a day i loved it and begged my mom for twilight finished that in 10 hours begged for eclipse and finished it in 2 days and fished breaking dawn in 3 the point is i thought it was stupid at first too but the books rock if u take time to finish them