Selena Gomez Sneaks Into The Roxy

Selena Gomez Sneaks Into The Roxy

Look who else was at the Jonas Brothers‘ 77kids concert!

Wizards of Waverly Place co-stars Selena Gomez and Jake T. Austin skipped over the red carpet and snuck into the private concert at the Roxy Theater in Hollywood on Friday night.

Selena, 16, is rumored to be dating the youngest musical bro, Nick, 16.

A new Wizards episode will be airing on Disney Channel next Sunday, November 23rd. Alex’s (Gomez) best friend, Harper (Jennifer Stone), finally figures out the Russo family secret. GASP!

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Photos: SCJ/ FamePictures
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    OMG Jake T. Austins hair looks different!

  • sara

    ahh i love her!

  • Chelsea

    Cute :D

  • angel

    Love her! She’s adorable. She has such a purrdy face. <3

    & Jake is a cutie. Love him, too!

  • prettyxfamous

    AWWWEE!!! Jake looks adorable with his hair curly!! If only he was 16..


  • kaitlin

    i LOVE her shoes, she is so cute.

  • blair

    gaggggggg she is so effing annoying i could throw up.
    go away selena no one likes you not even nick jonas

  • jackie

    Apparently Nick does like her. haha.


    Blair, you’re the annoying one.
    Selena is so awesome! Jake’s hair looks SO different, he looks a lot older.

  • Kami

    i like Jake T. Austin’s hair the old way when it was straight

  • skye

    WHY is she there?? I would be perfectly happy if she went far away and never came back. I read somewhere last week that her and Nick have broken up and got back together several times,maybe it’s true. Well if they’re together again I guess rebound girl doesn’t mind lying and sneaking around.And I don’t care what anyone thinks,not everybody likes her!!!!

  • shiley

    hey jared i love your new side

    this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome

  • mileyfan4ever

    i didnt know jake has curly hair! he’s cute^-^
    n i think selena looks better with long hairr :)

  • blah.

    She sneaked in? wtf?
    Maybe Nick broke up with her and didn’t invite her, so she decided to sneak in. hahaha

  • demilovatosbff

    selena is purdyyy. i <3 her.
    and stop dissing her just because she’s dating a jonas. seriously, get over it. it’s so obnoxious to hear you whine about the fact that she’s dating one of them when you’ll never in a million years have the chance to. if you really loved them, you’d be happy for them.
    personally, i can’t stand them, but it makes me so mad when i have to hear about fans complaining about selena, miley, or taylor because they dated them. just GET OVER IT.

    kk, thanks. and i <3 selena and demiii.
    and jake t. austin should cut his hair. :P
    rofl. he’s a cutie.

  • sara8g

    i like jake t austin :)

  • nicole

    she can’t sing.
    or act.

    why is she famous?

    because she knews demi and the jonas brothers.
    now THEY have talent (:

  • vanessajonas

    they broke up,people!

  • michelle

    jake t austin looks different???


    and selena looks AMAINGGG<33333


  • neya

    okay i kinda like her but i don’t think she’s the one for nick i’m for niley!!!

  • jenna

    Jake looks so cute with long hair! He looks cooler rather than a little pretty boy with it short. And I think Selena seems really cool. I don’t know if her and Nick are dating, but if they are, they seem to be handling it well. The media has really left them alone about it and I think it’s cool they’re private about stuff.

  • Nicole

    im glad her and nick broke up…they werent that cute of a couple.
    sorry nelena fans
    im a niley fan all the way
    dont get me wrong i like selena and all
    but miley is better
    her show relates more with real life unlike selena’s.

    miley is awesome!
    selena shes okay

  • angel

    Ew. You girls are so petty. Hopefully you’re acting that way because you’re like, 10 or something.

    Get over it. Not everybody hates her. She DOES have fans, and people think she CAN act and sing.

    And not everybody likes the JB or Demi or Miley,

    It’s all a matter of opinion.

    You little girls have alot of growing up to do. You sound ignorant.

  • theresa

    whoa jake. he grows so fast everytime we see pics of him.

  • xoxNelena

    Aw selena is so awesome!!
    jake looks so older!!
    Nelena 4 EVER!! And Haterz deal with it……….. HAHA!!!

  • ^%.,!?


  • alexis may

    selena’s an okay person (i think) but i like nick jonas with miley cyrus better! <3

    btw, jake austin is looking gooood! :)

  • Stephie

    she is so perfect!

  • sarah

    AWWW JAKE T AUSTIN IS SOO CUTE but i think i like his straight long hair better i didnt know his hair was curly? hes getting so big!

    SELENA GOMEZ HAIR is really ugly short i think she look too grown up maybe in her late 20s dont you think? I miss her long hair!

  • grace

    hah jakes hair is perfect xDD
    selena looks amazingg!<33
    miley is just annoying.
    and not a good role model =/
    thats my opinion..i love selena (:

  • http://Justjaredjr Nicky!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    I TOTALLY agree with Neya,AlexisMay,Sarah& Nicole well im not a Jake T. Austin fan but i cant stand Selena she looks like a baby tweeker/prostitote i mean she cut all her hair off shes fuglier than fugly and every were those boys go shes right behind them how obnoxious is that and Nicole is soooooooooooooo right She cant sing,dance,act or try to look pretty the best thing for her to do is cut show biz or fall over DEAD cause shes worthless good for nothing tramp hoe and the reason i agree with all those girls is because we hate no good ugly Selena and we all want Niley Nick&Miley not Nelena thats a tacky celeb couple name im sorry for saying all this i just have very bad bad hate toward Selena i actually hate every one exept family,friends and fave celebs like JB&MILEY THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON JB&MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LV NICKY B :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mehidi

    She looks so good ! Thank you JJ!

  • china

    Selena looks Perfect!!

    se ve Bella!!

    Team Nelena!!

  • ashley

    i love jake he’s soooooo hot <3

  • jackie

    awuhh, NELENA FOEVER. they are a cute couple im sorry niley fans but they dont match sorry. miley matches with cody linly. and selena CAN sing and dance and act, i mean they woldn’t person somone who is not talented on the sn would they? yeah didnt think so.

    jake reminds me of a minature vrsion of nick jonas. HAWT.

  • erin

    she’s a stunner :]

  • amy

    she’s soooo cute

  • Hannah

    Omg, Selena’s bag is soooo cute!
    And Jake T. Austin looks adorable. I love himm.♥

  • kath

    SHE’s a QT

  • amie

    AWW!! WHY IS SHE LAST?? she should be above that girl from zoey 101 no one likes her.

  • ker

    :D she’s one of my FAVS

  • http://lala lala

    so great to know that someone is as old as me, born in december 1994, and as short as me :d. I’m not the only one, yay :)

  • Sharonshout.!

    Ahh, Selena’s so pretty! I abs. love her. && Jake is so cutee. <3

  • http://justjaredjr Dan Sperry fan

    I like jake t austin alot and hope that him and selena gomez are just best friends else but friends.

  • boby

    @blah.: shut up she broke up wit him to go out with taylor launter

  • boby

    ppl that dont like them are jerks and in my town theyed get jumpedd for speaking so freely