Twilight Knows Much About Music

Twilight Knows Much About Music

Twilighters Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Rachelle Lefevre and Nikki Reed all stopped by in the rainy city of Toronto, Canada to appear on MuchMusic Live on Saturday.

The foursome were greeted by a crowd of almost 2,000 people waiting in the rain. That’s outrageous!

Did you know that the actors who played vampires – Robert and Cam Gigandet among them – needed to be pale, so it was written in their contracts that they had to stay out of the sun?

Check out more pictures of the Twilight cast at Also, check out a interview with Rachelle Lefevre on MySpace Celebrity.

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Photos: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
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  • vanessajonas

    im in love with edward,not with rob:S

  • Stefanie

    im in love with rob and edward cullen
    love twilight and love the actor an actresses they cast
    they are all perfect

  • Rooooo lah rooooo doooo

    um….. 2nd?

  • kayla

    i watched the interview…and…well it wasn’t great…they had them do too many things…and her questions were so average…i’ve seen better interviews…

    love rob and kristen!!

  • cmm

    i can never say this enough i love rob and kris. though i wish it was just the two of them i’m glad rachelle was there. thanks JJ jr

  • bee

    I love Rob and Kristen. xoxoxo… They were born to play Edward and Bella!!! TWILIGHT is almost here. cant wait ^_^

  • Alexandra

    yayy <3 Twilight
    keep more twilight posts comming please

  • liz

    i love twilight!!!
    cant wait to see the movie!!
    i love you rob!!

  • den

    I definately think most of the fans love Rob cuz they think he’s like Edward. They’re completely different. I mean they should be old enough to know the difference right? I can understand 10 year olds can’t but most fans are in their late teens.

  • Dal

    It wasn’t the best interview
    she asked questions that they get asked in just about every interview
    but it was still cool seeing them on a screen bigger than my computer.

  • Mrs. cullen

    i love Twilight!!
    just finished reading it last friday..
    gosh, cant wait for the movie!!
    im inlove with edward cullen!!
    though im not that into robert pattinson..
    he’s hot but i dont like some of his face features..
    but im starting to like him now..
    i’ve just watched harry potter 4 just to see him clearly..
    and i think he’s handsome..=)
    he is the perfect guy to play the role of Edward Cullen..
    though he died in harry potter 4, there’s something new for him.. that is TWILIGHT.. goodluck to them! stephenie meyer is great!
    and i think kristen stewart looks like emma watson.=p but indeed she’s beautiful.. i hope im bella..=(

  • Manon

    I understand the fans :p

  • andrea

    i love them both robwert and edward!!
    coause they are the same person
    bye love you guys!!!

  • mina

    i hope you’re driving with the top DOWN rob. lol!

  • alyssa

    OMYGOSSH I WEENT TO MUUCH YESTURDAY FOR THAT! but the girls waiting outside kept trying to get infront of me & my friend and it makes me laugh how i waited for like 5hrs and the girls trying to get into the front waited for barely an hour . but it was worth catching atleast a glimpse of robert pattinson :) but yeaa .. the questions couldve been better :P i gott sorta bored cause i wanted to know mooore, buuut ohwell :)

    i love twilight ! :D

  • jenna

    This site needs to get new stories. There hasn’t been a new update in a while and I’m getting bored with the same stuff.

  • hannah

    OMG!! I LUV Twilight!!! It like totally rox

  • Robs girl!!!


  • Léa

    La robe de Kristen est magnifique (l)
    J’adore :p
    Son naturel est incoryable

  • rachelle

    omg, i met robert last monday & he is gorgeous in person!
    i’m so freakin excited for twilight, especially seeing robert on that big screen. xD
    edward cullen=my hero :)

  • shiley


  • Kris

    yay! they are amazing!
    just a couple more days !!!!

    I also watched the interview and it wasn’t that great..
    i felt like the host was very rude to the cast and
    the questions were boring
    but they all looked really good.

  • Twilight forever!

    Yay twilight!!!!!!!!!

  • hahaha

    so cool

  • vanessa

    thanks to Ryan Secrest.. thats all he talks about.. ahah

  • Lila

    I saw it and love it!!!

  • newport beach, 92660 ♥


    MUCH ! ?

    annd I CANT watch twilight on FRIDAY ( stupid DINNER party ) :|

    buut , on SATURDAY ; helll yeaaah ! :D (yn)