Leighton Meester & Ed Westwick Take Cool Pix

Leighton Meester & Ed Westwick Take Cool Pix

Gossip Girl‘s most talked about on-screen couple Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick are going behind the Gossip and partnering up with Nikon CoolPix to throw a stylish party.

Nikon is running a sweepstakes and giving you a chance to meet Leighton, 22, or Ed, 21, in New York City! All you have to do is snap a picture of your best party look and style and upload it on the official sweepstakes website. You’re then entered to win a trip to New York City, a meet & greet with Leighton or Ed, dinner and a new camera! How awesome is that!?

The sweepstakes ends on December 31st and you have to be at least 18 to enter. Make sure you read all the rules first though. So what are you waiting for? GO!

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  • ♥ashleytizzy♥isthebest♥

    first ^^
    leighton is great but blake is alot better ^^

  • Tiffany

    That is the cutest picture i’ve seen of them!! Ed & Leighton are my favorite Gossip Girl actors and you just cant get any better than Chuck and Blair!

  • Katie

    I love these two! My favorite characters on Gossip Girl are Chuck and Blair.

  • Megan

    those are such cute pictures!! Ed is so hot!!

  • awesome

    YESS!!! I LOVE Blair and Chuck together! and the actors are cool too! this is such a cool picture. and cute. hehe. they have to end up together…

  • http://blablabla.com marie

    I think Ed would be perfect to play Edward Cullen from Twilight if the part didn’t belong to Rob Cutie Patterson! I don’t know, everytime I read Edward, I think of Ed Westwick body and face lol

  • loover


  • mi

    Aw! Just how cute is this?! Haha, I love them together.

  • LIZA

    OMG!! I love those two together!!! they are so cute!! they are my favourite characters from gg and the best couple on tv right now!
    Ed is hot!!!!

  • HSM3forever

    AHH!! i love chuck and blair!

    they need to get together now!!

    they are so cute together!

  • HSM3forever


    ed is amazing and i love him

    they both need to get together now!


  • Key

    Cute… love them.

    Leighton & Ed Gossip girl nice vid.

  • Christie

    They are so cute together! They make the show, they are both really good actors

  • amanda

    omg, i love ed. his british accent is so sexy, and so is his american one :D


    *i love nate&vanessa<33

    *i love chuck&blair more <33

    *but i love dan&serena even better <33

  • anna

    Ed is hot.

  • oohhh laalalala

    oh my gosh. he is beautiful as is leighton. its something a bout him.
    his face his eyes his voice ughh hes just hot =]
    leighton is really gorgeous. pretttier thin blake lively.
    i love her and penn though too.
    chuck and blair make the show!

  • K

    Chair forever!

  • Rose

    Ed and Leighton are too cute for words. I am in love with that picture. And it sucks that Aussies cant enter the comp. I would love to meet Ed. His accent melts me *dies*

  • bree

    Ed is soo hot. Leighton is so pretty :)

  • rosie

    LOVE THIS! fave couple!!!

  • Jessy

    Ok, first of all: Why is this psoted on the JR. site not on the main page? They’re adult actors, not kids, for god’s sake. You can’t compare them to Miley Cyrus. =/

    Anyway: I’m in love with this picture. Ed and Leighton are the best actors on GG for sure and they have a great chemistry.

  • tessie

    awww that’s adorable pic!! :)

  • ohyeah

    i love this pic of them

  • justb

    Leighton is IT !

  • Ivy

    OMG!!! I LOVE LEIGHTON AND ED!!!! There so cute together!!! There my FAVORITE charaters!!!!!!!

  • gg fan

    ed and leighton forever…

>>>>>>> staging1