Miley Cyrus: My Private Life is Private

Miley Cyrus: My Private Life is Private

Miley Cyrus and ‘special friend’ Justin Gaston seem like they’ve been taking lessons from HSM couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. They just told Access Hollywood that what goes on in their private lives is just that — private.

The 15-year-old Disney starlet said, “We don’t really feel like [there's] a reason to tell everyone what our personal life is. We’re kinda just like… like I said, we don’t really feel like [there's] a reason to tell everyone what our personal life is. He’s just like my best friend. But our friendship, we like everyone to know about, because it’s great to have a friend like him.”

Just Cavalli model Justin, 20, also beat around the bush at the CMAs last week when asked if he was dating. He said of Miley, “Oh, just a family friend, you know.”

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  • Really?

    Of course they won’t acknowledge that they are dating because its freaking illegal and weird. This guy needs to get a life…

  • miley cyrus fan

    i love miley! i know she is telling the true!

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    seriously what does this guy do except wearing pants? yeah he is cute, but talented not so much!

    but seriously that is creepy, he is the legal age and she is still a minor, that is wrong. its hilarous that her family used to seem like such a “normal” family.

  • Izabella

    she’s so right, it’s called PRIVATE life for a reason, she doesn’t have to tell the world what’s going on. Not that I wouldn’t love to know but that’s none of my/our business.

    Miley’s awesome!! and she’s so beautiful!!
    and I’m just happy for her as long as she’s happy!! :D ♥

  • Fox

    I love miley. And i love love Justin. Their great, although the age gap isnt so awesome. i think their playing their cards nicely though. If their dating their dating….thats life. thats her choice. But in this particular picture there’s an eerie likeness between the two of them and her parents [Billy Ray and Trish] does anyone else think so?


    yea it is her private life that is true and she doesn’t owe any1 the right 2 kno wat she does n it. but she makes ppl talk and wonder about it wen she’s flashing him around n front of the pappz! he isn’t ugly and he mite hav a sweet heart but she’s only 15! im so scared 4 her that he’s gonna do something that mite mess her up n the long run

  • Sweet pea

    Justin is hot and is a MAJOR upgrade from Nick Jonas, but I think it’s wrong for 15(soon to be 16) yr to be dating a grown man. He should be dating her older sister Brandi.

  • wtf

    haha this girl is a hyprocrite, she told about nick. what a idoit.

  • Krissy

    Actually both of them need to get a life.
    So guess who’s NOW all of a sudden, saying the right thing.
    B4 she used to tell everyone her private life..of how her and NICK broke up.
    NOW it’s – it’s my business. my private life. stay out.
    hmm…i thought the media, was her friends? tell them, w/e all the time.

    I guess when she’s with a older person, thing’s change..and she’s trying so hard to cover up her acts- still showing she’s a bad person.

    I mean. 5 years difference does matter. ILLEGAL unless their married, then they can do w/e they want. GUYS like Justin, would taken advantage of her..since she’s younger, did naked pictures therefore that’s child molester. AND she only loves him, cuz..well he’s hot and apparently a good friend. PLZ! IF this guy, was really her friend, her family wouldn’t be on the act. OF course- she introduced him, to them, to see what they would say. That way, she can do anything with him, anywhere around. BUT her parent’s are stupid, not to see what this guy, COULD do, behind their backs.
    TAKEN the ONLY cyrus person, would BIG time HITs..with a older guy?
    umm..totally trying to ruin her rep.
    MILEY & JUSTIN are not clearly thinking properly.
    MILEy – you deserve no one. AND it shows, considering you have no luck with guys, and try to hard just to get them.
    JUSTIN- you need someone who’s older and more YOUR age.

    oVER ALL-
    you did one thing right miley.
    no one wants or need to know what you do.
    YOUR private life. NOT ours.
    it’s better for us – if your acts were kept to yourself and SOME of us would still know, you would never change.. bad or good.

  • jonhar

    I like Miley but I can no longer be sure if which of the things she’s saying would I totally believe…

  • michelle

    gah i hate herrrr!!
    first tellin everything with nick jonassss
    “oh he made me die my hair black or w/e” and blah blah blah
    now she cant say anything because her stoopid life is private!!
    o wowww.grow up miley!!!!!!
    and well at least thats good cuz serecly i dont think anyone wants to know wats going in between a realtionship involving a 15 yr old sluttttttttt and a 20 yr old child molesterrr….grossssssss

  • .

    ok if she just came out and told everyone the REAL status of their relationship everyone would stop prying so much!!!!

  • Hello

    Maybe she learned from her mistake of sharing details about her relationship with Nick and how people bashed her for it. She probably doesn’t want to go through it again, so she’s keeping mum. The Miley-Justin relationship buzz is dying out already, so I guess it was a good thing they shut up.

  • http://Justjaredjr Nicky!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    I loooooooooooooove Miley but i dont think its right that shes dating a dude 5 yrs older than her!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry Miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LV NICKY B :)

  • jom

    so there’s still a chance for them and nick if there saying the truth about the 2 of them

  • skye

    What she talked about concerning Nick she talked about AFTER they had already been broken up for several months. We didn’t hear her tell any details about them or confirmation of dating while they were still together. And even if she would have talked then doesn’t mean she should or shouldn’t now.It’s her decision. And I love how she doesn’t lie about it or get all condescending. She said he’s a friend and she wants to keep her private life private.No games or half truths, some others need to learn from this because it just gets people irritated and makes them look like big liars and idiots when they play games with words,thinking they’re being clever and they’re not, ( like JB , and SELENA).

  • skye

    And I didn’t like Justin at first but I’m liking him more now and they look really happy on that picture above. I’ve been a big Niley fan but I couldn’t imagine NIck being with her right now and actually taking her out in public just the two of them together and posing for a picture like that. He’s too worried about his precious secrecy.

  • Jessica

    Haha Jared!
    “Taking lessons from Zac and Vanessa” Thats a good one :p

  • Zeil :)

    Justin is such a Hottie. Phew. :)