Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Twilight Togetherness

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Twilight Togetherness

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart stick close on the red carpet premiere of their haunting film, Twilight, at the Mann Village’s Bruin Theater in Westwood, Calif., on Monday evening.

Kristen, 18, wore a stunning asymmetrical red-white-and-silver Balenciaga dress with Christian Louboutin pumps. She accessorized with a cute black Chanel clutch and jewels. Gorgeous!

Co-star Peter Facinelli recently dished that he loves to brag to people that he got to neck with Robert Pattinson, 22. “I can actually say I’m one of the few guys who have necked with Pattinson. A lot of people are envious of me,” he joked.

15+ pictures of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at the premiere of Twilight

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
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  • dfasdf

    shee looks in love with him haha
    i wish. well not really
    yaya twilight~~`

  • fabulous

    they should date!

  • lllover

    AWWWW ILOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can’t waiit too watch the movie OMG i’m so exciteddddd the best coupleeeee:):):):):) he looks so sexyyy! i’d love to be there:(:(

  • kayla

    they’re so cute together!

  • michelle

    Love them! But Cam and Nikki and Jackson are better : )

  • aly

    how funny….the premier was the same night as bolt…
    and kristen and miley wore the same colors!…

  • vanessa

    LOL I think the same, they should date, but the thing is that Oregano is in the picture ¬¬, well they looked stunning, TRULY amazing! You gotta love them man!

    Thanks JJ “J”?

  • vanessa

    I want the movie. NNNOOOWWW

  • ash

    He seems like hes channeling Johnny Cash sorta…

  • Masha

    I love her dress and he looks so hot.

  • andrea

    they looks so nice and cute together
    you can see the chemistry betwen of them thousan of miles away
    its so obvious
    the love each other hehehe
    bye love you guys and obviously love ROBERT PATTINSON

  • Stefanie

    omg they look gorgeous i wish they date they make a great couple and they look all flirty in the piks like their looks
    please guys go watch the film i really want to see all the books in the big screen
    we need to make twilight alot of money

  • Silver

    God he’s gorgeous!!!!

  • miss_cullen

    ROBSTEN!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Sydney

    they would make the perfect couple! and there both absolutely gorgeous!
    imagine how there kids would look like…

  • patty

    I’m so happy!!! i love them. they’re so hot together.

  • Cris

    Kristen is absolutely stunning. Her eyes, her skin, her bone structure….GAHHHH. Girlcrush!

    I know Kristen has a boyfriend, but her and Rob should seriously date. At least they have 2 or 3 more movies to film together.

  • cory

    errrm, and robert. <33

  • jenna

    Is Kristen smiling in a picture?!?! Wow that’s definitely a first!

  • Kris

    agreed #17. they need to get together NOW! they’re soo adorable together.

    I’m officially voting the Twilight cast as the most gorgeous cast ever in movie history.

    anyone want to second that motion?

  • M

    I hate when people say costars shold date just because they are costars. Most of you had no idea who they were until they starred in this movie together all of a sudden they should date or omg they make the perfect couple (rolleyes)

    Accept that they have no feelings for one another and move on!

  • Em

    Kristen looks fierce, love her for that :)

  • jhillp

    omg i agree they should so date
    ugh theyre both HOT!!!
    i deifnitely think she should dump the boyfriend
    and hook up with rob

  • hailie

    #20, yes! i love them because they arent like the “convential beauty” like big lips/boobs and huge muscles and being tan. they are like seriously amazing. they are exactly what i imagined when reading. im super excited for this movie. i will definetly be there, team edward shirt and all lol

  • cmm

    They look beyond beautiful. Thank you JJ jr. Rob and Kris are stunning together. I am so glad Twilight is coming out friday. Please keep posting these two.

  • hailie

    #21, its not just because theyre costars, its because you can see from still pictures they have an immense amount of chemistry

  • kat

    hes been eating too many hot pockets look at that little pudge lol
    <3 rpattz

  • Tatiana

    #26 Chemistry is obvious, but you need more than chemistry to make a relationship work. She is still with Michael after 2+ years for a reason. Even after all this Twilight craze they are still together! That says something.

  • M

    #26 yeah, even if they have chemistry, doesn’t mean much. I don’t like when people are saying oh they would be perfect together, esp since they don’t see one another that way and one of them is in a happy relationship.

  • Gracie

    I have to agree with Tatiana. People have chemistry with lots of people, it doesn’t mean they should be together or even that their relationship would work. I just think the fact most people relate K and R to Edward and Bella automatically seem to think that they would have a relationship like them, minus the Vampy.

  • marie

    they look so good

  • Shannon

    aww that pic of her staring at him is cute i say give it time for them to be together remember they still have 3 more movies to make and if u read the books it gets better! they look great

  • Becky

    his hair looks nasty but they look so good together. like what everyone else is thinking, they really need to get together and she needs to break up with her ugly bf.



  • Cici

    C’mon. we just say they looks hot together, they should date. it doesn’t mean they will be.

  • Blair

    They look so amazing;] Ily Rob ^^

  • dfasdf

    im the person who said the first comment. i dont want you guyst to start arguing over what i said. i just think they look nice togehter no matter what thats all. ROB IS GORGEOUSS!

  • pls

    oh god people calm down….really

  • Today

    Rob and Kristen look gorgeous! I can’t wait until Friday!!!

  • alexis may

    awww… too bad she already has a boy friend… they’d make an okay couple.
    can’t wait for twilight! eeeep!

  • biatch

    are they together? like in real life cuz that would be awesome.

  • caitlin

    haha wonder if rob washed his hair before achieving that look…
    kristen is looking gorgeous… she is so pretty when she smiles :)

  • connie red

    too bad it comes out later in uk >_<
    <3 her dress, if anyone is lookin for twilight inspired outfits, check out this blog post!

  • clara

    they really look like they’re a real life couple. lol. they look so cute together! i wish they were together…

  • isa

    ROOOOOOOOOOB <3 man i love this man EIHEUIH

  • Christina

    Kristen is so beautiful! Go on girl. There’s something special about Kristen & Rob. ;)

  • zach quinto’s wife

    FINALLY – kristen wears something colourful – all the time she wears black/blue darkish dresses even though they look stunning on her, but right now?
    so does rob -wink-

  • Ericka

    She looks gorgeous. They will make such a cute couple.

  • angeline

    AHHHHHH! so excited for this movie it’s not even funny. personally, i like kristen’s style choice tonight. i think it’s cute, but it makes her look chubby. rob looks spectacular! i love this look! he’s truly edward cullen, lol!

    woooooooooooooo only 4 more days!!

  • angeline

    no, i take it back, she doesn’t look chubby! she looks amazing!