Selena Gomez Is Carousel Cute

Selena Gomez Is Carousel Cute

Selena Gomez takes a royal ride on Cinderella’s Golden Carousel at the Walt Disney World theme park on Sunday afternoon in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

The 16-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place star was recently named one of Seventeen magazine’s style stars alongside BFF Demi Lovato and HSM star Ashley Tisdale.

Wizards has a new DVD special coming out soon too! Supernaturally Stylin’ is being released on February 10th and will come with a bonus “Fashionista Presto Chango” feature, where you’ll get to magically transform the show’s stars with “amazing costumes and awesome makeup tricks”. Kind of cool, right?

Bigger pics inside of Selena‘s on her royal ride inside…

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Photos: Todd Anderson/Disney Channel
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  • alyssa

    she looks ADORABLE!

    such a beauty

  • china

    BELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERFECT

  • fernanda

    Selena look good team selena

  • sweeties

    Adorable! :-)

  • fernanda

    team selena she looks good

  • Kate

    adorable outfit

  • Rawya

    beautiful as always

  • Mayam

    does she have highlights????
    o … i am feeling nick jonas

  • bern.

    aww :]

  • Cals

    Shes so cute! the highlights look bad though

  • jonasAREJERKS

    weak…………who is she??

    leave go away!!!!!!!1

  • amanda


  • cc27

    shes pretty :) very pretty

  • cassie

    aww she looks great!love her hair and outfit, everything ! :)))

  • jenna

    She is so pretty!
    And to # 11 “jonasAREJERKS” person: Obviously you know who she is. If you don’t like JB that means you know who they are, so it’s safe to bet you’ve heard of Selena too.

  • angel

    Her hair is looking lighter. You can see her highlights now. I really like it. (:

  • ana

    i love her and i think tht she looks everytime more like vanessa

  • :)

    # 8

    HAHAHHAHAH, me too. I bet he told her.

  • brooklyn

    cute =) I really like her hair shorter.

  • Eden

    She looks gorgeous here!
    :] I am absolutely jealous.

  • Josefaa

    she looks so pretty ! i love her so much !
    heey JJJ! i lovee the new pagee ! im a huge fan :D im from chile haha

  • michelle

    she looks amazing!!!
    ahh o so pretty:)

    i wanna go to disneyland now!!
    but serecly


  • nelena =D

    im so jealoous of her :] so pretty. haha #8 thats pretty funny and probably true lol but idc, i love nelena <3

  • sara

    love her. she looks so pretty!

  • LOVEjjj

    nick probably told her to get highlights! they don’t look too good! and what’s with the short hair?? she looked do much better with long hair… short hair makes her head bigger

  • wtf.

    Nick probably told her to get those highlights.

    Short hair does make her face look even bigger.

  • Swagger like us swagga like us

    Geez guys stop being so negative…..IM SICK OF IT,damn a guy can’t even say something like:’you would look good with highlights’ with one of you low life saying some negative…..LIGHTEN UP

  • asdfksd;a

    uh oh selena got highlights. you know what that means. bahahh

  • jack


  • creeper.


    she got highlights!

    oh the irony.

    who’s creepin’?

  • Krissy


    all of you guys are low lifes.
    can’t a girl get highlights without trying to make her seem like another niley breakup?
    obviously she’s NOT dating him.
    There just friends. AND you have no proof there together, so just cut it out. IF they were dating, there relationship would have ended like ” jaylor”. I BET there sweet enough to support each other – minus what you guys assume from them, that’s not even true!
    BESIDES – there too busy to be together.

    AND it’s rude to hate someone based on judging and hating and also jealously over some guy you can’t probably get in your life time!
    who’s creep in now? ;) exactly.SELENA is not a miley. AND they’ve stated before, there’s no feud. surprisingly. SO STOP comparing her, to MILEY, cuz there both different people, who happends to get along in real life, and might have a few things in common, dealing with the same people. PLUS have worked together.
    EASY come and go- Disney revolves around new and the same people.. who see alot of each other now and then.

    IT has no reason to believe that just bcuz they both run into the same people..there starting to copy each other. NOW that’s just gay. AND stupid to trust in the first place.

    SEL you look amazing with short hair :)
    the new look suits you! =D

    there both good people who deserve each other
    as friends or boyfriend/girlfriend.
    WAYYY better than NILEY
    as before.
    Cuz most people want that know..
    my point exactly- on how miley and selena are different.


  • http://Justjaredjr Nicky!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    OMG whats up with her shes a freak i cant stand her shes HORRIBLE at everything she does how she get famous probly by brain dead mental retards just like her and plus shes a boy crazy nut if i was the jonas boys mom and dad i would forbid them from talking to her or even looking at her and Nick Jonas better watch his back or he’ll be the little tramps baby daddy i feel soooooo sorry for him she must be anoying she just needs to drop DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love JB&MILEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! die Selena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LV NICKY B :)

  • lisa

    nicholas jonas strikes again.

  • M.

    nicholas jonas strikes again.

    haha, true. only miley looked better in highlights – her hair was a better color for them.

  • jake

    AWW she’s soo cute :D

  • jake


    awww she is supper cute :D

  • amlie

    CUTE :DD

  • kath

    woah i like her :D

  • nicole tan

    Selena’s really PRETTY! you go girl!

  • I like her short hair but not the highlights so much! Haha..yeah wonder y she got them!

  • amie B

    she actually looks really good, what a QT :)

  • kristan

    lmfao highlightssss :]
    oh nick you manipulate your women dontchaa?

    i dont like her hair short… or long lmao.

  • Isabella

    lol. wow. thats so ironic, she has blonde highlights. just like miley did cause NICK TOLD HER TO.

  • Bianca

    Im not against high lights but maybe a better color choice? They look tacky….. Shes pretty but I liked her hair long and w/o them.

  • Selene

    Hahaha, Highlights? How ironic ey.

  • Lindsay

    Selena is so ridiculous! :S

  • mayrlles

    A Selena Gomez e o Justin Bieber ficam tão bonitinhos juntos, me falaram que eles se separaram, será que é verdade?

>>>>>>> staging1