Miley Cyrus Gets the Giggles for Justin Gaston

Miley Cyrus Gets the Giggles for Justin Gaston

Someone must have pumped Miley Cyrus up with laughing gas because she was giddy like a little schoolgirl when she sat down for her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Of course, the 15-year-old starlet was asked about ’special friend’ Justin Gaston and between spurts of uncontrollable laughter, she told Ellen, “He’s a singer, he’s really cute and he’s nice. He’s a Christian and I really like that.”

To which Ellen replied, “So you have a boyfriend, great.”

Miley will be appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this Thursday, November 20th. Watch Miley get the giggles below!

Miley Cyrus – The Ellen DeGeneres Show – 11/20
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blah @ 8:05 pm on 11/18/2008

omg that’s the CUTEST thing i’ve seen!
miley’s SO in love with justin!!

Kendall @ 8:06 pm on 11/18/2008

Haha she’s so cute lol

jenselover @ 8:09 pm on 11/18/2008

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww love her

emm @ 8:10 pm on 11/18/2008

most annoying laugh ever.. O_O

terumi @ 8:13 pm on 11/18/2008

lol I love this! I love how ellen just comes right out and says stuff….and you can tell Miley is a little nervous…But I think Justin seems like a a nice guy!

Also Miley sounds like she’s got a cold or something…Hopefully shes not working herself to hard!

anon @ 8:15 pm on 11/18/2008

haha the giggling is so cute!

stephanie @ 8:17 pm on 11/18/2008

She is so adorable! I love her. Ellen is hilarious too. :)

kasia @ 8:17 pm on 11/18/2008

haahha love this ;]
she is SOOO cute!!!

chris @ 8:18 pm on 11/18/2008


Dani @ 8:22 pm on 11/18/2008

Guys, this is not cute, u r delusional. She just freaking giggled herself to death like a five yr. old who’s mother just told them they get to go to Toys R Us or something! This is gross. It makes it 10x more sick that they are dating. Shes so immature.

LOVEjjj @ 8:23 pm on 11/18/2008


She is adorable, really SWEER
I love Her so MUCH!!!!!

zanessa rox ur sox! @ 8:35 pm on 11/18/2008

lol hahahahaha!!! omg i can’t stand this vid.! it iz soooo funny! haha she laffes like crazy her laff iz actually like my laff (wierd one) haha!

jezbolah. @ 8:37 pm on 11/18/2008

her giggle is the nastiest thing ever.


xoxNelena @ 8:38 pm on 11/18/2008

lol that was funny ellen is like so funny!

Daniella @ 8:38 pm on 11/18/2008

She is really annoying.
Way to make your relationship totally obvious

fr @ 8:39 pm on 11/18/2008

niley 4ever, justin is cute but nothing like niley
here is a cute quote of miley when niley was having problems
“Nick looked at me & said ‘do u ever fell like u are working for somthing you’re never goin’ to get?you shoot-&miss kind of deal. like, no matter what,you can’t have it, but that makes you fight for it just a little bit more?’I looked at him, stared at him and replied ‘evryday’”

blair @ 8:41 pm on 11/18/2008

This would have been “adorable” if she were 13. She is turning 16 in a matter of days, I think it’s time she begin acting more mature. She presented herself in such a childish way, I would have been so embarrassed.
I love the girl to death, she is a great actress, very funny, relatable, and talented, but as far as presenting herself as a young adult, she is failing miserably.

Alison @ 8:46 pm on 11/18/2008

Haha, so cute!! She REALLY loves him. awww

ashley @ 8:48 pm on 11/18/2008

she seems high on this haha i love her but she looks retared in this haaha lol love u miley

erika @ 8:51 pm on 11/18/2008

wow i love her laugh.

tcali @ 8:59 pm on 11/18/2008

That was so funny!! Miley is so adorable! People who are saying she should grow up are delusional, she is 15! Shes still really young! And so what if she laughs! Its great! MILEY IS GREAT!

Kris @ 9:02 pm on 11/18/2008

“cute” “funny”…
that was the most annoying thing i’ve ever seen
she in general just annoys me
but seeing this interview
what is she 5?
&& are some of you saying that just because she’s 15 means that she can act all immature like that .

the girl needs to grow up . big time..
it’s not funny or cute it just looks really obnoxious.

callie @ 9:22 pm on 11/18/2008

she’s IN LOVE, seriously guys. she’s happy about having a boyfriend that she doesn’t have to constantly hide. sure, she can’t exactly come right out and say it but at least she can go in public with him.

and 16 =/= mature, sorry. she’s allowed to have some immature moments.

lala @ 9:28 pm on 11/18/2008

it would be cute if her boyfriend wasn’t 20. My sister is the same age as her and I would never in a million years let her date a guy that’s 20. It’s just disturbing.

And don’t even tell me she’s mature enough for him. The video spoke for itself.

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