Zac Efron is Back From Down Under

Zac Efron is Back From Down Under

Zac Efron keeps it cool, hiding behind a pair of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses and a beanie as he makes he way through LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday night.

The 21-year-old High School Musical star waited for his personal car to pick him up as he toted around a Louis Vuitton “Utah” Carryall travel bag and walked around in a white pair of Converse Chucks. Zac was in Australia to promote his latest film, High School Musical 3: Senior Year. He’s finally home!

Zac‘s on-and-off-screen sweetheart, Vanessa Hudgens, will be on New Zealand’s radio station ZM 91.0 this Thursday, November 20th.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron arriving at LAX…

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Photos: Justin/Steve/National Photo Group
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  • mia


  • sofila

    ashley isn’t in those pictures

  • Just Jono

    WOO! NEW ZEALAND, haha.
    Zac lookin’ awesome as usual.

  • angela clarke

    I knew he was still in aussie.

    your looking hot.

  • liz
  • Will

    yea New Zealand is where its crackn!
    i meet that ashley girl when she was at that beach

  • kara

    now we just need ashley to reappear

  • mia


  • Boji

    Liz#4, that was a lovely video, thanks. Zac must have caught the Aussie waves by the looks of it. Glad he had a good time surfing.

  • jo

    jared you know that luggage bag is louis vuitton. i think vanessa got it for him last christmas. coz you know she love louis!

  • effroonnhottie

    wow that was super cool he is reallly hott!

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Jo!! Right on the money.

  • caitlin

    wooooooo i saw him at the premiere in melbourne!
    he is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    come back zac!

  • http://none kirrrsta

    I wonder why Zanessa didn’t arrive back together?!
    Being the jealous type, I’d assume things o_O . Was Ashley still back in Australia, too? AHHH! Secreeet Loverrrrrs? ;x

  • angela clarke

    I saw him at the sydney premiere I WANT HIM TO COME BACK LMAO.

    yeah I can see he got abit of a tan while he was in aussie.

  • poppy

    so good to see Zac back, glad he’s home safe! Looking good as always! I think the bag is the LV Kendall from 07, I presume V bought it as I doubt Zac would spend that much on a bag! Love him!

  • Sarah

    YAY im gng to listen to ZM on thursday =]

  • jo

    yeah he carries that bag everywhere. yeah i’m pretty sure vanessa got it for him . =)

  • angela clarke

    I saw him at the sydney premiere I SOO WANT HIM TO COME BACK.
    i couldnt stop thinking about him that night.

    I can see he got abit of a tan when he was in aussie I be he liked it but wheres ash.

  • zanessa/jashley

    meh, i was so hoping for a Zanessa sighting. I’m missing them…but seeing Zac makes me better !! :D Oh, he DEF. got a tan !!!!! Very nice…

  • = )

    ummm. why was he still in australia? why did vanessa come back so early? they both said on the hamish and andy show or something they were flying out thursday morning!!

    so are these photos old or something???

  • http://ZacEfron Zac efron’s # 1 fan

    i am so gold to see Zac home.

  • Karen

    Vanessa came back earlier because of her little sister’s 13th birthday. It was also reported that Zac’s dad had met him in Melbourne so they could do some surfing. They took a vacation together last year in Australia. They must have enjoyed it and thought it would be fun again.

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley Bobst

    I am so Happy Zac is Home. I wounder what him and Vanessa will do for Thanksgiving next week.

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley Bobst

    #23 thank for letting us know that.

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley Bobst

    #5 the Video was great.

  • sweetnessa

    aww i hope see zanessa photos

  • http://ZacEfron Zanessa Forever

    Welcome Home Zac. we missed you

  • http://ZacEfron Zanessa Forever

    I wounder what Zac and Vanessa will do next week for thanksgiving

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks great as always!.

  • nathalia

    many thanks for video
    very, very good

  • tizzylove

    i wonder if ash is still in australia or left with zac too
    where r u ash??? i miss u!!!!!!

  • evelyn

    my guess on Thanksgiving is that zac will probably head home and vanessa will be in la with her family …

  • angela clarke


    yeah Im thinking that too cuz at these kind of moments is to spend time with his family and stuff.

  • angela clarke

    im wondering where ash is too.

    I red that she came back with nessa but I didnt see any candids of her with nessa soo Im thinking ash is still in aussie or she will be coming back a day after zac we dunno.

  • Sam

    Hot as usual.

  • raider814

    Do we always have to go to “jr” to find Zac now, yet the “Gossip Girl” people are still on the “regular” Jared? I’ve got news for you jj, Zac and Twilight have older fans, too. This seems a little ridiculous. There are plenty of teens and tweens watching “gg” even though the activities on there are totally inappropriate for them. If Zac starts having sex in his movies will become “mainstream Jared” again? I must be missing something; I just don’t get it.

  • soph-x

    hmmmmm, even if Ashley is stiil in australia n Zac jus arrived bk…doesnt mean anything you crazy Zashley fans…zashley doesnt excist!!!!!!

    Vanessa came back for Stella’s 13 birthday, who would miss their lil sister turnin into a teenager???

    Zac probz did spend time with his dad agen surfing, Zac did say he was goin to do that!

    i also heard Ashley came back with Vanessa, you dnt need pictures to prove she did, there’s np pictures of vanessa arriving home is there???


  • Karen

    Last year at Thanksgiving time Vanessa was asked about what her family did for the holiday and she said they really didn’t cook and had a tendency to go get food at Boston Market. LOL But last year there were pics of her mom, sister and Vanessa going out to a sushi joint on Thanksgiving evening. Vanessa has been known—particularly this past year—to be seen with Zac in San Luis Osbispo so maybe she will go there with him. Or perhaps with Vanessa beautiful new house and her new hobby of cooking she plans to have a huge feast at her place and have both her parents and Zac’s family there. The house is certainly huge enough to accomodate everybody.

  • Tiptoes

    # 5 Liz – thanks for the lovely video. It got the latest Zanessa cute moments.

  • For Real

    Zac’s dad was with him in Australia.

    They were on the same flight back, but his dad boarded a United Airlines flight to San Luis Obispo so he wouldn’t have to make the long drive.

  • smdwh2

    welcome back


    Welcome back our dear ZAC!
    # 38…how do you know the facts…well thanks anyway..

  • smdwh2

    loved that video

  • Sweet pea

    Yay, Zac’s back. He’s the only guy who looks hot in those awful beanies.

  • Vixie

    Can u watch and tell me :P

  • zanessafen4e

    love him i miss zanessa

  • asher

    i agree with raider814… zac is not just for tweens. put him back on just jared.

  • marie

    He looks great and tanned

  • Karen

    All of you who think Zac should be back on Just Jared’s main board—-particularly this post—send Jared a personal message saying that. If he is flooded with emails to the fact I would think it would have an effect. Go to the top of the page and click the down button so it will bring up “contact” (I guess Jared wants to keep that link hidden as much as possible) and send a message stating how you feel. I did.