Robert Pattinson's Twilight Romance

Robert Pattinson's Twilight Romance

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart grace the cover of the new issue of Life & Style.

The on-screen couple recently lit up the red carpet at the Twilight premiere on Monday night with the rest of the cast.

An insider reveals the secrets behind the set about the couple to the magazine: “Kristen and Rob bonded from the moment they met. They got along so well that people were convinced they were secretly in love. She [Kristen] and Rob had a lot in common, and it didn’t take long for them to develop a very close relationship.”

The insider also had to share: “They were very touchy-feely around each other and they seemed to share a lot of inside jokes.”

Maybe there’s more than just movie magic going on, but we highly doubt it. Kristen, 18, has been dating actor Michael Angarano for, as she puts it, “forever.”

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  • bumblebeeeee

    ahhh a part of me hopes its very true :)

  • Val

    Wow? Do you think that really is truth cuz the way she talks about his boyfriend sounds to me like She really is in love with Him

    I think we have to wait to hear what she have to say about that..Who knows that might be truth

  • celina


  • Vanessa


  • ems412

    didn’t he just say that he’s single

  • magalie

    kristen’s been dating Michael Arangano for years! like 3 or 4 years of something.
    they’re just close friends, that’s all

  • michelle

    Im on Team Michael! I’ve been a fan of his for a long time and I love Rob and Twilight but Michael is better.

  • Lila

    It’s not true, but let’s hope that in can turn into reality!!!

  • kayla

    love rob!
    i hope they are secretly in love =P

  • Roxx

    Team Michael!! he’s cute and nice…!

  • Stefanie

    WELL its obvious the chemestry they have i mean kristen is just 1 i think saying that she will be foreer with that michale is not possible lol
    maybe sparks will fly in the coming sequels …cause i know i heard that rob has a huge crush on kristen and kristen keeps saying he si great and hot and a good kisser so maybe in tye other books the relationship of edward and bella will get hotter so who know i think they look amazing together so lets hope…..


    i think that michael is cute but he looks like kristen brother instead of boyfriend

  • vanessa

    I mean it’s not true, and the media can be very painful with this little comments for the three of them, the thing is that I would LOVE that were true rumors and all, but we have to be patient, I think that they will be together, but not right NOW.

    I love them, who hasn’t?

  • Kari

    Who wouldn’t love Robert! I believe that she was faithful to her boyfriend, but they’d make the cutest young couple in Hollywood

  • poppy

    I feel so sorry for them. Kristen is happy with Michael! And I’m more than sure Rob is happy being single, he looks like that cat that got the cream of late! People should just leave them be!

  • bia

    This is ridiculous !
    I feel so bad for Michael and her…

  • Shannon

    First yay for them being on the cover! I say give it time for them to be together the sequels become so much better!

  • trish.

    Micheal is adorable but not in the same level as Rob Pattinson. Rob is gorgeous.

    and as for Kristen, i THINK that she really does think he’s amazing, and dazzling. But i doubt she would leave her boyfriend because she’s got a new love interest in a movie. i dont think she’s like that.

    MAYBE if the sequel was being made and they’re constantly constantly together, something might build up. but as for now..i dont think so.

    Rob is very dreamy…as for Micheal he’s just cute.

  • trish.

    I also love her because she’s so straight forward.
    She’s got that bitchesque in her. And she really could careless.

    She’s unlike these pretty girls who look so fake and act fake.

  • Joanne

    They’re great together, beautiful couple, hope if that’s true, they’re together now, or in the future became a couple, if they in some point break up, hope that they continue friends and dont mess up the movies! i wish all the best for them both! no matter if they are together or not!

  • bruna

    If it is true….Thats great I’m happy for them, but on the other hand
    to those people who said that they are just close friends, well then it is just wrong, no offense but
    friends who are really close like a boy and girl can actually turn into something
    and kristines boyfriend might get
    mad jealous

  • Char82

    it’s definitely NOT true. ive never read the books so i am not some crazed fan, but i read this article about him and he said that he barely talked to her onset., look it up.

  • xoxo

    omgosh, i WISH they were together!… eventually her and her bf will break up and then Rob can move in on her…

  • courtney

    haha soo false.
    the other day kristen was photographed hand in hand with michael.
    like tehy have been dating for like ever,
    they costarred in speak, which came out when kristen was like what
    13 years old?
    yeah, quite some time i must say.
    plus, i think those two are the perfect couple.
    even though kristen and rob are cute together, shes already got her own edward.

    also, kristen and nikki are real close too — perhaps thats teh romance, haha jk.

    though, nikki and rob would be cute together i think. or who knows.

    haha, but yaaah.
    kristen and rob – no.
    though, it would be lovely.

  • chris

    yaya im watching it on friday hahah!! yay!


  • Kris

    oh my goodness. this is so sad..
    i love rob and kristen together and i really wish they would get together.

    but the fact that they are becoming tabloid magnets now is sad because i know kristen would not want that at all..
    && You know what she’s going out with Michael..
    it doesn’t matter that Rob is more gorgeous .. She obviously loves Michael if she’s been going out with him for ‘forever’ so . as much as i would love to see them two be together she’s with michael and i accept that.

  • Twilight forever!

    I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE…and I hope she will eventually get together with Rob, that would be SO CUTE!!!!!!!

  • Tatiana

    Team Michael as well!! :P Cool to see others who think Kristen and Michael are good together. He came to NY with her today!

  • tha

    Oh gee.. Michael is not gonna like this.

  • danielle

    CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!! I love Rob + Kristen together, but I respect her current relationship with Michael. :)

  • rachhell

    lolll michael is a loserr
    and i would be happy x1986438912648721
    if these two started dating
    as if michael deserves herr


  • christinA

    I can’t even imagine what Michael is feeling. I feel bad for him BUT another part of me does see a chemistry between Rob & Kristen.

  • http://justjaredjr. Zhanique

    Stewart + Pattinson =Stewartson!

    Very cute together maybe they will have a little something going on

  • cc


  • Blue

    Team Edward!!!!!

    Team Rob!!!!!

  • RobSten

    I’m sorry, but I just think that MICHAEL is so lame. I see him all the time in the backgroud. It seems like wherever Kristen is, he just pops out. I mean, I wanna believe that maybe he loves her that much to be around her all the time, but I’m starting to think that maybe, he’s just there for the publicity as well. Come on, nobody knew who he was except that he’s the kid from Sky High. Even after I watched the movie, I still don’t know his name. Plus, its just making him look like a loser forllowing her gf around all the time. Doesn’t he have a job or a life outside Kristen? Who want to be with guy like that? You want to be with a guy who’s independent. Someone who has that confidence that he deserves you. Not some guy who will follow you around like a poodle because he thinks his gf might ditch him for a hot, brooding and one of the sexiest man alive, Rob Pattinson. And plus, the magazine may not be 100% true, but there’s a reason why this gossip ever came up. People notice…it wont just pop out of nowhere. Read this article below to understand what I mean. This happened during their tour to Toronto.

  • melody

    i think they make a cute couple, and should try to go out ………….

  • team robert love him lots

    hey cant you feel it when they interview with each other like their hiding the fact that their dating. he looks at her she looks away, she looks at him he cant look away then he giggles at nothing and she said the reason why there chemistry was so great and it was easy to work with rob was because he was very handsome. also on several occasions she flirts with him and actually laughs plus body language. i’m sorry for michael but you cant stay in one relationship forever. hope they hook up, hope michael meets somebody cool too, maybe in a movie. but rob and kristen deserve to date they are edward and bella. they are perfect for each other.
    ps. kristen stewart and robert pattison are really cool together.

  • rob + Kristen(Twilight Saga)

    love robert ! So cute if started dating ,Rob,Kristen look so cute together like a great couple. To me it seems like Rob and Kristen are great for each other. Micheal and Kristen are not a good couple even though they have been dating forever(no offense).It seems that Kristen and Rob love each other.Micheal will probably get jealous (no offense) but Kristen has been dating Micheal forever so its time to move on to Robert. Kristen + Rob = love and xoxoxo. Micheal not right for Kristen(no offense), Rob and Kristen are right for each other. Rob has been single a long time time to move on and start dating Kristen. Kristen should move on from Micheal and start dating Rob. So cool if started dating(Rob and Kristen), its like real life Romance in Twilight. Rob + Kristen team. Kristen and Rob should start now dating. Boo Micheal(no offense)Go Kristen and Rob(start dating)Go Twilight Saga.

  • rob + Kristen(Twilight Saga)

    kristen move on from micheal and go rob(no offense if rude)

  • rob + Kristen(Twilight Saga)

    love rob

  • Isabella

    Ohh,It’ must be true.
    dont ya see the way they stared at echother!

  • Isabella

    maybe in the sequels they will recognize that they love echother.
    like there would be more hot and intense scenes in New Moon so….
    Who knows….

  • izy

    yeah i hope Kristen and Robert go out but who knows right no one is her but her so just wait ’til she changes her mind an goes out with him ( we will have Alice to tell us ) !!

  • Sophie

    Robert Pattinson is so hot!!!

  • Sophie


  • jamie

    whatever makes her happy.. it’s her life.. no one should influence her decission but herself.
    who knows if michael gives better kisses or treats her better..
    it may be the other way around.. who knows :p

  • makenzi

    The article said that he, barely talked to her for two months because , he wanted Kristen to think he was intense. Then they started hanging out.

    Just look at all of the photos and reports.They’re into eachother.

  • ink

    its like brad and jen …look what happened on the set of mr. & mrs. smith…ppl come on the onset romance is true but they dont want to be looked down upon…her cheating on her bf…wuts his face…for the other dude rob…

  • huh huh

    you people are crazy…..

  • kaylee

    well everyone i found out that they are secretly dating!! cause emma watson from harry potter announced accidentally that rob and kristen are dating!!! =]

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