Robert Pattinson is Single... and Looking!

Robert Pattinson is Single... and Looking!


Twilight leading man Robert Pattinson is single…… and looking!!!!!

The 22-year-old British actor confirmed to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. But while he’s single at the moment, women are throwing themselves at him because of his role as Edward Cullen in the vampire film, Twilight. He shared, “No one else seems to get into a relationship with me. It’s really strange. People like screaming at me. Actually, they like screaming at me in relationships as well. No one wants to commit.”

Robert will appear on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show this Friday, November 21st.

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  • patty

    omg so cute!!!! i love what ellen gives him

  • kayla

    he’s so cute! i like the fact that he’s not really into fame and doesn’t have like a super ego


  • Tatiana

    Maybe if he would wash his hair… joke! joke! … I’m looking forward to his interview with Ellen.

  • caitlin

    haha he is funny
    ill commit!!!!!

  • wen


  • brie2009

    lol I love this guy.

  • hahaha

    Kirsten is the one for him.. their chemisrty is undeniable…

  • athena

    Ewww, he looks like a bad version of Ed Westwick…LOL.

  • athena

    I like RP, but he’s doing something strange with his face…He and Kristen would make a great couple though.

  • zend

    fugly. just see how weird his face is. crocked and else.

  • Jayme

    i would date him but i dont know he probleey wont date me i wana relationship

  • zashley4ever

    I would he seems nice, cute, etc.

  • jen

    The access hollywood interview where he shows the interviewer the marriage proposal reminder was hilarious. He’s a very funny and entertaining guy and gorgeous too.

  • indiesr

    He’s so cute. You can go to Hello Magazine to vote for him.

  • xoxo

    I love his hair. It’s so HOT!

  • me.

    i love him. Ill be his girlfriend in a second. hes so down to earth.

  • Becky

    omg he just gets more and more adorable each time!

  • Lordy

    He should come back home and find a lovely English girl
    *cough* me *cough*

    My old school actually is called Robert Pattinson School.
    It’s meant to be!

  • lower

    # 18 LMAO cool

    rob rocks my world

  • Lesley

    He’s gay

  • ali

    aww he is so cute. i cant wait for Ellen!!

  • Christina

    All these buzz around “Twilight” got me so obsessed with this guy. Damn, he’s so hot. lmao. I’m def watching Ellen.

  • Vfan 4ever


  • Thaina kühn

    Well, Robert it’s looking for someone who wants him just the way he is,Robert,not the character that he plays,Edward.
    He has a close friendship with Kristen as I see,but she’s still with Angarano,so i think nothing is going to happen,or else she would have breaken up with Michael a long time ago.
    Robert is a mature man for his age,and such as everybody he must be looking for someone as mature as he is :]
    I realy adore him,he’s hot,intelligent and cute.And a relationship with him would be realy amazing hahaha anyway we would never fit because i live in Brazil and he lives in LA,it’s a bit far,don’t you think?




  • myy

    i love him!! hehe i would kill to be his girlfriend, but i think 16 is a little young for him! haha
    I think he and kristen would make the cutest couple!!!

  • mina

    aww, come on rob. you’re probably picky and your high maintenance. lol!

    #18 you are cracking me up! yeah, i’ve heard of your school and i agree it’s meant to be. lol!

  • cindy

    he’s such a sweetheart! sounds cheezy but he is the
    ultimate gentleman….

  • Jessica

    OMG he is so cute, I know how he feels about the whole commitment thing, I”ll commit ; )

  • lais

    He is so wonderful ..
    Nice .. I would give everything you can get close to him and say how much I love him ..

    Perfect ..

  • http://justjaredjr. Zhanique

    I hope Rob doesnt date a bimbo model or some actress I hope he’ll just find love with an average women,But who ever he settles with is going to be a lucky women and is going to have breath taking children I mean Rob is gorgeous

  • jess

    i would be in a relationship with him.
    he seems like a great guy to be with.
    i find it hard to believe no one will commit.

  • Shamma Azmi

    Well I can only say one thing….Whoever Robert falls in love with will be a VERY lucky woman.

  • Jennifer Watson

    ILY! :)

  • Sarah laughlin

    OMG!!!!!! Robert is the HOTEST!!! I used to like Zac Efron but god, Robert’s about 50 million times hotter!!! I would give anything for him!!!!lol <3

  • audrie

    he seems pretty cool.he would be fun to hang around with. i am not obsessed with him like all the other girls.all girls say they like and are in love with robert pattinson,they are NOT in love with him.Most of the girls have never met him! i am not saying they don’t have a chance ,they might have a chance.if they would not be so obsessed…..wouldn;t you agree! If i was lucky enough to meet him,that would be awesome!he is one very talented actor.he is goodlooking too.


  • Saint Clair

    I hope that Rob funds someone that will make him happy and is strong for him n time of need such as an encouragement, up best, focus, intelligence and of course some humor. Honestly I never knew a Rob Pattinson til the movie ‘Twilight’. I fell in love with the character ‘Edward Cullen’, cause he is so well mannered and respected. But I believe Rob is not to far from it. As I did my research on Rob , he is well talented and very skillful. Well to you Rob, if you read this, best wishes in the search for the right girlfriend. Believe me she is out there. No one is left alone. Cause mine is too out there! Let me be the first to say congrads to you!!!!!

  • jess

    People, none of you know him. Stop talking about him like you do. Like that girl up there (i assume its a girl but if its a guy, excuse me lol) talking about how mature and bla bla bla.

  • Kayla

    I would commit to RP as long as i could look into those beautiful eyes…

  • melissa

    I’ll commit to him ;]

    <3I LOVE HIM!
    he’s amazing..

  • belinda

    i would love to go with him but i would like to be friends with him first