Taylor Swift is Women's Health-y

Taylor Swift is Women's Health-y

Country superstar Taylor Swift is front and center in the December 2008 issue of Women’s Health, revealing some pleasant and not so pleasant things about her past.

The 18-year-old songbird told the mag that she wasn’t exactly popular in high school. She shared, “A lot of girls thought I was weird. Actually, the word they liked to use was annoying. I’d sit at their lunch table and they’d move to a different one.” (In her recent interview with Z100, she said those same girls were the ones standing in line to buy her album.)

Taylor also opened up about running into some unwanted fans: “I look[ed] up and there are, like, 15 people looking at me, with camera phone out, waiting to take a picture of which kind of underwear I’m going to buy. [They were saying], ‘Think she’s a small or an extra small?’. I wanted to be like, ‘Uh guys? I can hear you.”

You can find Taylor on the cover of the December issue of Women’s Health, in stores now!

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  • http://www.abellefeuille.com/animecafe CBloss

    Cute ^_^

  • http://www.myspace.com/OhKJonasFans Jessica

    I love Taylor!

  • GAli

    No wonder she is so sweet for a pretty girl. Because she is a humble and understands. I love her, she’s blossomed into something beautiful, definitely one of my favorite girls and good role model in the pop culture world.

  • Krystina

    Her arms look superrrrrrr long and so does her torso. I think it’s bad photoshop.

  • caitlin

    haha thats kinda akward…

  • zend

    ehmm.. am i the only one or anybody else does but recently i kinda feel like she’s sorta meanie..?

  • vanessa

    Taylor is really tall, I believe she’s 5’11. so that’s why her arms and torso “seem” to look long.

  • noelani

    haha yep. tall girls straight reppin. i wish i was as skinny looking as her though haha. i mean i’m like a normal size but i could never look that skinny even if i tried. she has like a small frame for a tall girl. then there’s me, 6 feet with a large frame or aka normal frame for someone as tall as me :) lucky girl!

  • mea

    Taylor isn’t mean, at all.
    Shes the sweetest, most down-to-earth person I’ve ever met. :-).
    She is awesome. :]

  • shilaa

    FAKE! she doesn’t even have boobs!

  • gaga

    whoa taylor swift on womans health and taylor lautner on mens health i think there is something going down

  • Lol

    Hey Shiila, it’s called a bra lmao. Taylor doesn’t wear them a whole lot, sometimes she just has some weird underpiece. You can even see her bra slightly in one of the outtakes from this shoot.

>>>>>>> staging1