Taylor Swift Loves Just Jared Jr.

Taylor Swift Loves Just Jared Jr.

Taylor Swift met up with Just Jared backstage during the TRL: Total Finale and snapped one of her signature “arm’s length” pictures. She is tall, so she does have very long arms!

It was just announced that the 18-year-old songbird’s album is #1 in the country!!! How exciting is that?!

Her album, Fearless, sold a whopping 592,000 copies in its first week, the largest opening sales week this year by a female artist.

JustJaredJr.com has an exclusive gift bag giveaway coming up soon–straight from Taylor‘s hands. We have pics to prove it!

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  • sienna

    she’s so pretty!!!! I love all the songs in the album esp. white house!!!
    go taylor!!!!

  • Caro

    awsome! i happy for her :) go taylor!

  • sienna

    uppssss i meant white horse … lol =p

  • clem

    taylor is the most amazing person ever!
    she is so beautiful and friendly, I love her!
    I am so happy her album is getting all the success and attention it deserves :)
    Jared you do the BEST competitions ever!

  • lower

    you two make a great couple Jared :D

  • Val

    I love taylor she is so funny and her music is Amazing !!!
    Congrats tay tay !!

  • jenna

    I love Taylor’s new CD!! She makes country music semi cool!

  • lisa

    #1. very true. i love white horse

  • http://Justjaredjr Nicky!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    whatever shes probly just there to try to turn everyone against JJ ( Joe Jonas) AGAIN!!!! with some ridiculous lie i cant stand her ugly mug and shes no good at singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love JB&Miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LV NICKY B :)

  • Meepo

    She has a very pretty and attractive face, but she’s just a typical girl. She wants to turn everyone against Joe because she’s so butthurt. Oh, get over it, girl.

  • lesley

    Taylor’s so sweetly adorable. What you see, is what you get. No beating around the bush whatsoever.

  • anna

    Her hair looks so terrible and fake here. she can only write good songs. well, atleast she could. her new album is littered with songs where some lines have too many syllables. she lost is.

  • Caitlin

    Love taylor! I’m glad her cd is doing so great :)

  • zanessa4evaaa

    SHE IS SOOOOO AMAZING!!! i was wondering what jared looked like, and now i found out!

  • laurn

    shes wears a lot of make up and that guy feels uncomtable with her -.-

  • brian

    swift rocks :]

  • Cate

    I love Taylor Swift so much. Her music is amazing and incredible. She is so gorgeous and seems so genuine and kind. I hope to meet her some day or at the very least go to a concert. She really is amazing. She is so gorgeous and funny. Go Taylor! Her new album is all I listen to!

  • http://Justjaredjr Nicky!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    whatever!!!!!! i’m not phased comment #10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LV NICKY B :)

  • jhedgwhf

    nay.. i kinda dislike her now.. i donno!! I just don’t like how she is acting right now! i only got to know her when she started getting involved with jbs and now she is kinda dissing them, which is not nice!! Break ups happen all the time, but … lol anyways, its just my opinion!

>>>>>>> staging1