Introducing the Cast of 'Sonny With A Chance'

Introducing the Cast of 'Sonny With A Chance'

The whole cast of Sonny With A Chance gets together for a giant group shot against a big apple red background and JJJ would like to introduce you to the sweet six!

The series is about a talented Midwestern girl Sonny Monroe, played by Demi Lovato, who gets the chance she’s been dreaming of when she’s cast in the most popular sketch comedy series for kids and tweens, So Random.

But who exactly are her friends?

Sterling Knight, 20, plays Chad and has a role next to Zac Efron in the upcoming movie, 17 Again.

Tiffany Thornton plays Tawni Hart and you’ll recognize her from other Disney Channel shows such as Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place.

Brandon Smith, 19, stars as Nico and is another Disney Channel alum and if you have ever seen Phil of the Future, you’ll remember him as Pim’s friend, Lil’ Danny Dawkins.

Allisyn Arm and Doug Brochu round out the cast of this new series, premiering February 2009.

ARE YOU EXCITED for the new Disney show, Sonny With A Chance?

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Photos: Bob DAmico/Disney Channel
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  • super fan ashley

    It is going to be awesome!!!
    Demi Lovato, rocks!!

  • MILEYANDTAylorforever21

    I like demi, she’s an awesome singer. But, her acting in Camp Rock was just ok, maybe she’ll be better here?

  • marin

    sterling is 19 right now, not 20 :]

  • http://Justjaredjr Nicky!!!!!!!!!!!:)


  • no

    Sterling Knight seems to be the only one who is interesting.

  • karina

    can’t wait to watch that show.


    Check out our interview with Allisyn Arm on!


    geat actress cant wait!!!!(:



  • miley cyrus

    cant wait i wish her all the luck i can :)

  • Carol

    Can’t wait to see ! :D

  • anon

    i agree shes an amazin singer but her actin is ok not the best

  • sarah

    i can’t wait for this show! i love demi

  • angel

    I love Demi, but this show doesn’t look very good. Plus I don’t think she’s a very good actress.

  • Someone

    I CAN´T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jenna

    Brandon Smith used to be so cute in Phil of the Future- now he’s just plain HOT!!!!

  • marin

    this is from the episode i went to lol, the first one, west coast story.

  • demilovatosbff

    ahh i’m so excited!
    demi is my life <3

  • Andy

    this show doesnt look so interesting….they should of put a HSM star in this instead of a Camp Rock star

  • cassie

    omg im soooo excited !! i cant wwwaaiiit demi’s the best !

  • Eden

    Am i the only one who get’s freaked out by Sterling Knights pictures?
    I mean he’s cute in video.. but in pictures.. I don’t know.. something just creeps me out. I still gotta love him though.

  • http://justjaredjr. Zhanique

    Hope this a good show because disney hasnt had a good 1 since thats so raven

  • Ashlee

    I think that she should stick to singing. She was okay in Camp Rock but her voice is so powerful. If she wants to stick to acting, she better really get into it. I feel like she has so many people not a big fan of her acting. I have a felling that this show is going to reallt cheesy for some strange reason. Maybe the name. I just hope the best for Demi and I hope she will prove me wrong!

  • D

    Can’t wait to watch it. Demi is so awesome. and im sure the show will be amazing as well (:

  • Team DEmi and SElena

    Demi you rock!!!!

  • Chris b.

    I’m on set with these guys every week and all i gotta say is this will be one of the best Disney shows to date. The writing is great and the cast is amazing which makes for a really fun show to watch. When Demi’s video for LA LA LAND comes out you’ll get a little taste of the cast, the roles they play and the relationships they have in the show. Of course all these questions will be answered when the show airs early next year, but for me the show is one that the whole family can sit down and truly have fun watching. So congrats to Disney and the cast for making tv fresh and fun again.


  • brad l

    these guys are awesome. i chill with them from time to time on set. amazing cast. simple as that. the show is gonna be sweet. and that music vid demi comes out with wil be sick, u just wait and see. haha and ill see you tommorow chris. haha


  • selena#1fan

    The show seems cool!
    I bet it will be real funny!!
    Demi rocks, she is an awesome singer!
    Tiffany is cool too! I remember her from Hannah Montana as Becky!!
    can’t wait till the show premiers!!

  • angela

    I am an adult that watches a LOT of Disney Channel. I have a 5 year old daughter and I actually enjoy a lot of the shows. My favorite is still Hannah Montana, but I watch others. This Demi show stinks. She is a cute girl, and she sings great…..but this show has NOTHING on Sweet Life, or Hannah, or even Corey in the House (Raven was better). They are all really bad actors and the show is beyond bad writing. These jokes suck, the over acting is worse than any other show and there truly is nothing funny. It is clearly trying too hard. I know it will stay on TV because Disney creates it’s own stars and forces them to become famous with over doing the PR, but it’s not a good show. It won’t have the following of others, it will be a Disney flop.

  • http://demi Becky

    Demi Lavoto is 10 trillion times better actress then miley cyrus DEMI YOU ROCK.

  • Laura

    sterling is hot and demi rocks!!!!

  • ethan

    i know somebody in cast :) lol it’s true. tell the guy in charge to email me

  • Trannon cheek

    I’m 18 years old actor and I likes to this show as a TV Actor. Why? Because it’s my dreams comes true.

  • katia

    hiii..omg i love ur show i wish i can be on it cause i am a good actress and i would love to be on there but i know you really dont care and i will never be on the show but anyways i love you show and brandon and doug u 2 are so funny i love u so much not like that but you know.I watch you show every day it the best and i love it uhuhhuuhhu you people are the best

  • http://yahoo asia

    rook on

  • http://yahoo asia

    you guys rook on guys (:

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