Miley Cyrus: My Mom is a Space Mountain Screamer

Miley Cyrus: My Mom is a Space Mountain Screamer

Miley Cyrus stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, proving once again that she is not dead, and talked with the fun host about her birthday party at Disneyland, Bolt and her ‘special friend’ Justin Gaston.

The 15-year-old actress jokingly told Ellen to check her pulse to prove that she was 100% alive and shared that her favorite ride at Disneyland is Space Mountain. Miley said, “I told my mom, ‘This is so easy. It’s like you’re going like this (arm is at an angle) and there’s just a screen. And you’re just watching the screen the whole time.’ She’s just like, ‘If this thing goes upside down or if it even starts going remotely fast, I’m going to ground you.’ I was like, ‘Okay,’ because it’s gonna be funny watching her scream anyways so it’s worth it.”

Sounds like Miley didn’t mind being grounded for that. Check out the full interview below!

Miley Cyrus – The Ellen DeGeneres Show – 11/20

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  • Andy

    1st miley rocks!!!!!

  • kara

    ok let’s make 5 more posts about mileys appearance on ellen, this is ridiculous

  • lalala


  • Andy

    just for saying that…..jared put more stuff of miley on ellen up

  • amber

    hahaha kara, i agree with you. it’s getting weird.

  • jackie

    at least she’s acting like a regulare teen. not like that annoying video

  • jo

    I love that she isn’t afraid to BE HERSELF. How refreshing.
    I think she’s funny and sweet.

  • Izabella

    haha, she’s so adorable when she giggles!! lmao :D
    Miley is always so funny and happy and that’s what I “love” about her!! ♥

  • Someone

    haha, she is s funny (:

  • lol

    she has mental problems

  • 007

    love you miley

  • miley cyrus fan

    omg she is soo nice and fun to be around! and omg she gave the people 2 tickets to disneyland! stop hating because demi and selena never did that before!

  • alexx

    laughing my ass off at 9:51
    thats one mad woman

  • http://irina tania

    i love her laugh

    love u miley

  • ninaaaa

    I really like miley because she’s a real person;;
    she’s not trying to be all perfect just like selena,
    NOT hating on selena, she’s pretty cool too!

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