Vanessa Hudgens: School is Cool

Vanessa Hudgens: School is Cool

Vanessa Hudgens followed on-and-off-screen boyfriend Zac Efron‘s lead and called into New Zealand radio station ZM 91.0 on Thursday, November 20th and talked with DJ Polly about HSM3, dancing and her own high school career.

Although the 19-year-old actress was home-schooled, she says that going to regular school is important. She shared, “I personally think it’s better to go to a real school. I wasn’t home-schooled my entire life but I think it’s really important to go to school because that’s where you grow up and it’s where you learn to take care of yourself and you learn so many life lessons.”

You hear that kids? Stay in school! Vanessa said so.

Listen to the full podcast over at!

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  • Vikkelso

    Ohhh my goosh, once in a life time I was first… :D
    Anyway love Vanessa, and it’s true, no matter how much you hate school it always comes first…


  • kara

    she doesn’t act like she stayed in school

  • LOLA

    She rocks!

  • sheila

    kara, what do you mean by that?

  • Peggy

    Lets see a couple of weeks from her 20th birthday and Vanessa is on JJjr but Shiloh and Suri are on main page JJ.

    JJ get a grip.


    Exactly how much time do you and Vanessa spent together and you can judge how she acts all of the time? Talk what you know which in this case is not much.

  • lana chloe

    ..just wanna greet vanessa anne hudgens advAnce happy 20th biRthday ( dEcember.14)..she’s so great.i loVe yoU vAnessa..gOodluck to yOur nEw upcoming movie,BANDSLAM..i’m sure it will be a big hit..i’m actually,a Filipina..wish you cAn visit here..Godbless you and your fAmily..

  • http://friendster lana chloe

    ..i just wanna greet vanessa anne hudgens a….

    advance happy happy 20th birthday (december14),

    goodluck to your upcoming movie,BANDSLAM..

    ‘m sure it will be a big hit..Godbless,
    i’m actually a Filipina..:)

  • tia

    why would i ever listen to this —–?

  • katie

    the thing she says about all guys liking her makes her seem really really really really x like 10 billion, vain.

  • Rich

    Wow, Vanessa is looking great!

    @Kara, Did you read the post? She was home-schooled.

    @Tia, Get off this page, no one is forcing you to listen to anything.

  • ella

    HAHAHA! when she says the thing about how all girls like zac, but every guy likes her as well. like —! could she get any more vain??

  • shay

    i might like her a little bit if she didnt love herself so much.

    ‘all guys like me as well’

    umm vanessa that may be true but u dont need to get a big ego! geeeeeeeeez! her head is almost as big as miley cyrus’s. someone seriously needs to stop telling this girl how great she is because it makes it very hard to like someone who’s ego is the size of texas

  • rona

    vanessa in LA?
    i whent new pic of vanessa!!

  • curiosity

    I love Vanessa …. I think she just said that just because she might be tired of people just saying how all girls loves Zac and all she gets or hear are negative things about her.

    Did she say all or bald guys? could not really make it clear.

    I really don’t understand why everyone always disect everything she says. All the haters must be perfect in everyway and could never do wrong…. you guys must be God….

    Go Zanessa

  • Robin

    This was a really cute interview. I knew the haters would just pick up
    on the guys like me too part. She isn’t vain, she is honest. My good-
    ness it would be pretty phony if she were to act like guys didn’t find
    her attractive when she wins all these “hottest” awards and is listed
    as most beautiful in magazines and such. I think it’s more hypocritcal
    to act like she isn’t pretty. You know actors and actresses have to
    know hoe good looking they are. I love her honesty!

  • jess

    love her

  • ^%.,!?

    she look so pretty!!

  • poppy

    she is so cute and beautiful, love her! So what if she knows it, how could she not! People need to learn to take more pride in themselves, how can you love anything if you don’t love who you are first?

    So sweet what she said about her and Zac, it shows how much they know and care for eachother! Love them both!

  • angelc

    that’s college, not high school


    I love,
    this picture is beautiful, as always
    vanessa, very sweet

  • http://justjaredjr dee

    i love nessa!!!!!!!!! she is sooooooooo beautiful. she is so right about all the guys liking her because THEY DO!!!! her and zac are so cute. love her and god bless her.

  • Zanessa Freak

    Yep She Right;)

  • Meltem

    its on youtube too, for those who cant listen to it

  • Meltem
  • Naz

    Wat she she say about her and Zac? I can’t watch the video.

  • Boji

    Vanessa saying all guys like me as well was just being cheeky. Can’t you take a joke?! Anyway, truth betold I’ve no doubt she has a lot of male admirers. She’s got her head screwed on alright telling people that it is important for one to attend school. School is where you get to interact academically and socially with others your age, juniors and seniors.

    I’m just hoping she finds and gets to do a film that is right for her.

  • Boji

    I’ve listened to the radio interview and it was mostly about HSM and her hanging out with Ashley, nothing revealing.

  • suzy

    she still sounds sick here. I hope she gets better soon and i can’t wait to see new pics of her soon.

  • evelyn

    #18 – what did she say about her and zac?

  • sweetnessa

    awwww i love vanessa <<333

  • Boji

    She did sound a little different, more subdued not like her bubbly self.

  • lo

    like anybody in their right mind would take advice from little miss high school nudesical… she is the sorriest excuse for a role model that i’ve ever seen

  • may

    Boji @ 11/20/2008 at 5:38 am Vanessa saying all guys like me as well was just being cheeky. Can’t you take a joke?!
    Yeah! People are taking her too literally.

  • may

    Peggy @ 11/20/2008 at 1:49 am Lets see a couple of weeks from her 20th birthday and Vanessa is on JJjr but Shiloh and Suri are on main page JJ.

    Good point!

  • ally

    she is correct. i am in highschool and it is the way you learn life lessons. maybe she wouldn’t of posed nude if she went to full time highschool… yikes!

  • zashley4ever

    y would i listen to her?
    she’s not that good of a role model.
    she lways makes things bout her.zac called and so did she.
    she got “attcked” she then clamed it was her.

  • Meltem

    sorry for posting twice xD

  • Peggy


    You Zashley fans are very predicable the same ole crap all the time. She ALWAYS gets asked about Zac.

    And frankly you’re not an Ashley fan at all. Ashley has said till she’s probably blue in the face that she’s not into Zac and never was but I guess you think she’s too stupid to know her own mind and should listen to you. You have no respect for Ashley at all and she doesn’t need a non fans who are really just Vanessa haters using her name.

  • Stefanie

    Love her very much.
    Wish her all the best!!!

  • lola

    love vanessa
    she is a great

  • Peggy


    “so what girls like Zac and guys like me”

    Not an arrogant manifesto just the plain truth-basically saying it doesn’t effect thier realtionship with each other.

    haters get over it!!!!!!!!

  • erihar

    I think the reason that she says things like this is becuase she gets in this moment where she so tired of having to get these stupid questions, that she almost has trouble finding another acute way to respond. I know for a fact, that she is a very humble person. I kinda feel sorry for her, because everybody always acts like she is the lucky one, but TBH Zac is just as lucky

  • :] lovebug

    I love vanessa. She is beautiful. I don’t look to her as a rolemodel because I am older than her and happen to have my head screwed on right but as far as school… She is totally right. Stay in school not only for the education but because that is where you grow up. That is where you make those select few lifelong friends. That is where your memories ate. And they are the best years of your life.

  • zane

    love her………………

  • Katie T

    Vanessa is the bomb, Love her!!!!

  • Sweet pea

    I think Vanessa was sick during Aussie promo tour

  • joyfull

    #32,35 & 42 why should it bother you soooooo much about the pictures that are very old, old, old and boring! You know it just makes a better vision for us of you and how you think, You don’t like her that’s great, you wish you had that body that’s great, you wish you were in her place with Zac that’s great, but don’t hate on someone and write it all down! you’re just telling us about you and your insecurities, LEEP IT TO YOURSELF and WORK AT GETTING BETTER and maybe someday you’ll be where she is….HARD WORK NOT BEING CRITICAL!!! Oh and by the way, Women or Females are the hardest critics because they always envy what they don’t have, and another thing BEING HONEST is the best way to life instead of covering up like most people do to get what they want…. so remember that.

  • Trina

    Same kind of interview. How many times can people ask them all if they knew HSM would be so big? Yikes.

    At least the interviewer was not rude or intrusive.

    Bless Vanessa. She’s a really sweet girl.

  • Fan

    Zac is perfect. Everything he does and say are always perfectly right. Zac could do no wrong.

    Everything Ashley does and say are so sweet.

    Everything Vanessa does and say are always wrong and bad. She will always be judged and considered as a bad person by the prejudice world that is discrimminating her. Her mishap will never be forgiving and forgotten by the world perspection.

    Vanessa has a good and loving relation with her family, and she is very family orientative. She has and will prevail through any rough period. She has good working ethic and very professional in her career. She is caring, kind, and loving to her family, friends, and associate that truly know her.

    Vanessa continue to do what is satisfying and desirable to your heart. Looking forward to all your see all future feature movies and projects.

  • Fan

    Correction to typo of last paragraph of post #50.

    Vanessa continue to do what is satisfying and desirable to your heart. Looking forward to see all her future feature films/movies and projects.