Vanessa Hudgens: School is Cool

Vanessa Hudgens: School is Cool

Vanessa Hudgens followed on-and-off-screen boyfriend Zac Efron‘s lead and called into New Zealand radio station ZM 91.0 on Thursday, November 20th and talked with DJ Polly about HSM3, dancing and her own high school career.

Although the 19-year-old actress was home-schooled, she says that going to regular school is important. She shared, “I personally think it’s better to go to a real school. I wasn’t home-schooled my entire life but I think it’s really important to go to school because that’s where you grow up and it’s where you learn to take care of yourself and you learn so many life lessons.”

You hear that kids? Stay in school! Vanessa said so.

Listen to the full podcast over at!

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  • Nono

    Vanessa is very beautiful!!!
    I know boys who love Vanessa!!!
    A friend said to me: ” Vanessa is my wife “

  • (:

    love u vanessa (: <33

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    vanessa look so pretty,adn that advice is so cool!! i love,haters! get ou of this page!!!!! nessa fan 4-ever(zanessa love)

  • meme!!

    vanessa is soo cutee!
    i love heer!! <3

  • tina

    I love me Vanessa…..who do you love???

    She is too full of herself and would be nothing but another pretty, conceited face without her hot boyfriend.

  • Peggy


    Really. Is that so? She be nothing without her boyfriend?

    Let see now

    Sears doesn’t think so
    M. Echard doesn’t think so
    People Magazine Most Beautiful 2008 doesn’t think so
    Maxim Magazine doesn’t think so
    Luck Magazine doesn’t think so
    Producers of Bandslam,HSM,
    Thunderbirds, Thirteen (both made before she met Zac)
    and possibly Dreary/Naughty don’t think so
    Disney Channel didn’t think so
    Teen Vogue didn’t think so

    Shall I go on? Cause I really can

    If you need a comparison our lovely Zac has 17Again, Hairspray, MAOW, HSM and a bunch of lists and Magazine cover too and all the fuss over a new “IT” man Robert Pattinson (whether you like him or not) to deal with who by te way made all the same lists this year Zac did. Though in my opinion Zac is hotter, more talented.

    Zac is as blessed to have Vanessa as she is to have him.

    Grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    What on earth did she say that was so bad?

    “So what? Girls like Zac and guys like me”. Who do you think likes her when it comes to an attraction sort of thing—porcupines? Get off of the criticism stuff. She wasn’t voted one of the most beautiful women in the world in a magazine like Maxim last year by FEMALES. She’s trying to say she realizes that girls like Zac and she knows why they like him. BUT she is not threatened by that because she knows where Zac’s heart is. Plus, the same goes the other way around as it is likely Zac knows full well that guys like Vanessa but he isn’t threatened by that either as he knows where Vanessa’s heart lies. But the point she is trying to make, I think, is nobody is asking Zac what he thinks about so many guys thinking she’s hot. Also, in general guys don’t stand in lines waiting to see their favorite celebrity like females do. Who do you think made Pam Anderson popular in her time? But how many lines of men did you see coming out to see her when she signed autographs somewhere? Men don’t do that kind of thing but it didn’t mean they didn’t like her. And do you get mad a Megan Fox for saying she is a good looking woman? People just want to pick Vanessa to pieces. Plain and simple.

  • Karen

    Just want to add I was finally able to access this interview that is causing so much criticism… You people who are complaining must be about 15 to find fault with ANYTHING that girl said. You are telling on yourselves just how much you are trying to find fault with this girl and that’s all. She never said one thing that remotely sounded like she was full of herself.

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    Vanessa is amazing ♥
    Stop picking on her for her past mistakes. Everyone makes them!
    And her relationship with Zac seems absolutely honest & faithful, so don’t turn it around and make it seem like she said soemthing bad.

  • tina

    To all the Vanessa cheerleaders………. she’s a diva who is in love with herself and I for one am glad she will soon be yesterday’s news.

  • Kay

    Okay good for you Tina. Love V!

  • Peggy


    You mean the way you are?

  • http://justjaredjr. ania

    dont you people realize that what she said about her and zac has nothing to do with “i love myself, im so pretty” you guys just want to find wrong things in her.
    anyways.. i hope there are some mature people who could understood this normal interview.
    love you V! you are amazing.

  • http://justjaredjr. ania

    sorry for my spelling mistake.

  • Lonneke
  • zacefronlovee

    shes such a great role model!! i adore her!!!

  • baby v rocks!!!


    BABY V U RULE!!!

  • giz

    love love love her.

  • ashley tisdaleeee fannzzzzzz

    wow… vanessa said guys like her too
    she damned RIGHT…

    give the girl a break….

  • ANA

    I Want pics zanessa or VANESSA PLEASE!



  • Roxana

    I love her, she is awesome and so true what she said> she is very beautiful and HOTTTT :P

  • suzy
  • mhay

    i love Vanessa i hope she have another movie soon aside frm bandslam.

  • chris


  • chris

    she’s awesome and it might sound vainy but its truue guys like her as well

  • http://deleted vannie

    #56 thanks for that.
    i love vanessa even without zac.

  • curiosity

    Will always be here for Vanessa even without Zac.

  • reenuh

    JJ! more new V pix pleazzzzz… ;o)

  • SAY WHAT???

    #66: Are u kidding me? ” She is a great model “. EWWW I wanna puke, puke puke!

    well, i didn’t know that taking nude pics had been a good aspect to look at.Vanessa, u suck! AMERICA HATES U!

  • V-loyALIST

    Love this girl, she is such a darling. I love how candid she is telling of the reality and I admire her for that.

    And as always the haters have nothing better to say, anything even the smallest things just for attention. Seriously this is the nth time they have said she is arrogant or full of herself. It is getting old and boring already.

    Glad to say the supporters, young and old alike continues to believe in her and love her for what and who she is.

  • juliiw!

    School now is cool! but ins’t for ever …

  • sara

    she’s right, LOVE HER

  • zanessalover

    heeeeeey girls or boys i miss vanessa where she is and i miss zanessa togarher ? and is there any new movie vanessa wanna to act ? ? ? plzzzzzzzz tall me somthing i dont know and is vanessa in la ? ? ? ?

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    vanessa is so cool!! haters,get out,i hate that stupid things you do!!!!!!!!vanessa is an awesome girl,…she is so lucky to have her boyfriend and he is so lucky to have her …zanessa love 4everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Annonymous

    Haven’t have any substantials news on her for days now. I’m like dying!!!!! Pls do let us know how she is faring or are there any new projects on the way!!

    Waiting patiently for her Identify album to reach my country!!!!!!

  • amy

    vanessa is the best
    ashley is so ugly pppoooo

  • amy

    vaneessa rocks my socks off