Brennan Hillard Spoofs Zac Efron

Brennan Hillard Spoofs Zac Efron

See any similarities between these two? You should!

Newcomer Brennan Hillard (right) will be playing “Zack” in the upcoming comedy, Dance Flick. (Yes, an obvious spoof of Zac Efron).

Dance Flick is a parody film directed by Damien Wayans, written by his uncles, the Wayans Brothers, and starring Shawn and Marlon Wayans. The film unabashedly spoofs mega-hit dance movies including Save The Last Dance, Hairspray and High School Musical.

This will the first feature film for Brennan, 18. The official movie poster even mimicks the movie poster for 2001′s Save the Last Dance, which starred Julia Stiles.

Dance Flick opens in theaters February 6. Visit the movie’s website at and Brennan‘s official site at

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Brennan spoofing Zac? Are you going to see Dance Flick?

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  • nelly

    OMG! I can’t believe now they are doing a scary movie of musicals

  • hititquitit

    haha that’s cool first?

  • hititquitit

    FIRST but i don’t know….
    i have seen the ad for that movie it seems funny…
    i’ll have to see but maybe…
    and they don’t look that much a like really.

  • Lizzie

    erm no, movies like that are pathetic. Haven’t we had enough with all the Scarey movie rubbish, you think they would find something else to do!

    Zac is über hot though! Love him!

  • Carol

    ZAC rocks ! :D

  • Camila perdigão

    I didn’t like it, he doen’t even look like Zac,
    Zac Efron is like, perfect, and he !? Well, Brennan Hillard is not handsome.

  • Zanessa Freak

    It Could Be He’s Unknown Twin:L

  • zanessa4life

    Ehm ,NO defenitely NOT!
    I cant believe they’re really doing that!?
    I’m in a shock…
    But I won’t go seeing it!

  • Christie

    I love Brennan, he’s so amazing and the coolest guy ever!

  • miis,efron

    eemm no se pareceen!
    zac te amo

  • Courtney

    HAHHAHAHA omg.. this is brennan hillard.. he was on like my all time oldies fav show american juniors that is too freaking funny!

  • Kari

    The Wayans brothers are hilarious! They’re the ones behind all the Scary Movie flicks! This should be a good one

  • Krissy

    NO WAY!
    That guy, looks nothing like Zac.
    Cuz zac is amesome , amazing and totally hot & sexy looking
    such a super hottie
    but Brennan Hill person..
    he doesn’t seem the type to play a zac double – twin :S

    SHOULD have chosen..
    someone better suited..
    just NOT this guy :S

    it’s about time, they made something creative out of ALL the musicals.
    They deserve much more – for a few more couple laughs.
    Not saying, they weren’t funny..they were..just need a little more hysterical moments..

    That’s really cool!
    FINALLY something interesting and different for a change..then the same crap, of people saying..all musicals are the same.
    NOW there all the same – in one movie!!! : jkz jkz :P

    ALL this time, the haters who hate HSM and Hairspray & camp rock.
    finally get their chance to see what they’ve been talking about !!!
    talking smack -.-
    i just hope they make it funny and hilarious, like they do with the scary movies :P
    EVEN tho, it’s annoying and not worthy to watch your fav movies get trashed and made fun of—- who cares! they did the same versions, with other movies, other people like.
    Musicals get the chance of the life time.. since all the hate was ignored ;) LOL! hehehe*
    It’s Hate & Love =)

    AHHHH gotta love it !! :)
    PS. I hope they don’t go, X -tremely way over the line..


  • MAPI

    i hate that movie already.. and that guy sux!!!!.. he doesn’t look like zac AT ALL…

  • cherrybomb54

    Haha! I want to see this!

  • zanessa/jashley

    Uh…we’ve already had enough movies with’s kinda stupid, making a movie that’s already been out but their just making it funnier/stupider ? But then again, it IS comedy !!

    And uh…that guy does NOT look like Zac Efron at all…dude, Zachary owns all. The guy’s nose is too big, and his smile isn’t like Zac’s. THE GUY DOESN’T EVEN HAVE BLUE EYES !!!

  • w

    brennan hillard is an amazing person and i’m so excited to see him in this role!!

  • chris



  • ilovezacefron!

    this is gay!
    and ZAC EFRON IS WAYYYY HOTTER than this person who is suppoed to play him, and i will not laugh or watch something like this, because its gay!

    I LOVE ZAC EFRON! and it’s not fair to him that he works hard on all his movies and then they make some gay movie insulting what he worked on, it’s not fair to Zac Efron.

    Sure some people might think this is funny, but try doing what Zac did in all his movies, trying dancing, singing and acting like that.

    & I can see this movie go OVER THE LINE! its produced by the Wayans Brothers they’re cool, yeah but this isn’t funny.
    As a devoted Zac fan, I would never see this movie, if i saw the trailer i would give it a -10000 stars.

    and sorry Jared, but i dont see any similarities at all. A fan of Zac Efron wouldn’t say that the two look alike BECAUSE THEY DONT!
    I hope this movie gets bad reviews.
    I am expressing my feelings very strongly, only because Zac Efron works very very hard and I am a HUGE fan.

  • i love efron

    wait is zac gonna be playing his twin er somthing.. and dude he is ugly.. zac eforn is like smoking hot!

  • wow!

    omg this looks so funny! brennan is really funny and its great that he got this role!
    i’ll definately go see the movie!
    : )

  • lauralovey

    I love brennan! he’s hilarious and this movie is going to be too! who cares if they dont look exactly like twins…its supposed to be a FUNNY movie! I cannot WAIT TO SEE IT!
    Everyone knows these musicals are kinda cheesy anyway…why not make a movie making fun of them! It’s going to be great!
    I’m pumped to go see it!

    : )

  • Ashley

    okay come down all you Zac Fans. This is a musical spoof which is going to be hilarious. Just remember only those people that are made fun of in this world are those that are huge stars. So instead of taking it as an insult take it as a compliment that he is even worth be spoofed about.

    This kid Brennan Hillard is a newcomer , he is not trying to be Zac he is an “actor” playing a role in a movie. He is awsome and an amazying actor, singer and dancer. For those of you who like the Wayan’s movies will love this one. I think it is a great idea to spoof on musicals.

    Can’t wait to see Brennan’s debut movie. I also watched him on American Juniors and I just loved him. He was so young back then and cute and now he is older and hot!!

  • Ashley

    I am so excited to see this movie. I love all the musicals that it is making fun of. I also love Wayan’s Brothers movies.

  • katie69

    omg im suuuchchchch a Zac fan! I think he is soooo hot!! I really think this Brennan Hillard guy will do a great job in Dance Flick. After everything Zac has been through and all he has achieved, i think it is a flattery to be ‘spoofed’ in a movie. This movie is going to be fun and im sure zac is going to be proud that he is such a success, that people all over the world are honoring his acting. This movie will be funny, and if your a zac fan you should go support this movie. Cuz its a joke and is not ment to be taken literally. Props to Brennan Hillard…cuz the rumor in Hollywood is that he does an amazing job in DF! Cant wait to see it! Brennan may not look exactly like Zac, but i cant wait for Brennan’s face to be in a magazine so i can hang him up in my room! HOT!

    - Zac’s future wife

  • ashlee

    perhaps a lil’ bit , though i dun think so…and

  • lauren


    zac efron roxs!

  • Mishelle

    DUDE! I love my baby, brennan.
    He is an amazing actor.
    AND HE IS GOING TO KICK ASS at this role.

    Zac Efron aint got nothin on him!

    Love you Brennie boo!

  • heluvsnils69

    I think Brennan Hillard looks a lot like Zac. Damn Brennan’s pretty hot! I cant wait to see the movie!

  • kdub

    Dance Flick looks so funny! I am definately going to go see it! The guy they got to play zac is really cute! He will probably do a great job! I cant wait to see!

  • gisele

    This movie is going to be soooo much better then disaster movie, or Meet the spartans. Those movies werent very funny. But everything the Wayans Brothers do end up being really funny! I cant wait to see Dance Flick!

  • Sara

    Ashley said everything I wanted to say, and I agree. All you Zac fans need to calm the heck down. Sure, Zac is more attractive to some of you, but you’re acting like Brennan is the ugliest guy on the planet when he’s far from it. Plus, he’s not trying to BE Zac or even take his place, he’s just playing the role of a Zac-like character. It’s just a spoof movie and it’s meant to be all in good fun, not to be mean-spirited or anything like that. If you don’t like it, just don’t go to see it and quit complaining about it.

    Congrats Brennan!! I’m looking forward to seeing your hilarious movie! :D

  • Chloe

    Cool! I love Zac and all these dance movies/musicals
    The trailer only has the spoof of step up2 atm..?! I think it would be really kwl to see spoofs of my fave films!
    I wonder what Zac would have to say about it??!! lol

  • cc27

    NOOOOOOO! lol i rather zac efron …

  • zacefronlovee

    not at all!!

  • Maria c

    Brennan is amazing, has worked so hard and finally got his break…he is one hot dude….if anyone deserves it, he sure does…he is an actor spoofing another actor which is the best form of flattery…I am sure Zac Efron will get a good laugh out of this one and appreciate the work that Brennan did!

  • shosh

    Awww… he is adorable. I love the Wayans Brothers movies. So psyched for Dance Flick. Go Brennan!!

  • CrazedFan

    i think he will do a good job in this role. all you 12 year old zac fans need to chill out. this brennan hillard guy is just doing his job. i think this movie will be really funny. and brennan is actually looks really attractive. i cant wait to see him in it.

  • maha

    omg is this true , i dont that theirs any one who would look like zac i mean zac is so cute , hot and sexy he’s like perfect , no movie would ever do Brennan Hillard is so ugly !!!!!!, i would never watch this movie hsm , hair spray and everything that zac did is amazing , im not gonna watch this movie !!!!!!!!!!

  • Mishelleagain

    You little tinyboppers need to stop thinking Zac Efron is God.
    He ain’t.
    AND news flash: None of you little 14 year old girls will EVER be with him.

    Brennan HIllard deserves this role more than anyone I know or will know or have known.
    Watch the film on Febuary 16th and I am SURE you will be blown of your feet. None of you have ever seen him sing/act/dance, and if you are expecting to see anything less than perfect BE PREPARED TO BE SURPRISED.
    Everything he does is perrrrrfect.
    AND I KNOW this is NOT his last hollywood film.
    Watch out… Brennan HIllard is a STAR.

    I love and miss you, pookie!
    Everyone is so proud of you!

  • Zanessa Fan

    Brennan looks like a fag…

  • jacq

    OMG! I’m soo excited for this movie. you guys are retarded if you don’t brennean will do a stellar Zac impression. because remember it is only an exaggerated impression of Zac. That’s how these movies work, DUH! They never use someone who looks dead on the person, that would defeat the purpose of making it funny.

    I can’t wait to see this movie especially since they are making fun of more than just musicals but dance films in general, it will be hillarious!

    And for who ever said that they are sick of the “Scarey” series please note that it stopped being funny once the wayans sold off the franchise. DUH!

  • meesa

    BRENNAN HILLARD!!!! i love that guy! i think this is going to be a very funny spoof of zac efron!

  • mishyB

    HAHA… Zac is Hot…and quite talented. LETS SEE WHAT THIS Brennan kid can do.

  • swetbab

    it is like a good idea to this !! because it means zac is doing a great job !!! weel i dont like the guy is playing zac becasue zac is hott and cute !!! that guy looks like fool !!!
    anyaway I wanna watch it !!!

  • Julianne

    zacs hot…idk about this guy! but whos going to play vanessa??? lol a cheetah girl

  • juZt_A_fAN

    I think he looks a lot like chucky… One of the choreographer of HSM

  • Conor Nimmo

    Brennan Hillard is my cousin his parents are my god parents.

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