Kristen Stewart Revs Up For Russia

Kristen Stewart Revs Up For Russia

Kristen Stewart sat down with David Letterman on Thursday night in New York City to talk all things Twilight, vampires and what she’s going to do after the promo tour is done.

The 18-year-old actress who is just a few courses shy of completing her high school diploma, told Dave that she’s going to drive to Russia! She shared, “We have this big huge press tour to do [for Twilight] and at the end of it, I’m not sure if we end up in Berlin or London — wherever we end up I’m going to drive to Russia. Very, very excited about that.”

Check out the full interview below:

Kristen Stewart – The Late Late Show with David Letterman, 11/20

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  • saletinha



  • kayla

    she’s so pretty
    hope they will be doing the entire series!

  • hailie

    why is she so amazing? i love her personalilty

  • Alessandrah Autumn

    she`s Greaat!

  • ali

    She’s not easily excitable or bubbly. She’s probably just really nervous.

  • http://jjj smiley

    i love her face she looks pretty and fresh and natural! she fits into the character of Bella so much!!! love you kristen!

  • Kari

    She’s getting more comfortable doing interviews it seems. I’m glad she’s opening up more

  • xoxo

    gosh shes so damn cool!

  • magalie

    she’s hot!
    i love her =)

  • Shelby

    aww, i love her so much. she’s beautiful, and she’s an AMAZING actress!! (:

  • Lee

    She looks uncomfortable in the spotlight. It’s refreshing to see a young actress who has a little bit of an edge and seems normal.

  • bb

    she looks very uncomfortable and nervous….not very……bubbly? seems kinda dark.

  • trish.

    That’s why i love her.
    She’s not those preppy always happy girls.
    She’s very sarcastic yet she’s warm.

    She shows that it’s her job. She can be an actress and still be normal.
    She seems socially awkward but that’s only because she hasnt been put on the spotlight.
    I’m pretty sure she’ll get used to it. SHe’s just starting out and she’s amazing.

  • Shelby

    you described her perfectly, trish!

  • jazzy

    She is so gorgeous, I love how her hair is always messy but in place at the same time… if you catch my drift. Yah, she’s not that bubbly, kinda sarcastice all the time, but i still love her!

  • Blair

    She’s going to Russia? Amazing!!! I’m from Russia!!!
    What about Rob??
    Jared do you know in what city she’s going to visit??

  • trish

    i know!
    I’m glad that there’s alot of different people in the show business.
    Not all of them have to be tanned and HOT.

    Kristen Stewart is EXQUISITE. Her look is Rare.
    SHe kind of reminds me of, Kiera knightley.
    she’ isnt just what you see in a bunch all the time.

  • Aurora

    Am I the only one here who took geography? London is in the British Islands. You hear? ISLANDS!! how the heck is she going to drive to Russia from there? LOL Retards!

  • DD

    Sadly the starstruck teens who commented on this site did not seem to understand the article at all. Perhaps they are as uneducated as Ms. Stewart and do not understand the joke:
    You can’t *drive* from London to Russia kids! [sigh]

  • batgrrl

    One can indeed drive to Russia from London, one gets across the channel either on a car carrying ferry or the through the car-carrying chunnel. She may have been trying to say she was looking forward to a long drive all the way across Europe, but was clearly nervous and didn’t know how to follow his punchline. For whatever reason, those two didn’t click in the interview at all and it showed.

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