Michelle Trachtenberg: Zac Efron's My Daddy

Michelle Trachtenberg: Zac Efron's My Daddy

Gossip Girl‘s Michelle Trachtenberg is wanting to wear a t-shirt to the premiere of her upcoming movie, 17 Again, that reads ‘Zac Efron‘s My Daddy’, reports US Magazine.

The 23-year-old starlet spilled to the magazine at a recent event that she has the urge to wear the garment but then claims that Zac‘s girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens probably wouldn’t like it too much. She also shared that the idea of Zac, 21, being her father is “hysterical.”

17 Again is the story about a guy, Mike O’Donnell (played by Zac Efron and Matthew Perry), whose life didn’t quite turn out how he wanted it to and wishes he could go back to high school and change it. Michelle plays the role of the daughter, Maggie O’Donnell.

The film is set to hit theaters in April 2009. Check out the trailer below!

Official ’17 Again’ Trailer
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  • Catherine

    looks cute (:

  • isabela

    it would be funny…

  • isabela

    yay! second

  • mary

    good publicity michelle

  • alysson pokrywiesky

    Ah Vanessa é mais Bonitaaa!!

    Bj’kas . Alysson Br.

  • michelle

    i wannnnnnaaa seee itt!!

  • chris




  • piinkyprinxcess

    lOl tHaT´s fUnny
    gOod pUblicitY fOr thE mOviE, thOugh
    aNd i dOn´t thInK vAnEssa will gEt maD abOut iT
    ShE sEems rElaX wiTh all thE giRlz scrEaminG aT zAc :P
    tHey´re rEally cOnfideNt abOut thEir rElatiOnshiP

    anYwaY… i´M sO gOnna wAtCh 17 agaiN, iS jUst hilariOus XD

    BTW i lOvE zAC´s babY facE aT 1:33 & his “meeee too” iN 2:18 sOoOo cUtE ^^

  • http://www.angiecakes_1990.bebo.com angela clarke

    IDC if ness gets mad.

    go michelle go ahead and do it :D.
    The premiere better come here in aussie cuz zac is like BIG in aussie soo he better come here for the premiere.
    same with Michelle I wanna meet her :P.

  • zaac efronn

    HAHAHAAHA that would be funny.. i dont think vanessa would get mad.. cuz he does play his father.. so yah!! zac efron is hot!

  • zacefronlovee

    haha thats funny! i cant wait til 17 again comes out!!!!

  • troy

    I think it’s very commendable that Michelle would take Vanessa’s feelings into account, having said that my sense is that I don’t think she would mind. She knows that Zac and Michelle did the movie together and she knows what the movie’s about. I think both Zac and Vanessa would probably find it funny.

    But on the other hand giving the little things that set tongues to wagging in La-La land she is proabaly wise not to tempt fate.

  • Diana

    i don’t think vanessa would mind if she wore that shirt…

  • tina

    Give me a break….wear the darn shirt! If Vanessa minds, who cares. Such trivial nonsense……these actors are so immature it’s unbelievable. they earn more then most adults working for 40yrs. and they always have juvenile issues.

  • zanessa/jashley

    lol, that’s pretty funny. But Vanessa’s not like that….at least I think she isn’t. That is hysterical…she’s 23 and Zac’s 21, that’d funny cause Zac’s younger than her and she has a shirt that says ” Zac Efron’s My Daddy ” lol…

  • sweetbutterflies

    And ‘zac is a rat’ is back *rolls eyes*. Give it a rest, neither of us Zac fans care about what you say. We all know it’s not true anyways.

    Haha, that would be funny. I think V wouldn’t mind. I think both Zac and Vanessa would find it funny. However, it would be extremely adorable if Michelle would do that :)

  • Livyan – Canada

    WOW, no problem! Vanessa can use a t-shirt saying: “Zac Efron’s my boyfriend”


  • I/am/me

    “zac is a rat” shut up! I saw your comment on the justjared.com side, and you said almost the same thing! why are you bugging zac, and vanessa so much!? you seriously need to get a life, couse guess what? that rumour is totally fake, and zanessa haven’t broken up -and they’r not planing on doing that either! just go and crawl back to your little hole and keep your fake and stupid comments to yourselfs!

  • http://www.stephaniemeyer.com Miss Cullen

    jajaja hell yeah, Livyan! :) that would be amazing!
    Vanessa rocks!
    want to see this movie and bandslam ^^

  • http://WWW.NETTBY.NO Alice

    Poor Vanessa :(

    Michelle is stealing Zac from her. Not god.
    Rumors said that Zac and Michelle shared something on the set of Seventeen again.

    And what would happend to Vanessa when Zac and Michelle are on the promotion tour. Beeing with each other all the time. Dinnig together. Share same room?

    I don’t really think i love Michelle som much.
    Zanessa 4 ever ! <3

  • Cate

    Looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!

  • Karen

    Alice, none of that is true so don’t even try to start adolescent stuff involving Zac and Michelle. As a matter of fact there was an interview with Adam Shankman way back in the spring in which he said upon interviewing and auditioning girls for this part in the movie he had to be very careful. He said there were so many girls who came in to audition who were so intent on “getting on it” referring to the girls feelings for Zac—and those are Shankman’s own words—that Michelle was probably cast because she did not have any such interest in Zac. He said they had a good working relationship with each other but it was based on the work and nothing personal.

  • zanessafen4e

    #18 oo yeeee great


  • hititquitit

    this seems funny!
    im so gonna see it.
    can’t wait :D

  • brian

    Trachtenberg is cute.

  • zac is a rat

    Michelle would’nt be the first co star that Zac had a thing going on with it seems to be a regular thing for him and poor Vanessa has to hear it all over the net and in the papers, she’s well out of this relactionship.

  • steph

    hahaha i think she should do it. that would be hilarious.
    who cares what vanessa thinks?
    its not her movie. shes lucky she can go to the premiere!


    I’m just annoyed the movie is not coming here.

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    hey “zac is a rat”(idiot),stop saying bad things about them,the problem with u is taht you are jealous…i think nessa is not going to get mad because she know tha she is the only one for him…they love eachothers so much,…

    zanessa 4-ever-
    haters—get out!!

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    #19.you are totally rigth!!! zac and vanessa are stronger than ever,and with bad or not bad comments they are a really cute couple!!

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    #21.alice,..i dont like her too! but they wont be sharing room girl! zac and vanessa will but not michelle!

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    steph,dont say that.maybe you dont care what vanessa thinks but her fan will!! i love her so much and i think she is very lucky to have zac and he is very lucky to have her!

  • >>>>>>>>>>HANNNAH

    OMG that film actually looks really really good,
    (thats just talking about zacs muscles..))

    but i love the storyline, i cant wait!

  • milky

    Lol, that’s pretty funny!xD WHy isn;t there any updates for zanessa? Did they really broke up?

  • cma

    hell yeah.. wear the shirt michelle if i had a shirt that said Zac Efron is my daddy, i’d wear it everyday for the rest of my life. i love Zac your soooo awsome.

  • wendy

    i think van will dont mind if michelle wears zac is my daddy t shirt…hey stop all those zachelle story thats not gonna happen as zanessa are still strong!!

  • francis kenrick

    michelle trachtenberg scorching sultry siren of the silver screen must wear a zac efron is my daddy t shirt for the premier the t shirt should be tight wet to show off her beautiful mams

  • luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuve


    I luv him ♥

    girls will be crazyyy

  • http://TROY TROY


  • http://msjulianne.piczo.com Julianne

    ill def. see this!!! “whatd u do mug k fed !?!? *stupid prep laugh*”

  • http://msjulianne.piczo.com Julianne

    zanessa is strong and forever :)
    michelle can wear the shirt……i mean i dont think vanessa would care. she went to the premire of hairspray…. and plus her and michelle can pose together and her shirt could say “zac efrons my bf!”