Vanessa Hudgens is Chez Nous Charming

Vanessa Hudgens is Chez Nous Charming

Vanessa Hudgens totes around her Balenciaga City bag as she grabs lunch with a friend at Chez Nous Bakery on Friday afternoon in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 19-year-old High School Musical sweetheart is unfortunately heading back to court next year–May 2009. Vanessa and her father reportedly backed out of a deal with a guy named Johnny Vieira and his company Spot Productions.

On-and-off-screen love Zac Efron was seen yesterday picking up some scripts from Walt Disney Studios.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens leaving her favorite Toluca Lake eatery…

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Credit: MP/SS; Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • o no

    i don’t want to start a panic … but there is a VERY disturbing rumor at perez hilton right now ..

  • andy

    first vanessa is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andy

    vanessa is the best 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marisol

    se ve bella pero hace rato no vemos fotos zanessa ya los extranamos

  • bbv fan


    LOVE HER!!!!!

  • smdwh2

    can’t wait to see what is next for her

  • suzy

    she looks good here.

  • Andrea

    OMG!!! She was eating? She looks so thin, almost anorexic!!! She needs to gain some weight!!! :(

  • lol

    love her

  • rona

    l love vanessa!!!!!

    finally new pic!!

  • nathalia

    smooth sailing again
    I love vanessa

  • http://justjared zanessalover

    she’s the best and she’s sooooo pretty. she’s my role model…! btw what’s the rumor ‘o no’ ?

  • Vfan

    Thank God I’ve missed her so much I ‘m so glad to see her.

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    omg , I hate her :D

  • Karen

    Chez Nous is a very nice little place where I got to eat when I was in LA in October for the HSM3 premiere. My friends and I were there the day after Zac’s birthday and Zac and Vanessa had been there a little earlier that day before we got there (!!!). The staff is very nice and it looks as if someone from the bakery is seeing to it that she is safely getting to her car.

  • zanessa4ever

    glad to see you!!!
    your looking pretty good.
    wonder what she and zac will be doing for thanksgiving!!!
    ♥ zanessa!

  • http://ZacEfron Zanessa Forever

    #9 the rumors is about Zanessa breaking Up.

  • zanessa4ever

    no it is not….
    the rumor #1 said was about paris hilton…
    zanessa did not break up!!!

  • MAPI

    omg….. poor nessa… hopefully she’s gonna do well in court next year..
    go vanessa!!!!

  • vanessaloversbrazil

    omg, i love her



  • Rich

    Vanessa is looking good, although the bangs don’t really cut it for her. Good luck to her in court next year. Hopefully have some Zanessa sightings soon..

  • zanessa4ever

    #1 it probably wasn’t hwho we think it is!
    it was probably someone else!!!

  • http://ZacEfron Zanessa Forever

    Not So Blind Item
    Filed under: Not So Blind Item

    What up-and-coming young actor cheated on his girlfriend of 3 years and got a 23 year old waitress pregnant?????! His publicist is making him stay far away from the waitress, as they obviously don’t want this to come out!!!!
    I found this on Perez Hilton. it is about Zac

  • zacefronlovee

    LOVE HER!!!

  • zanessa/jashley

    I MISSED HER. She looks pretty here. I wish her the best of luck when she goes to court !! Go Vanessa !! Were here for you !!

    ….ok, #1 did you meant to spell PARIS Hilton ? Cause I hope you are…and #23…i hope that’s a rumour…

  • pam

    There are lots of up and coming actors with girlfriends of 3 years. But I know one person that this story it is NOT about!.

  • o no

    i did spell Perez Hilton… and listen, i know most of the stuff there is just gossip .. and if it was true and it was zac … i would be sooooooooo upset … but, i;m trying to figure out who else it could be and z/v came back separately and have not been seen together since and it does not seem like she is going to that florida event .. i don’t know … obviously, i really, really , really hope it is not zac in that item … i’m sorry, its the last i’ll say .. and i’m not trying to gossip in a mean way, i just would be really, really upset if that was true.

  • http://zanessa NATHALIA


    Why do you think THE ARTICLE IS ZAC?

    SO WHAT Zanessa Courtship 3 YEARS?

    ZAC, 21

    NO I believe that they relate to ZACVER

  • EMMQ

    why is ness going to court she hasn’t done anything rong

  • Rose

    No one knows for sure If it is Zac or not, no one’s confirmed it or anything and it isn’t even under the Zac category under his site
    I hope that it isn’t and I love to think that Zac would never do that
    But anyways, Vanessa looks gorgeous and I hope things go well with the court ordeal

  • evelyn

    vanessa is going to court over a business related matter .. its civil court .. not criminal court …

  • mary

    I glad to see her ,she is Beautifull :)

    and what rumor is that ?? # 1

  • Poppy

    PH is always making crap up, I can just imagine Zac, who is so private he doesn’t talk about him and V, going out and knocking up some waitress! Yeah seems very likely! Lmfao. The key thing is he said girlfriend and PH never ever calls V that in relation to Zac, it’s usually tumor or something equally as horrid. He has posted that on purpose to make everyone crazy, but he’s a liar, anyone with sense knows that!

    And just because they haven’t been seen together means nothing. We get to see a snap shot of their day in these pics, that looks like her moms car anyway. They came back seperarly because V came home for Stella and Zac stayed on in Oz with his Dad! Let them live their own lives and stop with the speculation!

  • angelica

    I do beleieve Zac would do some thing like that he is such a douche bag . He takes Vanessa for granted If it is I will be happy then Vanessa can break up wth him and move on.

  • Cam

    #35 oh yes and you really know Zac and V enough to judge them huh! Zac is a great guy and obviously V thinks so too. You can tell from what little they do say, and the way they look at eachother that they love oneanother. Get over yourself and realize that you play no part in what they have and can’t influence them in anyway!

  • Karen


    Thank you. I can’t for the life of me understand why ANYONE would believe ANYTHING Perez writes—especially about Zac. Over the past 18 months or so he has continually called him gay. Now when he has turned 21 and gotten noticed by GQ and been named one of the sexiest men alive he has supposedly gotten some waitress pregnant?? When did Perez change his thinking on Zac—or his lies he has told?
    How is it that he is gay and yet taking the time to bed an unknown waitress? What purpose would that serve?

    Here’s what I think: Perez knows that the majority of people—actually everyone—that Zac is not gay and those who say it are only trying to irritate the fans. SO, Perez knows by now he isn’t getting any mileage from that lie anymore and everyone know how stupid it is. So, Perez now has to come up with something new. But as someone pointed out he didn’t print it where he usually does things about Zac and he is talking differently about the guy’s girlfriend. WHY? So nobody can come back on him for telling lies. He can always say, “It’s not about Zac”. That’s why you can pretty much know it is a lie—because it could be anybody. I think it is really low since he knows Zac will take the heat for it instead of people saying it is just the Hollywood gossip mill running to entertain people.

  • Poppy

    ur right Karen… PH just likes to stir things, it’s so ambiguous it’s untrue. Most ppl on that blog hate Zac even they are suggesting other ppl. I think it’s meant to sound like it’s Zac, that much is obvious I guess. However, if it were why on earth wouldn’t he post it for the world to see? It’s too vague and made up thats why. It’s a complete accusation, and slander against Zac, he knows it’s not true but he’s just trying to stir things, to entertain his sick and warped mind on a boring Friday night.

    Zac is a good and decent guy. He is too private and protecive of V, their relationship, his friends and indeed himself. It’s so horrid when lies have to be insinuated about good people, when they have done nothing to deserve such malitious allegations.

  • Jen

    I love her……her and zac are together

  • Babiivfanforeva

    missed nessa :) thnx for the hpotos :D
    shes always so stylish and gorgeous..wish her the best of luck for the court stuff nxt yr :)
    hope to see some zanessa soon :D

  • chris


  • i love efron!

    uumm dude vanessa came back early for her sisters bday. that is why zac came later on.. and that is a rumor.. zac didtn cheat on her!!

  • mila


  • thi


  • mila


  • thi


  • mila


  • mila


  • Tess

    Vanessa’s hair looks so messy and gross. It’s way too long, especially with her short height. She seriously needs a hair cut.

  • Rich

    Yeah, bangs don’t work for her that well either, but I still love her. She’s great.