Demi Lovato To Introduce The Jonas Brothers

Demi Lovato To Introduce The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers pick up some cool swag at the Silver Spoon Gifting Lounge for the American Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon.

Nick, Kevin and Joe will be performing at the AMAs tomorrow night and even better, their good friend Demi Lovato gets to introduce them at the show this Sunday, November 23rd! The show starts at 8PM ET/PT on ABC, so don’t miss it!

Do you want to meet Demi and see her in concert? Tiger Beat magazine is giving you that chance! She’ll be rocking out the The Wilthern Stadium on Monday, December 8th in Los Angeles with special guests Honor Society and Tiger Beat mag is giving four lucky winners a chance to score two tickets and passes each. Quick! Go and enter the contest @!

10+ pictures inside of the Jonas Brothers at the AMAs gifting suite…

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Photos: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for AMA
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  • HATE MILEY!!!!!!

    YEAH #1

  • anais

    thats so cool!
    i can’t wait till the AMA :D

  • HATE MILEY!!!!!!


  • HATE MILEY!!!!!!


  • jonaslover

    i love the jonas brothers and demi! they both rockkk.

  • demmie

    its so ironic! remembah taylor introduce dem at vma’s.

  • caitlin



    demz and jonasbrothers.

  • rae

    for god sakes……nick dresses like he is going to church… joe dresses like mr. rogers… and kevin is just gay

  • MILEYANDTAylorforever21

    I wish Miely would introduce them! sighhhh I miss the “old days”. I can’t wait to see Miley sing Fly On The Wall!


  • BabyBelle

    wooo demi was a great choice! love the JONAS BROTHERS!! only reason i am tuning in …

  • Kami

    hate them

  • crazy for JONAS

    I love JB, no matter WHAT!!!

  • fabulous

    i love joe, but he needs to do something with his hair
    it’s getting awkward

  • Krissy

    awww love them & their cute little outfits .<
    Honestly haters – we care less what you have to say, or offer.
    so don’t bother saying anything
    and just don’t come on this site.
    and why do you? pathetic.
    do us all a favor and just get lost.

    BTW- # 2
    why does it matter to you, how they dress?
    if you hate them so much, it wouldn’t count to oppose their wardrobe.
    Just leave them alone, if you have a problem with that they wear.
    EVERYONE has their own opinions and saying. EVEN in titled to have different styles.

  • cecy

    aw i love them so much <3
    all you people who hate them now
    can EF off.
    they’re GREAT guys,
    taylor swift just wants revenge.
    and some people are blinded by it,


  • ow ow

    its not just about looks genius. to #2 get a life. i agree with krissy.

  • hii

    “for god sakes……nick dresses like he is going to church… joe dresses like mr. rogers… and kevin is just gay”
    LOL! thats funny. people need to calm down…… its just some critizism on the way they dress. everyone has their opionions.

    taylor swift ALL the way.
    i find jonas brothers really phony.

  • lisa

    lol. mr rogers. oh so true. i like them. i dont defend them with my life but i still like them

  • over-rated

    im sorry, but i think that the Jonas Brothers are over-rated. Soon, they’ll disappear and we’ll be like, ” who’s the Jonas Brothers ? ” i mean, that’s what happened to other stars who disappeared.

    and uh yeah, there’s a thing called freedom of speech.

    but the only one i really like out of them is Kevin. He’s the only one who hasn’t let his stardom get to his head, unlike the other 2 *cough Nick, Joe *cough*. After all, he did make it into People’s 2008 Sexiest Men. I love you Kevin !!

  • Katie

    Aww they are adorable!
    I love them and they the way they dress :)

  • cc27

    i agree with fabulos lol i love joe alot but i’m not liking his hair :( but i will alwayz love u joe and nick and kevin :D

  • overrated.

    uh, im sorry but i think that the Jonas Brothers are over rated…in a couple years, maybe months ? They’ll disappear and we’ll be like “who’s the Jonas Brothers ?” i mean, that’s what happened to other celebrities who disappeared.

    and yeah, there’s this thing called freedom of speech.

    the only reason im commenting ? Kevin Jonas. He’s the one who hasn’t let his stardom get to his head unlike the other 2 *cough* Nick *cough* Joe *cough* I’ve never heard Kevin break up with some girl cause of long distance or because he wanted another girl, *cough* Joe *cough* Nick *cough* After all, Kevin did get into People’s Sexiest Men. I LOVE YOU KEVIN !!

  • jen

    swag is really stupid! i really wish jobros didnt accept swag or at least give it away. all it is are a bunch of really expensive new items not in stores that celebs get for free, and i think thats really dumb. JB are so materialistic and that makes me sad :/ im not a hater but im not a big fan either

  • Krissy

    number 12
    nice enough for you comment on how ” swag is stupid”
    but like, it’s their choice what they wear..not us.
    like i said.
    everyone is different to be entitled to what we wear. say. decide. (etc)

    there famous. they can do w/e they want.
    wishing what they should be – is not gonna cut it. AND wouldn’t come true.
    their life. not ours.
    just by sitting here and saying, how they should live- is like saying, we’re the media- being in control to their business.

    EVER think
    there getting an award
    so that’s why there getting it for free?
    or maybe they paid for it.
    the world is not free less or money less you know?

    looks don’t matter.
    some people are so superficial, and shallow only liking them for looks.
    that’s rude and pathetic.
    music. talent. and personality should count.
    looks has nothing to do, with what there about.
    how else are you supposed to know the real them?
    based on hotness? ratings? scales?

    my god!
    real fans, should know the real definition of the JONAS BROTHERS
    screw you haters!

    comparing them to other celebs
    that’s really gay.
    your gay.
    blame the clothing brand
    for not having good sense in style.
    ” gifting lounge” sounds to me, like a gift shop of cheap clothes :S

    these guys can dress way better than this!

  • luverofjoejonas

    woahhhh love the Jonas Brothers so much!

  • zanessafan

    omg they looks really ugly

  • jom

    is it just me or the jonas lately becomes lesser than the jonas brothers i know last year!!! last year i was lyk OMG to deM!!!! there so hot with great HAIRSTYLES especially JOE but now!!!

  • Anthony

    Being a JB fan is an insult in itself you are all immature 12 year olds who only like them for their looks. They are not talented and no one in the business considers them serious musicians. The only reason they are performing is because ABC is owned by Disney.

  • Anthony

    They are only going to win tonight since disney owns abc it’s pathetic.

  • ……

    i love jonas brothers they are hansome, and nick…

  • ……

    the jonas brothers are the bestest of the world. they are very hansom nick plays the guitar very well kevin too and joe sings and dances brilliantly. Goodbye see you late!!!

  • Jen

    love the jonas brothers!!!!!!!! Hate demi lovato!!!! She so annoying she thinks she’s soooo famous cause she knows the jonas brothers…. Um no??? U have to work ur way to fame not free load.

  • Kirrily

    I feel so sorry for them if it’s not one thing with FANS it’s another. Either it’s the way they dress or what their hair looks like or RUMOURS about their personal lives, or where they play their concerts, etc, etc. It seems like they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If I was them I’d be so confused. They do everything in their power to try to satisfy their FANS but it seems like it’s never enough for some.

    I think they’re all gorgeous, decent human beings. Also, yes Kevin totally deserved to be in People’s Sexiest Man. But you do have to be 21 to be in People’s Sexiest Man and that’s why Joe and Nick weren’t considered being that they’re 19 and 16 respectively. So I wish people would stop that as a reason to play them off against one another.

    Anyway rant over.

  • what


    Demi needs a life. All she talks about are the JOnas Brothers.
    “Lets talk about how cute the Jonas Brothers are Selena!!!”


    Hey this is the DeVore sisters from Dover, DE. We are diehard Jonas brothers fans and we do not appreciate your rude, crass and harsh comments about them. Stop picking them apart like this. Don’t you think they get enough of that from the media already?! Poking and prodding into their personal lives all of the time. Oh and about the Joe and Taylor thing I bet every one of you on here has had a relationship problem before so what gives you the authority to say anything about them?! We think that they are extremely talented and we like what they wear. Let’s see you write meaningful songs like them and not to mention keep good morals and play your own insturments! They set a way better image than alot of ppl in hollywood so we think you better check other stars out before criticizing the boys like that. Take that haters! Just a little something to chew on. Food for thought if you will.

    Love you JB! Rock it tonight and don’t let these haters intimidate you. They have nothing better to do than pick you apart. What a shame. Go Demi too!

    -The DeVore sisters
    Lauren,Jennifer and Brooke

    ooohhh that was a burn!

  • JoeJonasisSoGAY

    OMG, you luvers really get to grow-up, these guys are so NOT talented, they can’t even sing good, they dress like Gay dorks, and they r UGLY, u just like them, and not all of them beacuse u just like the gayiest of all the jb, joe.. yeah the JB diva, because his stardom has gone all over his head, he thinks he’s the hottest guy ever, they r BETTER and SEXIER guys that dont break their GF heart, just because they want something better, they r not such a Womanizers, like the that only cares about his Stupid Hair, which is getting gray and ulgy of straight it everyday, personally i WAS a JB fan, but like the stardom change joe and its changing nick, i dont like them any more, i just like Kevin, he is the only who behaves like a ReAL Man.

    Krissy, u need to start acepting the opinions of other people, because not all the people would thing as YOU!



    oh and stop picking demi apart. She is a very sweet girl and your just jealous cause she is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME like that and because she knows JB. tsk tsk tsk. jealousy is a sad thing children…..just look at what it does to you…… DONT LISTEN DEMI U ROCK IT!!!!!

    -DeVore sisters

  • michelle

    ahhhhh i love them:)

  • http://gjknbjh ester ruci

    i think that jonas brothers are the one but they are not known in all the world ,for example this year i heard for the first time about the jonas brothers and my first impresion was”uau they are amazing” kiis you gyus ester

  • española

    Hello!!! I´m from Arnedo , La Rioja (Spain).
    My friend and i love the Jonas Brothers
    I want the Jonas brothers go to Arnedo
    PLease , Jonas go to Spain please please
    I love you ,Nick
    My friend love you ,Joe
    And my other friend love ,kevin
    please Jonas go to La Rioja (Spain)

    Vivan los Jonas Brothers
    Cantasteis super bien la cancion de la ampapola
    El trigo entre toas las flores
    a elegido a la amapola
    y yo elijo a mi Dolores
    Dolores Lolita Lola
    Porompompon poromporompom pompero pero poromponmpompom………

    Nick&Joe&Kevin sois los mejores
    os quiero mucho chicos

  • brittany

    gosh i hate their clothes…

  • http://shannon shannon

    hey i agree nick is soo hot !!!!!!! i love you nick dont go out wid miley cyrus she’s horrible selena gomez and demi lovato are really pretty miley ent yakk !!!!!!!