Robert Pattinson & Hayley Williams: Collaboration In The Works?

Robert Pattinson & Hayley Williams: Collaboration In The Works?

Vampire hottie Robert Pattinson and Paramore’s Hayley Williams sat down at the Velvet Margarita in Hollywood on Friday afternoon to interview each other and talk about their box-office hit Twilight. The pair found out some interesting things about each other that they didn’t know up until now!

Robert, 22, was interested in where Hayley was from. When the 19-year-old musician told him Nashville, Tennessee, he smiled and told her that he liked her accent: “I like the way you say ‘here’.”

When mention came that Robert would like to branch more into the music world, Hayley jumped at the chance to ask him about doing a collaboration.

Hayley said, “Yeah, I’m down for it. But I’ve never actually heard your voice though. I would love to though.”

Check out the full one-on-one interview below!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Robert and Hayley collaborating together?

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  • constance

    i love hayley!! i love paramore!!

  • fabulous

    they’re both funny :)

  • joss

    love rob <3

  • serenab

    They are cute together…

  • liz

    i love roband haley!
    that would be awesome if they sang together!
    haha rob is so funny!

  • jes

    I would love them to work together. Rob’s voice woul dgo perfectly with her.

  • camille

    they’re fluuurrtiinnng

  • blearyeyedmesgirl

    Yes, I think that would be a good collaboration. But then, I just want Rob to continue his music career in any capacity! So if this jump starts it, all the better!

    And I really enjoyed their interview on myspace. He’s quite a charmer and I’m lovin’ the suspenders.

  • Mech

    LOL. The video it’s just awesome! Rob’s right, it’s funny the way Haley say ‘here’ haha way off funny.
    Congratulations Jared, JJJ it’s just freaking awesome, i loved it



  • Ana

    they’re so cute…they’d go together great…they are sooo funny…love them.<3<3<3<3

  • zoe

    doesn’t it seem like they were on a date or something? they were totally flirting!

    love both of them. they’re cute together

  • charlie

    no way…rob’s too soulful/bluesy and paramour is too pop.

  • mia

    nice, she said “disney syndrome” to describe actors turned singers.

  • lllover

    awwww i love him!!!! omg he’s so sexyyyyyy!! that accent OMG LOL.. i’d love them together so cool.

  • lllover

    #10- i think that too:)

  • flavia

    lulz at her saying ‘disney syndrome’

  • yoyouou

    they are cute together. she kinda was flirting, and he was too. but
    anyway it was like a date, awkward, but cute =] rob and that accent are to die for. UGHH! haha
    haleys pretty.
    they have alot in commong
    hopefully theyll become friends or something!

  • vanessajonas

    he looks like the kind of person who is easy to talk.. he laughs all the time haha and ilovethat=)

  • Lulu

    Oh, that was nice! They’re funny and relax, it’s enjoyable to watch.
    But i still think that Rob @ 00:07 looks hilarious!

  • Sydney

    they’re totally flirting! it’s so cute..they’d make a cute
    couple :]
    and they’re both really funny!
    “here” – rob hilarious :D

  • KElly

    haha she was like totally into him. it was cute.

  • Annoyed

    Let me start out by saying, I’m not to big on the whole Twilight scene. I enjoedy it to a point but I’m just a fan of Robs’ talents, so my comment will probably upset some of you.

    Personally, I think Haley is just another Twilight fan who has an obsession with Edward. It seems that the whole reason she wanted to get involved with Twilight was to get an “in” with Rob. It’s quite pathetic in my opinion. They would make an awful duet as well. Robs’ music is far too personal and filled with soul to make any sort of collaboration with Haleys’ pop/rock worth listening to. Honestly, I say DONT DO IT. It will be far worse than Disney syndrome. They would sound horrible together. Keep it separate please. Rob don’t do it, she’s just like your crazy fans but with star power. Scary.

  • trish

    if anyone gets him, it should be Kristen stewart.

    SHe’s not even cute. SHe’s an amazing singer though.
    but thats that.

    aw i love him.

  • Kami

    robert is gay and ugly and twilight looks like a stupid movie

  • kelsie

    awe they are so cute

  • x3Cass

    I love rob and i adore hayley
    it’d be really cool if they collaborated :)

  • Mia

    LoL he’s funny “I found this in the garden!”

  • alana

    ther so cute together :)

    haha femine hands

  • Gracie

    I think he’d flirt anyway, it’s not even really flirting – it’s his charisma. He’s fab.

  • Victoria

    ugh!! I want him!! he is gorgeous and funny! perfect man!!

  • swarali

    Robeeeerrrtt…..i juz love u soooooo much……i hope i meet u someday…n get 2 knw u more….

  • lacey

    They should really date each other. So cute and flirty.

  • smiley:)

    They look like siblings
    i would prefer rob with kristen
    they look cutr 2geda ^-^

  • brandi

    dude thats awesome :) hahaha i loved her term “Disney syndrome” for the actors/singers lol
    that was great… i love rob and his face at ‘garden burgers’ was adorable :)

  • Katty ml


    i would love 2 hear ‘em together!

  • karine

    look at 2.32 how Robert looks at Hayley :) it’s adorable! i think he really likes her.

    <3 love them, and for now we all should start saying ‘here’ like them ha ha :-) ;D

  • http://none orang

    whoa.. amazing couple!! >,<

  • Camila

    Eu não entendi nada!! XD rsrsrs
    Mais pelo menos deu pra ver o gato do Robert!
    I love yoooou Robert

    Robert you are very much Cat!
    Congratulations on your beauty! hhuhuhuh

    100% Brasill XD

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