Demi Lovato - 2008 American Music Awards

Demi Lovato - 2008 American Music Awards

Demi Lovato is gorgeous in a white Gustavo Cadile dress at the 2008 American Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre on Sunday evening in Los Angeles.

The 16-year-old Disney darling will introduce her good friends and fellow musicians, The Jonas Brothers tonight at the prestigious awards show. Who knows, maybe she’ll even be at their free concert at The House of Blues later. Only one way to find out – GO!

30+ pictures inside of Demi Lovato at the 2008 American Music Awards

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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for AMA
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  • Melissa

    Demi Looks STUNNING..I love that dress on her!

  • nadine

    aww demi looks gorgeousss :)

  • Daniella

    gorgeous demi!

  • Lizzie [-:

    Like the dress :D and the makeup
    but the hair.
    still pretty though dem[:

  • ZAnessaobssesed/ashley hater

    she is so cute like vanessa and selena

  • Phi


  • Someone

    I love the dress!
    And her (:

  • chloe [:

    she looks amazingg.
    shes really, really pretty [:
    her hair and dress is gorgeous


    she looks pretty
    but not so loving th dress.

  • katie

    she looks super pretty!

  • lalalalaaa

    Demi looks amazing. [:

  • Krissy Fantasy

    love love love demi (L)
    so pretty & gorgeous with that white dress <333
    adore that hair ^^
    work it girl!


  • Mandy


  • zanessa/jashley

    oh…did she get a haircut or did she just get it curled ? Cause if she did get a haircut, it looks really cute !! And the dress def. suits her !! She looks adorable.

  • mi

    Aw, Demi looks SUPER cute! =D

  • Lalaymissa

    demi looks beautiful just like all the other disney stars!:)

  • trainwreck*

    she looks cute! but the dress is eww.. lol

  • hititquitit


  • jen

    the dress would be better if it didnt have those ruffles. what happened to her makeup? it doesnt look bad here but i liked her better with more makeup maybe shes going for a natural look

  • Just Jono

    Love the hair, love the dress.
    Demi your one beautiful girl!

  • Kris

    she looks pretty and sweet not her usual dark makeup ..
    but she dresses a little too old or boring for her age in my opinion .. i mean she could have chosen to something a little more fun because it is the AMA’s and it’s more of a fun music show.. but i mean she looks pretty .

  • fabulous

    gorgeous :D

  • smile

    She looks pretty, didn’t know she was that pale.

  • lindsay

    she looks incredibly beautiful, I love the dress on her, and her hair looks nice, I love your makeup is very similar to that used in the premiere of twilight, anyway she looks stunning


    ahah she is a cute <3

  • MJ ♥

    she looks gorgeous.
    but a little to skinny in my opinion.
    like, unhealthy skinny.

  • wtah

    She is too obsessed with JB.

    LOL. She wasn’t a favorite of any of the style people.

  • naee.

    the hair style makes her look really short, like a midget. no offense. :P

  • Ann

    she looks like a man what else is new

  • candy

    she looks better live like on camera, but still gorgeous non the less…dont be haters people

  • tha

    is it me or is she skinnier? O_o

  • andriia

    she looks so tiny!
    don’t like the dress though.

  • laura

    wow shes lost alot of weight

  • tous

    i don’t think she became skinnier my opinion is we always see her in t-shirts and pants and therefore make her look slightly bigger and when she wear a dress it just shows her real figure that’s just my opinion though

  • tous

    i don’t think she become skinnier i just think we don’t often see her in dresses that shows her real figure
    when she wears t-shirts pants and jackets she looks slightly bigger
    that’s just my opinion though

  • Nathalia

    she looks amazingg.
    shes really, really pretty and i loove her (:

  • Cheyanne

    OMG she looks sooo girly! Im used to seeing her in like black and black makeup and stuff! SHE LOOKS SO PRETTY

  • mimi

    she’s horrible.. as always what’s new?

  • missy

    I think she looks great with short hair (but it’s actually pinned up if you look from the back)!!!
    But I’m glad she didnt cut it!
    I was getting worried lol
    she is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen tbh!!

  • Katkout

    I love how she looked. I think she looked super cute!

  • demilovatosbff

    DEMI LOOKS SEXY AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love you demi!!!
    man i wish i could kiss her :P

  • Monica`

    WOW! Either Demi si REALL short or Taylor is giant!

  • jenna snow

    wow she looks identical to miranda from lizzie mcguirer

  • Noelani

    she is absolutely beautiful. i love her. and those who say other wise are just a bunch of sad haters. like get a life and stop hating on her. i mean if you think that she’s ugly then you’re ugly not just on the outside but on the inside as well.

  • paulina

    love the dress! shes georgeus

  • Lene

    she’s like real pale in this picture she almost looks sick =(