Miley Cyrus - 2008 American Music Awards

Miley Cyrus  - 2008 American Music Awards

Miley Cyrus arrives in style at the 2008 American Music Awards in a Marchesa dress and Giuseppe Zanotti pumps at the Nokia Theatre on Sunday in Los Angeles.

The birthday girl – she turns 16 today – finished off her outfit with a Butterfly Ring by Pantera (the ring is made from 18k gold with pave diamond butterflies).

Miley spilled to MTV recently that she has dreams of working with godmother Dolly Parton. She said, “I would love to work [on a country album] with Dolly [Parton]. If I would do anything, I would want to collaborate with her. I would love to do something, at one point, if I get to go back to Nashville. I would love to work with her again ’cause she’s just fabulous. She’s always so done-up. I think that’d be fun to work with someone as legendary as she is.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Miley and Dolly Parton collaborating?

20+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus at the 2008 American Music Awards

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Photos: David Livingston/Getty Images for AMA
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  • natalie


  • becca

    1st?! lol JK i hate ppl that do that

  • Nati

    Horrible dress, but cute shoes

  • jenna

    That’d be really cool to see her do a country album. I don’t know how good it would be, but it couldn’t be worse than Jessica Simpson’s new one.

  • Thaís from Brazil

    She’s wonderful…
    I lover her dress

    Happy Birthday Miley


  • Thaís from Brazil

    She is wonderful!
    I love her dress…

    Happy Birthday Miley




  • becca

    i actually reall think miley wud do good at countryy

  • 005


  • hititquitit

    i dont like her dress though

  • WOW!

    Miley’s voice= country.

    She should have started singing country. Pop is not for her.

  • michelle

    she looks sooooo gorgeous. im soo jealous. happy sweet 16 miley.
    hope you have a good one.

  • 005

    miley the best

  • Xazz

    i really love mileys dress (:
    she is amazing [;

  • Birthdayyygirl!

    No miley no!
    I love yoouu to much..
    Your album would suck..i dont want to see that trainreck.
    And Happy Birthday to Me and Miley today!
    I turned 15 todayyyy...:]
    Shes 1 year older than mee:]
    Hope she had a good brithday

  • Someone

    She is soo cute!
    OMG! I love her dress, it is a little too short, but it is stilll SUPER-HIPER-SOOO awesome and beautiful!!
    Happy birthday to her (:

  • desiiiiree.

    shes gorgeous.

  • heide

    i cant wait for the amas (:

  • Val

    her dress is marchesa
    I love it.

  • taylor

    i cant wait until the amas

  • Larissa

    i love her dress!!!!

    Are the AMA’s live?
    because some ppl say it isnt they just post the pics when the show is supposed to air and that they taped it on Thursday

  • Naty

    pretty *o*

  • margarita


  • rii

    wow she looks good. and damn thats a lot of photographers! (the zoomed out of miley from behind showin all the photogs)








  • 005

    very pretty

  • zoey

    love the dress.
    happy birthday, miley!

  • salete

    happy b-day miley

    u are so cute and beautiful

  • anon

    her dress is gorgeous! and she looks amazing!

  • fabulous

    I hate to say it, but i actually like her dress
    still hate her though :D

  • loveya

    She looks so pretty, and so grown up.
    She is busting out on some of the pics lol.


  • Lizzie [-:

    Miley looks AWESOME with her hair up
    she should wear it like that more often

  • gemma

    her dress is gorgeous, but jesus its sooo revealing!! shes ONLY 16

  • 005


  • 005


    i love you miley

  • Grace

    I think it would be cool if her and Dolly did a collaboration. Hopefully if they do it it will be soon!

    And I like her dress..Its different but I think she pulls it off! And Brandi and Tish look nice also!

  • ariana

    I must say she looks stunning

  • awwww

    she look like goddess, sooo pretty
    I love her hair. it look great these day :D

  • awwww

    Happy b-day miley !!!

  • FINALLY!!!

    She Looks STUNNING!!!
    Her Dress Is AMAZING!
    She Is AMAZING!
    I Love Miley!!

    Demi’s Dress Looks Like The Dress She Wore To The Twilght Permire!
    What A Crack!

  • mi

    Love her dress, she looks so pretty. =D

  • emily

    she looks so pretty!

  • oh hot dayumm

    She looks stunning!!

  • Mandy

    shes so cute
    i really liek her hair. looks really gooooddd.
    and i like the dress
    black and gold sparkely.
    happy sweet 16th miley!:)

  • Ashlee

    i like her dress,
    but it looks a bit to small on her. . .

  • baby v rocks!!!

    she looks really pretty.

  • shlyndaa

    her dress is amazing!
    i love it so muchhhh happy birthday shmilez!

  • Kris

    why does she dress so skimpy for her age .. it’s a cute dress but her little cleavage that she’s trying to flaunt is not working.

    miley you’re not hot. sorry.

  • MileyFan

    She looks amazing
    & i think she would be good at country
    her dress is gorgeous
    anayway Happy Birthday Miley!!!

  • Sick

    I am absolutely appalled at Miley’s choice of sexual dance moves for a just-turned 16 year old. Her performance at the AMAs was a horrible representation of young American girls with her choice of sexually rubbing her chest on national TV. As a teacher with girls ages 5-12 with Hannah Montana lunch boxes and t-shirts I thought more highly of her than this ridiculous lack of responsibility in the role model she wants to represent to girls everywhere. I am also disgusted by her parents and their “It’s okay, she’s an artist” comments. If it wasn’t for the fact that she is making them so much money maybe they would fill the roll of her parents more and instead of their child’s friend.