Selena Gomez is a CNN Hero

Selena Gomez is a CNN Hero

Disney starlet Selena Gomez hugs new pal Maria Ruiz from El Paso, Texas after awarding her the HERO award at the Second Annual CNN Heroes: An All Star Tribute held at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on Saturday.

Several times a week, Ruiz crosses the border into Juarez, Mexico, bringing food, clothing and toys to hundreds of impoverished children and their families. What a heart!

The 16-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place star looked all sophisticated in a ruffled BCBG white top, pencil skirt and simple black pumps!

10+ pictures inside of CNN Hero Selena Gomez

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Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty, Scott Kirkland; Photos: INFdaily, Jordan Strauss/WireImage
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  • amanda

    okay, well, the bangs look okay in some pictures and not so good in a lot of them… she’s wearing a lot of makeup here..
    yeaahh i dont really like her
    but i have to admit that she’s pretty.

  • Beth





  • Krissy Fantasy

    She looks so gorgeous <3
    the bangs totally suit her :)
    love the outfit as well + with the short little hair cut
    precious (L)
    lovelovelovelove it!

    OK all of you shut up!
    like seriously
    IT’s her style, not yours.
    pathetic much?
    AND who says she’s copying Vanessa and Miley?

    EVERY damn celeb has bangs and short hair..
    that’s the new look these days.
    so get your facts straight -.-

    There ALL beautiful- DIFFERENT
    talented- and famous girls from ALL OVER
    who cares if they have the same hairstyle.
    THEY all still like each other and are friends.
    They don’t let one haircut start a cat fight.
    pathetic losers much, trying to make these come against each other?
    i find it stupid, that you guys are trying to make them, against each other, just cuz of one hair cut.
    honestly- what morons !

    PLUS i even i have bangs + short hair -.-
    does that copying them?
    i got this haircut before all of them!
    AT LEAST sel’s’ creating something NEW – minus what all of you have to say.
    SHE’s 16 years old- i think she’s old enough to make her own decisions , on her hair, and style.

    love sel

  • Taiane

    She is so pretty .
    But her hair is not so good .
    Love Ya .
    Brazilian Girl :D
    Selena come too Brazil

  • Aya

    cute hair.

  • mi

    She looks gorgeous. =)

  • mariee

    I don’t think that she’s “copying” vanessa, I mean, she’s young, and maybe vanessa’s her role model…she’s really really young to actually know her own style…she’s trying different things and I understand that…I wanted to be sooo like emma watson when I was younger…until I discovered what was best for me and my body :)

  • brie2009

    I like her hair but it doesnt go well with that outfit. If she went with a high poof pony tail or hair let down with curls she would have looked better with that outfit.

  • J

    LOVE IT <3333333333333333333333

    Selena haters: PISS OFF.

  • Mia

    #31 THANK YOU!!!!! What the hell is with this all “she copying Vanessa crap” does anybody remember when Selena got her bangs cut first…

    and second of all that’s the way everybody poses in Hollywood!!!!
    Look at Taylor swift, Miley Cyrus…Ashley Tisdale….bigger celebrities like Beyonce ….THEY ALL POSE THAT WAY….SO MAYBE THEY ALL ARE COPYING VANESSA!!!!

    For Christ Sake!!!!

  • NICK

    What happened to her bangs?
    they are here on saturday,
    but on the sunday pics they are gone.

    Can she GET ANY WEIRDER!???

  • Luisa

    Hello, I’am from Brazil, i like Selena gomez but, she copy Miley cyrus, She is beutiful, i like she :*

    sorry, but i don’t speak inglis :x rs

  • paulina


  • Mandy

    im so sick of all the disney stars
    selena has so much talent…she should be doing BIG things
    plus all the disney stars are basically one person (she looks like a combination of miley cyrus vanessa hudgens and brenda song)

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR Nicky!!!!!!!:)

    OMG she needs to quit changing everything so much she was already ugly with long hair but her hair was pretty then she bobbed it all off now shes fugly poor ugly little rat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)

  • cb92

    i love her but no bangs babe!

    shes WAYYYY better than miley, but mileys bangs are better. but at least selena can act!

  • selena gomez fan

    omg how could u not love selena gomez she is soooo pretty!!! my hero!!!!!

    Love, selena gomez fan<3

  • Mehjabin

    I luv Selena soooooooooo much
    I luv her 2 Bits!!!
    Her new bangs dont look tooo bad…buh she looked nicer b4
    I dnt really mind her havin dem
    N no she aint copying dah Miley girl
    I h8 Miley…Shes soooo ruuude!!!
    I dnt mind Vanessa buh Selena aint copying her either
    Maybe she just wanted a change in her hairstyle
    Maybe she saw Vanessa n Miley wiv ih n thought ‘dah looks nyc i wonda how i’d look wid ih’

    I LUV U SELENA!!! xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx

  • angie and jheana

    hi angie and jheana us and wrote this for selena and we mean that your new haircut it is re well and that we support all change whether physical or attitudinal sel love you with all your heart bye all and have us in whatever happens to sel…

  • Angie and jhea

    hi angie and jheana us and wrote this for selena and we mean that your new haircut it is re well and that we support all change whether physical or attitudinal sel love you with all your heart bye all and have us in whatever happens to sel…

  • тєтé

    Hola soy española :) en realidad yo solo hablo español.. pero lo traducire a ingles .. ok ?? Tienes muy muy muy muy muy muy bonito el pelo :) eres la meor te quiero mucho espero que sigas cantando asi de bien

    Hello I’m Spanish:) I really only speak Spanish .. but translated into English .. ok? You have very very very very very very nice hair:) you better hope I love you keep singing that perfect