Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston Have A Rocky Cola Lunch

Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston Have A Rocky Cola Lunch

Miley Cyrus and ‘special friend’ Justin Gaston go out for lunch at Rocky Cola Cafe in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.

The 16-year-old starlet performed her single, “Fly on the Wall” last night at the 2008 American Music Awards wearing a Sass & Bide “dance me till the end” beaded top. Miley also celebrated her sweet 16 backstage with friends and fellow musicians Taylor Swift, Ashley Tisdale, Jordin Sparks and Julianne Hough.

10+ pictures inside of Miley and Justin having a Rockycola lunch date…

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  • christinA

    It’s so cheesy how they match their outfit but I think they’re a cute couple.

  • :)

    OMG, HE’S SOOOOOO HOT !. Miley is lucky !

  • jen

    i didnt know there was rocky cola in glendale. I liked her outfit performance last nite, did any one else notice nick looked really mad at the end of JBs performance?

  • iria

    he’s HOT!

    his mental age is probably 12 though.

  • fabulous

    wtf is she wearing?!

  • Vanessa

    Miley’s going to be in UK sometime this week!

    She going to be on the X-FACTOR along with Britney Spears :D

  • Miley Fan

    i love miley


    who cares about nick…….Ya he looked MAD because he wishes he was still with Miley….
    what a shame……..Miley looks hott


    he was also mad because he just realize that his voice sucks….it was cracking!!! hahah

  • it’s me=]

    aww they looks so cute together! justin is hot! and miley is so lucky to be dating him! nick you are so over!

  • sharpaiy

    steve- YOU ARE SOOO RIGHT!!!!


  • hititquitit

    are they for real?
    or are they just doing this for publicity?
    cause they aren’t saying they’re going out yet still acting like they do
    if you are secretly going out don’t you act like you don’t go out in public?
    i don’t know about these two
    it seems a little fake.
    it is mostly likely for publicity
    but who knows. i know i don’t
    he is hot but…. i don’t know i don’t believe it…but that’s just my opinion don’t cry over it please


    OWN, he’s HOT! [3] miley diva ♥

    Brazilian fans <3

  • http://justjared JAKE T. AUSTIN

    it is for publicity, wtf miley wrote a song about nick, not too long ago she told some magazine her story about her relationship with nick jonas, when the video of ’7 things’ came out, everyone knew that the song was about nick. in some tour she did in london or somewhere else. at the end of the song ’7 things’ she said ‘i still hate you’ , and yeah 2 or 3 months ago, she came out with this one guy. that almost no one knew about…. and they started to hang out all the time, and at the ellen degeneres show, she was talking about him…. she can’t get over a two-year relationship that easily..!

  • http://justjared zanessalover

    well… she really can’t get over a two-year relationship that easily, so i think it is for publicity!

  • http://justjared jake austin

    she wrote a song about nick, when the video of 7 things came out, everyone knew that the song was about nick. she told some magazine about her two-year relationship with nick jonas…! then 2 or 3 months later, she comes out with this one guy that no one really knew about, and supposely they’re going out..! yeah right. not even a 3 year old would fall for that..!

  • gavin

    Fagets :D aha xD

  • sanaa

    WTF … do they share each other’s clothes :S

  • class

    #14 answering you question miley wrote 7thing when she was with nick which make me think that she knew he like someone that why he broke up with her she ask him and he said yeah.
    it is hard to get over 2year relationship but nick seem to have moved on so she decided to do the same.
    i think she is really falling for this guy i mean the guy is a hot model every girls dream on top of that he is christian has a great heart is humble,he can sing,he can play guitar and drums, he has a great sense of humor from the halloween dress up. and everyone is saying they click becausse they have so much in common. everyone is saying they are singing and writting song together and they sound amazing. he is everything miley wanted and more. why would she think about nick when he broke her heart. he would have to fix it and go after her. he mess up big time he is no longer good enought for her after his behavior tours her after all these months she cant trust him any longer. i think she is extremely hur by the jonas brothers but specially nick.

    they both look mad at the awards she look mad she wasnt smiling either and nick was furious when he sang. when they stared they went tours her the dumb cameras didnt put nick face i was so mad. that was amazing they went up in their face just like the girls do. finally the grow up and did something love it. i dont know why nick was mad he has a girl.i hope he didnt ruined miley birthday with his attitude. happy birthday miley
    you and justin are winning my heart you look so normal out and about . you look great together dont listen to the haters.
    if you ever come to this site do you know why nick was so mad and did he give you a gift for your birthday or said happy birthday??

  • love meehhh

    fagets, lames, idoits, miley’s pretty much needs a brian

  • kiki

    Miley looks great, i’m ok with Justin it’s like whatever….She looks good nick shouldn’t of let her go.

  • vintagelove

    so cute how they match


    miley looks pretty!

  • vintagelove

    if they are are they aren’t going out
    it’s no one’s business

    selena and nick still deny they went out so who cares

    besides the song 7 things is about nick jonas but who knows how long ago she wrote it because honestly people
    it takes several months for a CD to come out
    be realistic
    and besides writing a song about ur ex doesn’t mean your not over him

    in order to write and sing good music musicians need to write what they have gone/going through

  • Swagger like us swagga like us

    PEDOPHILE…..and what are you fools talking about nick was smiling with his teeth the whole show…just jared had pics…last but not least.


  • class

    nope nick he was mad when he perform and he threw his guitar on the floor after he finish singing.he has never throwing his guitar and he was looking at were miley was suppose to be sitting i dont know if she was there.i think she was b/when they stared the song joe and nick went directly to were they were sitting haaa.didnt yoy see the awards.i loved when jb went to the side i was like yes!but they didnt show nicks face when he went there.but the guy was mad.

    i think miley looks great with justin.

  • Swagger like us swagga like us

    If nick was mad…it is sure as hell wasn’t bacause of miley,SORRY,but nick hasnt and won’t let miley get to him..and justin is a fugly wannabe pedophile with no originality what so ever:”Omg the 26567890975444 guy with long brown hair and six pack…..dang:/….sorry but nick jonas is my type of guy..along with Malia obama,Jordan pruitt,kim kardashin,selena gomez….and uh justin:hmm miley and boring taste white girls*yawn*…and I kinda meant that one:D

  • http://justjared jake austin

    dear #19… are you stupid enough to say “nick decided to move on, and so miley did that too”. that’s so stupid it doesn’t even make sense… if your ex moves on or finds another girl, you can still feel hurt and sad about the break up. and she just can’t decide, it takes time to get over someone that you have been with for a long time, i have been through that and it was one of the hardest times in my life…! and that was just my opinion.. i like miley and i think she’s a great singer, but she’s not doing the right thing. she’s either going out with justin for pubicity, she’s using him to get over nick, or she’s just trying to make nick jelous..!

  • izabella

    Miley Cyrus is so beautiful!
    And Justin is hot! lol :P
    and if Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas would be okay,
    then why wouldn’t Justin and Miley be okay??

  • izabella

    Miley Cyrus is so beautiful!
    And Justin is hot! lol :P
    And if Demi & Joe would be okay, why wouldn’t Justin and Miley??

  • ellie

    i would hate to go through purberty in front of the world…

    rememer back to the first eps of HM how SUPER SKINNY she was….


  • class

    i know for fact breaking up is not easy i been throught it myself and i loved that person with all my heart. but i had to make a huge decision and get over him because all he was doing was bringing tears to my eyes. and i went out with someone else and after that he wanted to get back with me but because he hurt me so much i decided to stay with the other guy that treated me well .i could no longer trust him. and trust is a huge part of a relationship to work.
    i know that miley really got hurt whith what nick was doing. he shouldnt had flauted selena on her face all the time.

    he put selena in his video as his love interest and then you see them flirting on tv why dont you stabb the girl on the process. when did he ever put miley in one of his videos never.!!! he is so wrong to have done that.
    then he said on the mag his heart has never been broken. he had ups and down but his heart has never been broken ,another stabb to miley heart like if he didnt even care for her. the time they spent together was a business relationship for him while she gave him her full heart. what the heck is wrong with him he knows everyone is going to read that ,as well as her friends. keep on hurting miley in the process.
    then on ryan radio he admits he going out with sel some people said no he didnt confirm but what yeah is cool means hello it means he is going out with sel. this is the same guy that was so hard on miley about going out together. why be out w/sel and not miley why be so hard on the poor girl and put restraint on their relationship. i think him getting mad at her for 17 issue it was just an excuse for him b/he has been pretty much open w/sel.selena has talk about them is he getting mad at her no he still w/her.
    then on mag azine it says, they think that b/of the tour he must had kissed selena on feb a month after the break up! b/came out with the story about kissing a girl and not following rules in march and selena said it in june. then he brags about it and ,says on the mag “ohhh and it was sooo good.!!! yeah keep on stabbing miley that the same time miley said i still hate you in london. she probably read the mag and was very hurt by reading that he was kissing and flirting while she was crying for the loss. oh yeah he is hurt ! yah right !and lonely !making out with another girl i see how hard it was on him putting his mouth on another girl.
    then he takes selena to all his concert and is seeing sitting at dc games were all of miley friends and television views are watching like yeah am with selena.keep on stabbing miley no wonder she look so mad when she sang at dc games, and when she sang see you again she looked at sel and sel couldnt even look at her in the eyes. she back stabb miley as a friend and it was wrong not to metion she went to the premier jan 17 of the best of both world tour movie since when was nick has been eyeing this girl.
    then he is seeing on a triple date with his brother as well. and a source inside said they were all kissing and chummy with each other.

    oh and the last one was the best !his brothers wearing a shirt team selena and demi why dont you advertise your relationship on the way even more. but kevin dissapointed me with immature way of dealing with 2yr friendship over girls they met only couple months. i see how much of a good friends they are! back stabbers when miley supported them 100% percent on their journey ,and selena and demi werent even around then,they were nobodys.

    How much can the girl take from this nick jonas guy flaunting selena on her face !man that must really hurt i mean i just looking at was going on and it hurt to watch ,what he doing! and felt sorry for her. and people are bashing her while he the one doing the hurting is him.

    Now miley is with justin and she seems to really like him she been alone for while i think she ready to give love another chance.nick didnt appreciated her all this time and i felt sorry for her b/i know how it feel to watch someone you love fade from your life no only physically but mentally as well as the friendships fade, and it hurt.

    am glad miley came back stronger and better than ever event hought nick hurt her a lot everyone could see that why cant haters see that are they too blinded to see. because they are drooling for them. wait until justin brings out his album he looks way hotter than nick and has way hotter body and his is tall 6ft while nick is short.

    i like the jb but i have to side with miley eventhough i wasnt a fan of her i am now because she has been thru so much in front of the cameras and she still going strong and i admire that in that girl. i feel for her and am glad she fought until the end to let him know how she felt ,if he loved her he should had swift her off her feet and gotten her back when she told him how she really felt. but now is too late and he has no business getting in her life now. he is yesterday news am glad miley found someone better looking she is gorgeous.

  • mctb

    awww they are soooo cute together! :)
    i really like this couple!
    miley looks soo happy with him n for me,
    as a mileys fan, thats what matter. ♥

  • :)

    # 31 . OMG, I agree 100000%.

  • . she looks beautiful without make up…my idol!!! gosh i hate justin GO AWAYYYY RAPIST i dont blame miley its his fault he shouldnt even be interested in a 16yr old

  • lovebug

    it’s funny how the people who are CONSTANTLY like
    “omg, selena got bangs – she’s copying miley.”
    “oh miley has that shirt in green, selena must be copying her”

    Demi wears all black. all the time.
    (you also crisitze her for that) but miley is doing that..
    and you say NOTHING

    funny how stupid people can be

  • Chloe

    sweethart the reason they’re matching is cause they’re going to a funeral;
    dumbass -.-
    dont believe me?
    watch e! news

  • Helen

    omg u guys are stupid she said they agreed to break up he didn’t cheat on her you guys are haters she has no reason to hate on nick 4 somethin they both agreed on get your facts straight

  • http://justjared jake austin

    to: class
    first of all i don’t really care what happened between miley and nick. that’s private and no one really knows what they really went through. it was their realtionship, and just becuause we saw pics of them together, hugging or kissing. does not mean that’s all they did through out their relationship. but i’m talking about this guy (justin) it is so strange that she comes out “dating’” a 20 year old, that no one knew about until now. and i’m not just talking about the age, ’cause i don’t really care either, but is just stupid! i agree with you, she got hurt soo many times by nick, even selena hurt miley too. but miley has hurt him too. just because it seems that nick doesn’t care, does not mean that he didn’t love her. he probably moved on, he just didn’t feel like they have to be together, with all the rumors going on, and never having time to spend time with the person you love, because paparazzis are going to be taking pictures of you, is hard to be in a relationship like that. they barely had time to be thogether, and you have no idea what it feels to be following by paparazzi all the time.

    but miley and justin don’t go together, they just don’t match. i can tell for sure, these too, are going to go their separate way. miley is just using him to get over nick, or is just publicity that these too are going out. since nick is going out with selena, why wouldn’t miley go out with someone too? that’s why she’s pretending to go out with justin. and besides we are not talking about ‘looks’ everybody else could think that justin is wayyy better looking that nick, and i don’t care because i don’t even like nick jonas. but miley and this guy (justin) are not dating. and besides the first time she was at the ellen show, back in 2007 with her dad, ellen showed miley a picture of the jonas brothers, and ellen asked her which one did she like. and miley said she liked nick, and now she did the same thing with justin, except that she was acting more immature.. why? because she’s just pretending that she likes justin. because she knows that if nick,or his brothers watch the show. somehow nick is gonna get jelous…!

  • Jonasbrothersuck!

    i’m a HUGE fan of Miley however i do not approve of Justin.
    the fact that he’s 20,is just enough.
    he and miley both should date someone their own age but he is pretty cute :)

  • AishaLovesJustJared

    This girl needs to smell reality. She’s living a dream that seems almost fake. I mean, look at her contents so far. She does Vanity Fair, she has over 20+ leaked photos, she’s dating a 20-yr-old famewh*re and she’s very cocky but still gets the same attention before all the controverse. I don’t get it. The media touch their tounges to her brown, dirty little bumhole! She is a little f*cking sl*t!

  • Melanie

    Haha, yeah, they really do match their outfits. that’s cute (: