Vanessa Hudgens Hits Local Library

Vanessa Hudgens Hits Local Library

Vanessa Hudgens strolls through the park on her way to the local library with mom Gina and lil sis Stella in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon.

The 19-year-old High School Musical sweetheart is currently on the December/January cover of the People Style Watch magazine. Vanessa was also spotted out last week at her favorite bakery, Chez Nous, having lunch with a friend.

Vanessa‘s BFF Ashley Tisdale was at the 2008 American Music Awards yesterday night to present the Jonas Brothers with the T-Mobile Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award.

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  • elliott

    i think she looks great. good to see her out smiling and have a good time.

  • smdwh

    she always looks great

  • ashley

    god i just love her style….shes what makes me take risks in style like she always does…..LOVE HER!!!!!!!!


  • zv

    yay! she looks great. i’m so happy to finally get new pics of her!!

  • rhonda

    That outfit is hideous!

  • aw

    Cute outfit, she looks gorgeous. Finally she surfaces. Nice to see her not seeking attention by going to every event, getting free stuff and going to pap hangouts.

  • myza

    omg! i miss her soo much!
    vanessa looks great as always!!

  • mhay

    wow thanks for this pic.
    vanessa love her family so much.
    Bless Her.

  • natasha

    nice smile she looks really nice ooo she likes reading?

  • yets

    nice to see her again.
    she looks so happy by the way.

  • curiosity

    Thanks JJ…. Love her. It’s so nice to see her smiling.

    She always look beautiful………..

    Thanks again JJ

  • Vfan

    Awww she is sooooooooooo CUTE .I LOVE HER AND HER OUTFIT.

  • abigail

    shelooks sooooo hotttttt as always i think she looks great

  • angela clarke

    I totally love her boots.

  • Rich

    She looks really good here, nice to see new pictures of her. Hopefully there will be a few sightings of her and Zac together soon.

  • zanessa/jashley

    i missed her a lot at the AMA’s. Why didn’t she go ? I was only tuning in to see her and maybe Zac, but they both weren’t there !! I was so sad !! But I glad that Ash and Corbin was !!

    She looks adorable here, and so does Stella !! Seriously, Vanessa and Stella have STYLE.

  • abigail

    she looks awsome and georges as always

  • overrated.

    wow, wait lemme see that picture….Is Stella wearing heels !? …she is !! I don’t even wear heels…i’d fall over in 2 seconds. Even if she is 13, she definitely has a lot of style…probably gets that from her big sister. Vanessa looks a bit different…but she still looks good.

  • http://http/ abigail

    she looks great beatiful as always

  • vannie

    we miss you vanessa
    hope to see more of you in a commercial or a Movie.
    JJJr post her also in a JJ cause she has alot of fans there.

  • http://http/ abigail

    this girl rock’s everywhere go V i love you

  • zacefronlovee

    i love her outfit.
    hopefully we get some zanessa sighting soon.

  • Sabreen

    I love you Vanessa, your HOT! Call me sometime? Sike naw Im jus joking wit you. You got a great sense of style and what r u doing going to a library?

  • Sabreen

    I am dying here. I need more ZANESSA!

  • http://http/ abigail

    goooooo vanessssaaaaaaaaaa we love you so much we can see your natural beuty

  • Roxana

    thank you Jared…your the best- i was dying w/out any news. i missed V so much! she looks so stunning and stylish, gosh i love her outfit, she really knows how to dress….and Stella is looking more like her,well after all they are sisters right! so nice to see V spending time with her family, she really cares about them. now i just miss zanessa, but at least she is wearing her kuiipo ring :P love baby V!

  • Zanessa_luver

    OMG so happy to see pix of her! FINALL she looks soo pretty even without make up! and wow stellas 13 and wearing those heels?! yikes! shes gonna be just like her sister! SHE IS SOOOOOOO LUCKY VANESSA HUDGENS IS HER SISTER!!!!

  • http://http/ abigail

    c’mon girl you rock high school musical is amazing im from bolivia jared and im so proud that hsm3 coming soon here

  • Vixie

    LOVE U V!!! This is a little hard to say, but IF I WEAR what she’s wearing in the pics, I would look terrible, and I’m NOT kidding :S, she has a SUPER GREAT STYLE!!!

    Zanessa pics soon, I need them :P

  • Naggahh

    aww im glad to see her cheesin!

  • tree

    V is not wearing her ring,the one picture looks like the ring but it is the brass of her bag. She still looks very happy and I love her smile. Don’t worry no ring doesn’t mean anything.

  • annieeee

    it’s great to see her looking so happy! i think that even though there haven’t been any recent zanessa sightings, the fact that they’ve both looked so happy is probably a good sign that things are still good!

    #27, i thought that at first too. but if you look at the last picture, she’s wearing the ring on her right hand. you can see it if you click to make the picture bigger.

  • annieeee

    that was actually directed to tree #31

  • just the facts

    check picture #9. ring can be seen clearly . And you are right. Whether she wears it or not doesn’t define anything.

  • wendy

    wow thanks for this pic

  • alli

    shes cute but everytime i see these disney stars with their superlong hair i just want to chop it all off! its just soooo long! and miley cyrus too. demi and selena are cool they have good hair, but miley and vanessa should take off a few feet. give it to locks of love or something! ashley tisdale looks WAY better with normal length hair now. they should follow her lead.

  • tree

    thanks I see it now

  • kourtney

    she knows how to read? what? you’d never know it with the aweful way she delivers her “lines” in hsm

  • Rose

    She looks amazing
    And I love the risk she took by wearing this
    She’s probably the only one that could pull off this outfit
    She’s rocking it

  • MINA



  • V-loyalist

    Yup, we all do misses Lady Vanessa. She looks vibrant and lovely as ever and I know she is having a great time with her new house, cooking, decorating, putting things together and more so spending quality time with them and without a doubt with Zac.

    to #27… she is wearing her ring, see pic 4 and enlarge it.

  • peter

    i love you vanessa
    you´re the best

  • http://ZacEfron Vanessa Hudgens’s Fan forever

    #32 you are right Vanessa is wearing her ring.

  • http://ZacEfron Vanessa Hudgens’s Fan forever

    #31 Vanessa is wearing her ring look at Pic 9


    i´m your fan vanessa

    she is is so cool and cute

    hope to see more of you in a commercial or a Movie.

  • marie

    I LOVE HER :)

  • Boji

    Like what Vanessa’s wearing and she does know how to co-ordinate her look without it looking mismatched or tacky. Love her for it. It is just so good to see her smiling, shows that things are just fine with her, bless her. Lovely to see her out with her momma and lil sis for some family time.

  • catherine



  • jo

    good to see her with her fam

  • ady

    # 29

    Zanessa pics soon, I need them

    I gree whit you