Are The Cheetah Girls Over?

Are The Cheetah Girls Over?

Are The Cheetah Girls headed towards splitsville???

Kiely Williams, the youngest of the girls, told In Touch Weekly via 4TNZ that their Cheetah Girls: One World tour will be their last.

She reportedly shared, “We always knew that this tour would probably be our last. We were excited about going out on a high note, it’s sad that this negative attention [Adrienne Bailon's pictures] put a damper on that.”

Fortunately, all three Cheetahs have projects on the side that they’re working on. Sabrina Bryan, 24, Adrienne Bailon, 25, and Kiely, 22, all have solo albums in the works.

WHAT DO YOU THINK — are The Cheetah Girls really over?

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  • jo

    yea i think it’s time for them to move on from Disney. they’re old now

  • YES!!!!!!

    yes! finally! they’re so old! stupid Adrienne! i hate her!

  • Rochelle

    it’s sad!!! but whatever happens happens!

  • michelle

    I agree. I think it’s time for them to move on from Disney just like the HSM cast. But I hope they still do good. I’m a fan. And I wish that never happened with Adrianne.

  • Victoria

    what happened with Adrienne? what pictures ar ethey referring to?

  • Sonia

    It it’s true them I wish them all luck. I will be following Sabrina’s career the most she is such a great role model and can’t wait for her upcoming projects. Go Sabrina!!!

  • Emma

    A. reportedly got some ‘personal’ pictures stolen from her computer. I don’t think thats why theu r breaking up though, they r just getting older and want a more serious carrer

  • b

    Yeah. Really they should have stopped a while a go. I wish them all luck.


    What pictures?

  • Chocolate amber

    It’s time for them to move on beyond Disney( I thought they were too good for them anyway). I’m sure all three will be successful.

  • polvopaw

    I love the Cheetahs, so I hope this is not true, I really hope that at least they can do another movie together and another tour, but if its tue I hope that they are very successful in anything that they choose to do. I love Sabrina and I can only wish the best in the world for her, I wish she has all the success in her solo career!!!!

  • asgeds

    hopefully. they are SO annoying. :||

  • Kriscott / kach

    i’m so sorry to say this.
    but yea. they will.
    not to be wrong or anything.
    but after raven left..
    things weren’t the same.
    music was OK and all..
    movie was not 2 appealing..
    so not cheetah licious :S

    and now
    Adrienne did naked pics?
    what the hell, is wrong with all these GOOD celebs sending nude all over the world, and even to their boyfriends?
    don’t they know, or have learned ,from previously victims like miley Cyrus and Vanessa hudgens, that HOLLYWOOD is never confidential.
    THAT it should have been private.
    yea yea.. mistakes. mistakes. I never intend to send it, or be open to everyone. Im sorry.
    OK that line was used soo many times. NOT even funny.
    IF she was smart enough..she shouldn’t have sent it .AND be wise, to not trust anyone with that sorta thing. OR – a better idea- don’t do nude pictures.
    Cuz chances are- fans are not gonna like you anymore and support what you do.
    WHEN is everyone gonna learn?
    -.- seriously. it’s tacky. annoying. and frustrating dealing with this sorta thing.

    SO i def , think the Cheetah girls are gonna be over.
    there 2 old for disney anyways.
    NO WONDER naked pics of Adrienne leaked out.
    I USED to love the cheetah girls..
    but now.
    it’s OLD news.
    Wish them all good luck
    going separate ways.:)
    ALL the best (L)

  • jaqui

    It’s sad to hear but I wish them all nothing but the best,they are very talented.And I know Sabrina’s going to have an amazing solo career,she’s truly an inspiration .GO SABRINA!!!!!

  • Melanie

    Sabrina needs to write more books and turn them into tv shows and star in them!!

  • lauren

    awww no offense but i think they r better in a group…

  • xxDramaqueennxx

    i dun mind it. i personally think adrienne will b much better off alone. she has da most unique voice!

  • Frustrated

    Negative attention? Please, most people don’t even know the pictures exsist, the scandal barely registered a bleep on anybodys radar. She got off WAY easy compared to her other Disney costars. I doubt that’s the reason they’re breaking up. I bet it’s more personal. Some internal “cat” fighting perhaps?

  • Lala

    it’s about time they quit Disney.

    They’re starting to get TOO old for that just like..Ashley,Vanessa,and Zac etc. etc. you shouldn’t still be doing Disney when your 18-20.

    I actually don’t think Adrienne’s “nude” pictures were that bad..

  • geena

    Aw, I’ll miss em.
    Oh well. They ARE pretty old for disney.
    Adrinne’s 22 or somethin’….and the photos?
    (most likely..)

  • Red Aaronator 1984 GTX

    I’m really sad that The Cheetah Girls are no more. They’re really Cheetah-licious. They’re The Pointer Sisters of Disney Channel. I’m crazy about The Cheetah Girls, They’re lovely, beauitufl, cute and they dance like there’s no tomorrow.

    Growl Power will always alot to me.

  • Red Aaronator 1984 GTX

    I’m really sad that The Cheetah Girls are no more. They’re really Cheetah-licious. They’re The Pointer Sisters of Disney Channel. I’m crazy about The Cheetah Girls, They’re lovely, beauitufl, cute and they dance like there’s no tomorrow.

    Growl Power will always mean alot to me.

  • newport beach, 92660 ♥

    hmm , about time , i was like what…13-14 when they came out :S

  • nicnic

    yes the cheetah girls are so over omg finally. i mean that whole “sending pics to their boyfriends” scam is so trite like get over yourselves we all know its a lie. their movies arent even good like they are too dramatic and fake. im so sick of seeing their stupid attempts to keep being famous and whatever. adrienne was stupid to do that nude picture scam and its the end of the cheetah girls. finally.

  • charlotte

    Okay, first of all, the Cheetah Girls are not old. They are young , beautiful, intellegent girls and have decided they need to go their separate ways. For whatever reason they have decided this,it is nobody’s business but theirs. They have done an outstanding job with everything they have done. I hat the fact that Adrienne’s private life was leaked out and feel very bad for her. Shoot i have let my pics be taken by what was my husband at the time adn heck we even made a video. That was our business and it actually spices things up in a relationship. Nothing wrong at all with what she did. I wish al the girls the best and hope to see them in the future doing whatever it is they will be doing on TV or theater or even stage. My daughter has fallen in Love with these girls and i couldn’t think of anyone else i would love to see her idolize.

  • http://fgjjkll nicholasedgeworth

    i i dont know but no but yesto

  • vanessaamber

    OK so maybe it is time they moved on from Disney. BUT they are not old…old is like 50 or 60 years old…well maybe 40′s but still. These girl are in the early-mid 20′s and still have a little bit of growl power left in them. I think that should break out of the Disney box and do something more unique and stuff. I think that Sabrina should definitely write more books and turn them into movies. I just think that the Cheetah Girls (Disney style) should end. I was about 12 when they came out for the first time (i think) I was not into them when the first movie came out but I think that this last movie had to be the girls best one yet. They should end it with India. I don’t think that the girls try everything to become popular, they just try to step things up so that they can attempt to reach out to different fan groups. (at least they stick to pop music…idk if they be good at rock music or rap or anything like tht) so movies should be out of the picture but maybe music videos and more albums should be in the future for the girls.

  • Bianca


  • http://cheetahgirls nzgurl

    sad i liked the cheetah girls they are not old its that they are trying to be teens i feel for adrienne and i can only wish them all the best

  • you will never know

    no. the cheetah girls will never be over, they can split or whatever but they will always be the cheetah girls. I wish them the best and really good luck, they’ve done such an amazing job!CHEETAH GIRLS FOR EVER!!

  • tazman3815

    I really hope they get back together some day , they are really great together . CHEETAH GIRLS are best together just take a look at Raven she has not really been heard of since leaving the group . Sabrina’s has the best chnce of making it solo , her talent and drop dead gorgeouslook will take her far .
    So good luck to all of you ladies and hope to see you in a reunion tour soon .

  • ja

    what happen to raven symone she is a good singer