Ashley Tisdale Goes Planet Blue Bananas

Ashley Tisdale Goes Planet Blue Bananas

Ashley Tisdale bundles up and keeps dry under her Tt short suede hoodie as she shops at Planet Blue in Beverly Hills on Wednesday afternoon.

The 23-year-old actress recently presented the Breakthrough Artist Award to the Jonas Brothers at the American Music Awards on Sunday evening. Nick Jonas was excited that Ashley got to give it to them. He told Popstar! magazine, “The cool thing was that Ashley Tisdale was the one who presented us with the award. So when she walked out, she kind of gave us this look like, ‘You got this’, so we were kind of encouraged, but we didn’t know.”

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Photos: FamePictures, WENN/Apega/Agent47
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  • ashleyloverx3


    i love her and i always will no matter what you people think for here

  • ashleyloverx3

    i love ashley!!

    no matter what you haters say! xD

  • Carol

    FIRST !
    Love ASHLEY ! :D

  • ashleyloverx3

    -loves ashley all the wayyy!

  • ashtizzyluver

    I luv ashley! I <3 her boots and bag!!! But bad news guys… I heard that she and jared broke up! : ( I wonder if it is true. I hope not. On this website it said that she broke up with him because she had feelings for someone else! If this is true, which idk for sure, I wonder who she was talking about! AAAH

  • ashloversbrasil♥


  • Angelica

    I hate her outfit ,she needs to dress her age seriously.

  • RobPattinsonishot

    post the pictures of Kristen Stewart smoking from a bong.

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    argh, she looks amazing, ♥

  • milky

    My gawd. She looks like a mysterious stranger.xD

  • d

    my chemical romance?

  • Camille

    i love her so muuuuch!!!

  • ZAnessaobssesed/ashley hater

    4 words
    love her ugg boots
    but still hate her

  • ashleytisdalefan

    omg i love ashley tisdale shes my idol ♥

  • luiza

    omfj, ash i luv ya, plz come to brazil!

  • MAPI

    HATE her.. lov her shirt

  • Gardenia

    love youuuu ashley, you are so perfect. can’t wait for your sophomore upcoming new album :D

  • girlleader1

    i luv her!!
    shes the best!!

    i luv how fans go crazy for jo bros but the jo bros actually freak bout ashley!!

    she ah-maz-in!!

  • scott

    she doesnt look like the type of person to listen to my chemical romance

  • marie

    I love her uggs and shades!!

  • zanessa/jashley

    i love her outfit here. I think it suits her well. :D

  • omg

    Her and Jared broke up? Where did you read that?!

    Thank god, she could do so much better then some idiot that’s just her little tag dog.

    Ashley looks adorable.

  • sara

    i love ashley i dont what anyone says
    she is so cool i would love to hang out with her ^_^

  • super fan ashley

    Ashley looks amazing, I love her so much
    She has so much style. Her outfit is wonderful,
    ashley ROCKS!!!!!!!

  • lore

    i really love her :D she is SO PRETTY!

  • SAY WHAT???

    she looks absolutely fabulous!
    just LOVE HER!!!

  • fabulous

    I love her! she’s so down to earth. Such a great role model!

  • the divine miss b

    she looks gr8. can’t wait 4 her new album.

    Amy, if you’re here, did u read my last post? as u would say, “OH MY GOD, r u serious?”. well, i am. after mum kept asking and asking, she did it anyway. mum’s ok, but is crying constantly. ring me Amy, so i can tell u about it. also ur invited 2 the funeral. Monday.


  • OSama

    god shes so glamorous!!

  • vicky!

    omg she looks awsome! I would love to spened a shopping day with her!! xxxx

  • xynsterdam

    yah.i like her more than vanessa!

  • bhddddddddddddddd

    is ashley tisdales music for boys or girls ? or is it for both/

    sum1 pls answer

  • bhddddddddddddddd

    is ashley tisdales music for boys or girls ? or is it for both?

    sum1 answer?


    OMG she looks really pretty ♥ She is number one !! And she was realy very very very beautifgul at AMA Sunday ♥

  • bhddddddddddddddd

    hello sum1 answer my question?????

  • tizzylove

    well it could be both!!
    but mostly girls would like it the most because with her first album it was about issues that girls face the most like breakups and stuff so that kind of connected to her girl fans
    but with her second album she said that its more about rocking out and having fun so that is going to connect to her boys fan and girl fans so its basically a balancing act
    but i sooo cant wait until her album comes out and a single!! she said its different than her first album and alot more edgy and rock!!!
    Love u tizz!!! u look beautiful like always!!

  • bhddddddddddddddd

    thnx so much

  • (:

    love her ;p everyone can listen to ashleys music if they want to.. i think girls listen to it more than boys, but of course u can listen to it if u are a boy too..

  • Paula

    she looks pretty and i want her hoodie xP

  • Julia

    OMG people who r saying they dont like her outfit..its pretty cold here in cali and it rainy she looks cute i love her uggs..i have the same pairrr

  • Kira

    omg, she’s wearing a my chemical romance tee !

  • Stephie


  • ash rockz

    I love this girl <3

    Shut up Haters!!!

    She is just beautiful & perfect <333

    GO TIZZ!

  • Red Aaronator 1984 GTX

    Ashley Tisdale is soooooooo hot hot hot hot hot!!!

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    Hey, i think i have those same jeans as her :]

  • Geo_Janzen

    she’s so cute!!!

  • Kat

    MCR ROCK! she has great taste in music! haha and Gerard is smoking hot! haha love ash!

  • odieroxx

    WOOO. My chemical Romance

  • v & A 4evEr !!!!!!!!!!!

    ashley & nessa 4ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ashany

    I Love Ashley she is perfect

    Tisdale Best

    she is great,beatiful and sweet