Stephen Baldwin: Selena Gomez is Not Cool

Stephen Baldwin: Selena Gomez is Not Cool

Like Kevin Jonas did many months ago, actor Stephen Baldwin is choosing sides in the great Selena Gomez vs. Miley Cyrus feud!

The 42-year-old actor confessed to OK! magazine at Rosie’s Gala on Tuesday night that he’s Team Miley!


He told the mag, “No, not her. She’s not cool. No Selena here.”

Ouch. Stephen recently etched the initials “HM” into his shoulder to seal a guest role on the popular Disney show, Hannah Montana, starring Miley Cyrus. Looks like Stephen won’t be inking “Wizards” or “SG” into his skin anytime soon.

Stephen‘s comments about Selena seem kind of rude to us. We bet he hasn’t even met Selena!

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  • Beth

    :O :O :O

    He doesn’t even know her!

    I love Selena + Miley :)

    I hate this ‘team’ business!

    They’re supposed to be role models!

  • Rocks

    haha i love him. i love miley

  • michelle

    Jerk. Selena is amazing! Team Selena!

  • Lizzie [-:

    3rd commento [-:
    and yeah I hate picking sides Beth
    I love both Miley & Selena

  • Emily

    I bet Selena is thousands times nicer than Miley (that little brat).

  • brie2009

    Thats just cold! And I do agree with you Jared, I also bet he hasn’t met Selena. And if he did he may have something different and hopefully better to say about Selena. But hey thats his opinion.

  • Swagger like us swagga like us

    *sarcastic*I’m sure selena will care about some lame man who got HM ON HIS SHOULDERS

  • iria

    what a pathetic man

  • BabyBelle

    wow . TEAM SELENA!!!!!!
    this guy is soo lame go pick on someone your own age . geriatric jerk.

  • lucia

    i think he knows something about miley and salena´s feud!, and that is the reason why he said that! but, i personally i think he is a little to old to be picking sides!

  • Team Miley

    LMFAO. I agree with him.

  • http://justjared shamilah

    stupid old man!!!
    miley is such a brat ew miley STinks

  • AishaLovesJustJared

    I agree with him. She is trying to be a Miley Cyrus. She’s a better rolemodel than Miley, but yeah. Trying to score brownie points in the media.

  • DontHateeee.

    this guy who’s desperately trying to get on HANNAH MONTANA has the audacity to call out selena
    he’s some 42 year old man putting down a 16 year old whom he wasn’t met.
    what a joke.

  • MoJo

    Why would he pick Miley over Selena??!! I’m sure Miley is a nice person, but I’m convinced that Selena is 10000x nicer, so I have to COMPLETELY disagree with this guy!! Team Selena AND Demi 100%!!

  • bridget

    haha i love how a washed up actor is taking sides with 16 year old girls.
    but i prefer miley as well.

  • erika

    team selena and demi! that guy is an asshole!

  • Haha!!xD


    Thi Is So Funny!
    Emily Shut Up!

    Your The Little Brat!


    Selena Sucks!
    Shes A Bobble Head!


  • jenna

    Yeah it’s just weird too because he’s old. Why is he obsessing over teenage pettiness? He just seems like a drunk that is trying to get publicity where he can.

  • Gracie

    Lol, Stephen is just a mess anyway. At least he has The Usual Suspects to his name, gives him space to sound like an idiot every once in a while ;)

  • Nicky

    Even if someone is TeamMiley or TeamSelena…he is been extremely RUDE! She is such a sweetheart….I really don’t like his comment…

  • Cathy

    he probably had to say that since hes gunna be on mileys show, it was probably mileys doing. but dont judge people before you meet them stephen baldwin!

  • desiree.

    it’s funny.
    because, every one of you guys are saying -
    “pft, he doesn’t even know her! Miley’s a little brat”
    ahahahah. really?
    you guys are lame. i’m almost positive half of you haven’t met miley either.
    and, yet. you still talk about how much of a “brat” she is.
    grow up.

  • teresa

    Not that I agree with this guy but. This is no diffrent than what Kevin did. Stephen just used words insted of a T-Shirt! But,Of course unless you’re a Jonas brother, theres NO way you’ll get away with saying something like that!

  • tori

    and this is coming from the guy who tattooed Hannah Montana(HM)
    on his arm, said he’d leave the country if barack obama won
    and the best job he can get these days is a a cameo on a disney show
    *rolls eyes* god, why is he still here. i thought he said he’d leave?

    thats REALLY immature and childish that a 42 year old man
    would choose “teams” when miley & selena both said there was NO feud.
    and like jared said he probably never met her, thats rude.
    selena is awesome, aswell as miley.

  • n

    hwo can dat me rude ? ehh no its not rudeeeeeee

  • L.I.A

    some one who is so desperate to be on hannha montana they got HM etched onto their shoulder…. at the age of 42! their opinion of anyone (especially someone he hasnt met) can hardly be taken seriously.

    that was a stupid comment to make.

  • joss

    lol does he even know her? selena is so amazing!

  • emilie


  • zanessa4ever

    he is such a jerk……
    personally i like selena more, but im not against miley…
    i think they are both beautiful and they shouldn’t have “teams”
    it’s just a big joke!

  • L

    Why is this 42 year old man sticking his nose into some “supposed” feud between two 16 year olds? Is he short of work so he’s trying to gain publicity by commenting on something that a few weeks ago, no matter how many times you try to, you would not be able to link the name Stephen Baldwin with Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus? I’m curious, does either Selena or Miley have a clue who he is?

  • Katkout

    Awww his a 42-year-old seeking ATTENTION! what a pitty, We love Selena and like miley! a333 man.

  • Miley Fan


  • fabulous

    wow, way to be immature
    he’s ugly anyways

  • sam

    she is kind of rude
    i met her once she wasnt extremely nice to her fans

    but the teams thing is dumb
    theyre both really good actors

  • Chris

    That is so “NOT COOL” of a 42 year old man to choose sides of a teenage girl cat fight(which makes him look even more stupid because there is no feud to begin with!) iLove both miley & selena, he’s just dumb!

  • selena lover!!!!!

    HE’S CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll bet he doesn’t even know her!!!!!!! Team Selena all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!


    okay im all for selena more then miley. but mileys been burned many times soo im thinking oh sure some1 can burn selena by taking miley’s side……..but then I realized he’s 42 YEARS OLD WTF???? dude that’s really rude! there flipn 16 and he’s 42 taking sides??? yea nuthins wrong with that

  • amanda

    team MILEY!!!!!

  • selena lover!!!!!

    But I like Miley, too!

  • marlene

    GO MILEY!!!:)

  • melisa

    its a JOKE kiddies!

    get a grip.

  • Cathy

    and hes a preacher too

  • jo

    these “TEAMS” are so stupid anyway. why are they trying to stir drama when there is none. so don’t judge a person if you haven’t met them.

  • Rei

    Stephen Baldwin and anyone else that champions this pathetic “Team This One”/”Team That One” nonsense needs to grow up.

  • rachluvsjb

    I can’t say I absoluetly love Selena either, but she’s not that bad. I’ve always been Team Miley, but thats not saying I don’t like Selena.

  • celine

    he is the one who’s “not cool”
    kevin was joking around (well it could be looked at as a joke – personally I think it was both, taking sides and joking)
    meanwhile this man is an adult (and an idiot to be honest)
    wtf… this whole selena vs miley thing has jst calmed down and he brings it up again :|
    he looks like 50, but acts like 15 if not even less…

  • Vicky

    pretty sure he is what…42 and uhmm they are like what 16 kinda a little creepy and disturbing he even has anything to say, this disgusts me he is an adult, sick, he is a grown man he should have nothing to say

  • unkonw

    Oh you Selena fans, I bet if those were Selena’s intitials you ‘d be cheering him on. I guess you guys can’t stand the truth that there are people who hate Selena and not whorshiping her eveyday like some people.

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    this is funny, who cares what a 42yr old guy thinks, no offence but he is a hasbeen. no offence to this d*ckhead, but he is a grown man and god HM tattooed on his shoulder, which is just freaky in my opinion, is he trying to be “down with the kids” by picking some stupid team miley or team selena, stupid freaking nutjob.