Taylor Swift: Happy Thanksgiving!

Taylor Swift: Happy Thanksgiving!

Taylor Swift just expressed her appreciation for winning the Favorite Female Country Artist at Sunday’s 2008 American Music Awards. She blogged:

“You DID IT!!!! IJREKLNVKDSLJBFL KXCMFLJEWLK THANK YOU!!! I can’t tell you how thankful/amazed/excited/ecstatic/overjoyed/blown away I am that you won me my FIRST American Music Award! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again now.. There’s nothing like a fan-voted award. They mean so much to me. When I heard my name called, I was thinking to myself ‘I can’t believe they did this for me. I can’t believe it!’ All the signings and meet and greets and concerts and faces were running through my head, as I ran up the stairs to go accept an award you won for me. I’ve always wanted an American Music Award, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have you out there doing these things for me. I’m so thankful for you, and your huge signs you make and hold up at my concerts. I’m thankful for the handmade t-shirts with song lyrics painted on them, and the scrapbooks you give me filled with pictures of us. I’m thankful for the people I’ve taken arm’s-length pictures with, and for the people who put my songs up as their profile song on MySpace. I’m thankful for the girls who walk right up and hug me, instead of keeping their distance. I’m thankful for the fact that you take the time to memorize the lyrics I write. You might think that’s something simple, but you have no idea what that means to me. I’m thankful that, even when it’s raining, I’ve got people to count on. You’re those people to me. Happy Thanksgiving. You’re what I’m most thankful for.


P.S. I’m also thankful for my mom’s incredible, quirky, obnoxiously loud side of the family. They’re all women, and they all gather together at Thanksgiving and join forces to create the loudest possible holiday ever. I’m sure I’ll get it all on video. :)

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  • lucia

    oh!! she is so nice!!! i love her!!! i want to thank her for her music!!!

  • Steph

    awww. thats so sweet of her! she really deserves that award, she is absolutely amazing.

  • ammappa

    Awww , i lovee her <3 ;D

    SHE ROCK (x

  • Zoe

    awwwwwww I love her! she rocks!! and her new cd is awesome 2ND!!!!

  • katie


  • mctb

    oh…thats was soo nice n cute n sweet! i loove her! <3

  • bob

    I loved her performance at the AMA’s -:)

    A well deserved award.

  • nikki

    love taylorrrrrr. <3

  • Someone

    hahaha, in one part of all the kjfsaldfdscbd that she wrote it says JB (:
    I was upset because of what she did with the Joe breakup, but I still love her and her music (:
    I happy she won, as well as JB did (:

  • http://www.myspace.com/OhKJonasFans Jessica

    aww Tay Is AMAZING!!

  • sienna

    Thank’s Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For making such beautiful songs….
    Happy Thank’s giving

  • http://rlnt.org Anthony

    more albums sold
    2 ama award versus one for them not just joe.
    i bet he really regrets it

    i like how she ACTUALLY sits down to write this stuff instead of having someone write it for her like joe does because hes fu.cking stupid!

  • megannk

    oh my goddd that was the cutest thing ever i love her
    she’s so incredibly talented, she totally deserves every award she receives :)

  • marissa

    I have always absolutely loved her and this made like her even more. Taylor is a great role model and she is very down to earth. Besides she’s so funny that everytime I watch Taylor’s MySpace videos I can’t help but laugh!
    My big wish is that she would someday come to Finland so that I could finally meet her and show the support of the finnish fans. I adore Taylor and her music, she rocks !

  • >>>>>>>>>>HANNNAH

    love that girl,
    and i love how shes representing the tall girls out there! LOL (im 5ft10 too)

  • http://youtube.com/priincessaiisha AishaLovesJustJared

    It’s official. Taylor Swift is amazing. She is the perfect rolemodel. As much as I love the Jonas Brothers. Camille Belle is an ugly women. She has the thickest eyebrows and she famous because she starred in some crappy film called 10,000 BC. More like 10,000 Hoes of Camille Belle. Taylor is way more successful that Camille. Taylor knows her style and everything! She is the reason teenagers like country music now. She is 18 and hasn’t been in no controverse. Miley was 15 when she had a ‘media meltdown’. She done Vanity Fair, leaked pictures, Justin Gaston (enough said about him) and her parents. Who are very bad people.

  • lesha

    now THIS is a thankyou blog. loveee it. its good when her blogs seem like she was the one that actually wrote them. she deserves everything she gets. good for her.

  • caitlin

    she is pretty awesome!

  • dee

    I love her! Shes so humble and down to earth, you can tell that she really, truly loves and appreciates her fans. There hasnt been a time when she hasnt taken time to write long blogs, bullitens, videos for her fans to see! Its so awesome. She totally deserved the award, and she looked amazing and had such a great performance @ the AMAs!!!

  • kristan

    taylor swift is amazing.
    and while i don’t really enjoy her music she seems like such a down to earth person who definitely hasn’t let fame to her head.
    as much as i dont like to admit it, other young stars totally have (like basically every disney star out there today), but taylor still takes the time to write stupid stuff like this just letting her fans know she appreciates them SO MUCH. and you can tell she writes them herself, unlike most blogs which are totally fabricated by the bands management *ahemJBahem*
    and her videos so funny her personality really shines through in all of them, unlike other videos of young stars with them just doing what their image says they should, taylor does whatever the heck she wants.

  • Sara

    She seems like she would be such an awesome person to hang out with, just so crazy fun and nice. Her AMA performance was amazing and she looked SO incredible!!! She deserves everything that comes her way, she’s one of the rare stars that has stayed the same through it all!

  • Paige

    I LOVE that there is not ONE negative comment about her on here. Who doesn’t love someone so genuine?

  • glamurama

    Taylor is cool!
    She’s so sweet.
    Go Taylor!
    <3 :) :D

  • http://www.youtube.com/matthewprokop chris

    aww she’s the best! we love you taylor this is just just the beginnig believe that you will win lots and lots of awards !!!!!!!! you’re great hope you come to mexico soon! your music is so! great!


  • selena4ever


  • Meepo

    Wow, I actually haven’t heard her music, but I disliked her once I heard about all the things she was saying about Joe.

    But reading this, she sounds really sweet and down-to-earth. That’s so incredibly sweet of her to dedicate so much to her fans, I love people like this, and they’re so rare. She sounds like a lovely person, I hope she goes even farther in life.

>>>>>>> staging1