Vanessa Hudgens Goes Dancing With The Stars

Vanessa Hudgens Goes Dancing With The Stars

Vanessa Hudgens rubs shoulders with season six winner, Kristi Yamaguchi, at the season seven finale of Dancing with the Stars.

The 19-year-old singer/actress brought along her mom Gina and dancer pal Audra. Everyone cheered on Nolan, another one of Vanessa‘s backup dancers from her summer concert tour, Identified. He danced in the finale show with Miss Miley Cyrus–they put on a flashy performance to her second single, “Fly on the Wall.”

Can you spot Nolan in Miley‘s performance?

Vanessa told People that this was her first show ever. She shared, “It was great!” Champion Brooke Burke‘s two daughters even rushed over to her only to turn shy when Vanessa bent down to talk to them. Awww.

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Photos: Kelsey McNeal/ABC
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  • jo

    she’s pretty

  • Mikayla

    Kristen Yamaguchi’s really pretty=]!!

  • kayla

    love herr!

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    She looks so pretty!
    Love her hair ♥

  • http://justjaredjr jojojo

    i hate how pretty she is!!!

  • Nicole

    she looks gogeous.


    ily jakee.

  • Sami


  • suzy

    bbv is gorgeous and her hair looks great straight like this.

  • maila

    She looks so beautiful. V that is!

    Have ya’ll noticed no Zac and V siting in ages, do ya think they have split?! I hope not!

  • ZAnessaobssesed/ashley hater

    she is so pretty and so kristi love her hair strait with bangs.

  • marisol

    donde esta zac????????

  • marisol

    extraño a zanessa!!!!

  • zanessafen4e

    love her i hope zac and nessa didnt split ! i will be very sad !! ;(

  • julie

    vanessa is the most incredible , and beautiful person in the world ♥
    at less for me.

  • Zanesa4ever

    We NEED a Zanessa sighting…….soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Plz i beg u I think im gunna go crazy!!!!!!

  • Rich

    She looks cute here, although she really needs to get rid of the bangs, but maybe that’s just my taste.

  • mike

    she is not “fugly” and the person who said that is probably the “fugly” one! lol LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!

  • Roxana

    omg i love her! she is gorgeous! i guess is good not to have sightings, it means they are getting their privacy and come on people stop with the split/break up thing. they are in a 3 yr relationship and they are also very private…i heard he’s been visitng her and there is not sightings cuz V lives in a private area now where paps are not allowed. and Z is with his family at SLO right now for the holidays….im just waiting for V’s b-day for the sightings…i miss them too! i know how you feel, it’s enough punishement but they deserve it.

  • sweetnessa

    awww i love her hair
    she’s gorgeous!!!!!

  • lau

    she is perfect!!
    i love her!!!

  • ANA


  • AMRY

    vanessa is so beautiful

  • peter

    i love you vanessa

  • ALMY






  • linda


  • ayen

    too pretty.

  • suzanne

    Love her, where has she been lately?

  • angela clarke

    I think her bangs are abit too much.

    meh about zanessa LMAO.

  • rOBIN

    I know every girl needs a change and Vanessa looks beautiful
    always but the bangs are a bit overwelming they cover her lovely
    face. I hope she starts to grow them out or wear them to the side.
    As far as Zac and Vanessa are concerned, does anyone remember
    last year? Zac went home for the holidays. He was gone for about a week at Thanksgiving and went with his brother and cousin up north.
    Then he was home for a couple of weeks celebrated Van’s birthday
    then went back home for Christmas and we didn’t see them together
    until New Year’s day. They are a normal boyfriend/girlfriend couple
    that celebrate the holidays with their family . They are going to promote
    HSM in Japan in January so we will see them there and possibly award shows.

  • super fan ashley

    sORRY, but in those photos she doesn’t look beauty.

  • zacefronlovee

    she looks sooooo prettyyy!! i love her hair!
    i hope we get some zanessa news soon. :(

  • zacefronlovee

    she looks sooooo prettyyy!! i love her hair!
    i hope we get some zanessa news soon. :(

  • Mandy

    Go Vanessa! I love her :D

  • lola

    i love her she is great and beautiful as allways

  • zanessa lover

    zanessa’s…. over?

  • amy

    She looks very beautiful as always, and I love her with that haircut.

    But what bothers me is why people always complain about how there isn’t any Zanessa sightings! Have you ever thought they have their own private lives to live just like us? They need some privacy and you guys expect to have them photographed every week of almost everyday! How would you guys feel? Being followed around just to be pictured with your spouse most of your life? Just stop fussing over that…just as long as they’re still together is what matters.

  • Vfan

    You know what I can’t stand. People only care about Zanessa, what’s gonna happen whe there is no more Zanessa are you not gonna be her fan any more? At least I’m still gonna be her fan no matter what.

  • vanessajonas

    aww i loveher she looks amazing

  • iellidy

    ## malia !!
    não vou nem comentar

  • MAPI

    GORGEOUS as ALWAYS v!!.. go v!..
    zanessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa plz jared!!!!…
    we need them :D



  • Karen

    Vanessa said in an interview not long ago that she was looking forward to having some down time after the promotions for HSM3 were done. Well, it looks like she is having that down time now. Also, in one of her last interviews it sounded like she was growing weary of the paps so I believe she was in need of some privacy and needed to be out of the limelight for a while. It would seem that Vanessa’s new house must be somewhere that is not so accessible to the prying eyes of paps. She had said in an interview at the Teen Choice Awards that her parents found her house that she did buy. It looks like Mom and Dad did a good job in helping their little girl get some peace and quiet and be safe in the process. Bravo, Mom and Dad Hudgens. The fans may not like it so much as they have gotten used to seeing so many pics of her on sites like JJ but it is actually good for her.

    As far as Vanessa and Zac and the “Zanessa” pandemonium goes: Maybe, just MAYBE they are trying to have some time to create a separate identity. For the past year particularly they have been linked in candid pics numerous times. In the past 2 months they have been around the world together. They are separate actors with separate careers. They need to be sure everyone understands that fact. The bigwigs in Hollywood need to know that fans want to see Zac Efron in a movie or Vanessa Hudgens in a movie and not JUST interested in the phenomenon known as ZANESSA. You don’t see the name Zanessa in the credits. We love them as a couple and they make us feel good for whatever reason but we are spoiled in seeing them so much. It has only been a two weeks since they were together in Melbourne. Look, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are a couple and hve been for some time. But it doesn’t mean they are not a couple or have broken up just because we don’t see pictures of them together. They also do things on their own as they have separate careers. Maybe Zac and Vanessa wouldn’t be so intent on staying out of the limelight if they were allowed to have some down time and privacy the MAJORITY of the time. They gave a lot of themselves together while on that world-wide HSM3 tour.

  • caitlin

    nessa looks gorgeous!
    im loving the bangs!
    always good to keep changin it up :)

  • :] lovebug

    hmm…i didn’t like nolan much at Vanessas concert. and i agree with whoever said her bangs are too long. im sure she loved being at dwts…i always love going to that show, other than the forced applause and laughter for everything. you can’t hear about half of the stuff they’re (tom len bruno carianne samantha) are saying because their mics are really functional they’re for show. the wiring in the back is what transmits to the cameras. but its still fun to go see :] i wish i took the offer to go this week just to see V, but i had stuff to do :[

  • aussie chicck

    roxana (#18)

    i truly agree with you. i think its good that theer getting their privacy. yer listen guys. they have been together for 3 years and they have been through alot, like with vanessa’s pics and all that other stuff so i think that they are still together! theyve been throuh so much with eachother. and it would be stupid if they broke up cause she maks him happy and he like to make her happy, which he does. and they are the cutest couple ever!

  • demi

    stop invading their privacy!! it’s really tough to maintain a relationship in hollywood, too many rumors and too many heartbreak stories over there. maybe they argue often like other teen couples, maybe they will break up after all hsm3 promotions are done, or maybe zac will fall in love with another actress when he films his new movies, he is too flirtatious with girls. but who knows what will happen next? just let them live their life and gain some good memories now.

  • annonymous

    I do agree with some of you on the fact that vanessa is vanessa and zac is zac. Sooner or later, the fans will have to accept the fact that both have different careers and different projects. THey can’t always be in a movie together and vannessa still have her singing career to build. But I can’t deny that fact I have got use to the term zanessa and i do love the chemistry they share when they are together.

    Anyway, IF (I say IF!) they do break up, I will still always and forever be Vanessa supporter.

    PS Truly I do think her bangs cover her lovely face.

  • Karen

    I am older and know more about relationships than some of you and I can say they have great potential at going the distance in this relationship—at the very least, going a very long time—if they are allow to have some breathing room and privacy. They need to be allowed to be like any other couple—having their disagreements and learning how to deal with them so they won’t continue to happen and to have those sacred moments that are only THEIRS to share and remember.

    You don’t even see Brad and Angelina together every day on JJ or anywhere else since it is their lives, not ours. Nor are any of these people required to let the world know what they are doing or if they are together or not. We can only wish them the best and hope they are happy.

  • mhay

    God Bless vanessa.

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