David Archuleta Has a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

David Archuleta Has a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

David Archuleta gets a big pat on the back from Charlie Brown and his pal Lucy at Macy’s 82nd Annual Thanksgiving Parade in New York City on Thursday.

The 17-year-old former American Idol contestant performed his hit song “Crush”. Watch a video of the performance below!

When asked if he watched the parade as a kid, David said, “Yeah, it’s really fun to be a part of it because it is something I grew up watching and trying to remember to be up on time to see the whole thing. And it’s just crazy to think you’re going to be in it after watching it for so long. It’s just a really cool thing that families come to watch together and really enjoy.”

FYI: David‘s second single will be “A Little Not Too Over You”.

David Archuleta Sings “Crush” At Thanksgiving Day Parade

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Credit: Jennifer Mitchell; Photos: Anthony Dixon/WENN, SplashNewsOnline
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  • gloria

    thank us so much!! david is so awesome i love him so much! thank u so much 4 the pics

  • http://david-hq.org/ Ash

    Love love love David.

  • ashley

    hes like so lip singing….he couldnt sing that well

  • Mikayla

    i think hes awesome!!!=]

  • michelle

    david doesnt need to lip synch his voice is already amazing.
    they make EVERYONE lip synch, not just him!!!!!
    so dont just pick on him..

    o and btw:david could sing even BETTER!!!!!<3:)
    just pointing that out…


    i love love love love love love love love love love love love<3333333
    DAVID ARCHULETA<3 !!!!!!
    ahhhh he did so good on the parade:)
    he is the besttttttt:)

    and the song “A Little Not Too Over You” :):):):):)
    is awsome i love that songgggg<3
    and his albummmm is amazing:)

  • michelle

    wait, nooooo
    the song is called “a little too not over you”
    haha i messed up.

  • zanessa4ever

    david is sooooooooooo awesome!!!
    i ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ him!!!
    ♥ U!!!!

  • Jen

    I love his song, “Works For Me!” :)

  • sdb66

    Thanks for the wonderful pictures!

    David Archuleta is amazing!!! I’m happy for him that he was able to be at the parade with his mom. Too bad that he had to lip sync (like the rest of the artist did). This is the first time he does it, and it was because all the performers had to do it. He did a really good job but it is a shame he wasn’t allowed to sing live; David voice is beyond amazing!!! his vocal are just unbelievable powerful, magical, and beautiful.


  • amy
  • hsm!!!

    how can he sing EXACLY like the cd? he is soo lip synching

  • amy

    #3 and #9, EVERYONE was lip synching if you haven’t watched the whole program. How can a singer sing 1-3 songs when it is freezing cold outside? Everyone was lip synching.

  • julieeeeeee

    as it has been pointed out a few times, yes he was lip-synching.
    EVERY performer was lip singing cos its too difficult with the different noises that come with the parade.
    but he can OBVIOUSLY sing really well live if he was runner up for american idol, you cant really lip sing that .. can you ?
    NO, so overall he is amazing !(:
    & pretty freaking cute.

  • Ariana

    it drives me crazy how they lip sing on the floats its like you might as well just play the song and just have them wave or somethin its dumb that they pretend to sing

  • Lindy

    Awwwwww, love it :DDD
    he looks so cute as usual.

  • Izabella

    he seems to be the sweetest guy ever, I can’t imagine him breaking someones heart or being mean, he’s always smiling!! he’s so awesome!! :D

  • Maya


    You guys should go listen to this, it’s pretty amazing and he is not lipsinging.

  • karenkid

    Thank you so much for bring this moment with David Archuleta to his fans. I can tell he’s having so much fun and that makes me entirely HAPPY! Hope his entire day was an incredible experience – wish I could have been there, too!

  • addy

    David and Charlie Brown!too cute!lol
    Thanks for posting the link to David’s AOL sessions Maya! hugs!

  • ashley

    #5 im not just picking on him….or anyone else in the parade….because i was there and i know they all were because of everything going on around them

    but they should make sure hes good at it because were i was he wasnt doin a good job at it

  • ahecht25

    Thanks for posting the AOL Sessions, Maya!!!

    For ANYONE who thinks David can’t sing live, I suggest you check out his AOL Sessions. David’s at his best live. THE.END.

    Thanks for the ADORABLE pics, Jared!!!

  • Kat

    David is a phenomenol live performer, and go to the AOL sessions to see for yourself.

    Every singer lip synchs on parades. Everyone did. Some did better than others, but it is understood that it will happen. Too bad you didn’t know that if it upset you enough to keep commenting.

    Go watch him on AOL. He is a live performer like few I’ve ever seen.

  • kiddoo98

    You could tell he was really uncomfortable lip synching… he absolutely would have rather been singing but it wasn’t his choice.

    But he is probably the most adorable boy in world in his little hat and scarf :)

    …and his voice is pretty sweet too!! :)

  • Emmaa

    He looks so cute & so warm :) i love him so much!

  • Helen

    there all lip singing duhh

  • ilovearchie

    He is the most adorable celebrety ever and his voice is amazing

  • lisa

    I love David Archuleta anddd Charlie Brown woohoo

  • Mihaela

    omggg thanks for his aol sessions, that is so phenomenal, he is such an amazing live performer, i’m speechless.

  • W

    Awe David’s so cute, I love his album it’s beyond
    amazing! I can’t wait for his next single and video!

  • Violet p

    WOW the aol sessions are amazing! he’s soooo good live.

  • Duyen

    he is amazing!!!
    he doesnt need to prove that he’s a good singer. everyone already knows that

  • Emy

    psh i just wouldn’t sing at all if they made me lip sync!

  • Mihaela

    love himmmmmm so muchhhhhhh

  • me

    #3 if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. even if he is lipSYNCHING, he obviously can sing that well because it is HIS voice.
    and if he couldn’t sing live he wouldn’t have been runner-up on american idol.
    honestly your argument is completely impossible to back up. ask anyone. go ahead and argue anything about his personality or whatever you want (though i don’t see why) but saying he can’t sing well is possibly the dumbest thing you could say.
    and P.S. they were ALL lipsynching. notice there were no bands or anything? and it was 43 degrees outside? yeah.

  • Jenny

    he is a cutie pie

  • Mandy

    OMG. Jared thanks soooo much for posting David archuleta on here! you should try to put more up. THANK YOU i love just jared i check it all the time!