Demi Lovato Sings The National Anthem

Demi Lovato Sings The National Anthem

Demi Lovato belts it out as she sings the national anthem, aka The Star-Spangled Banner, at the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Game on Thursday afternoon.

The 16-year-old singer made it back home to Texas for the Thanksgiving holiday but will be back in Los Angeles soon. Demi and pals Kyle Massey and Drew Seeley will be at the Hollywood Santa Parade in Los Angeles on Sunday, November 30th to perform some of their hot singles.

Check out Demi singing the National Anthem below!

Demi Lovato – Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Day Game, 11/27
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  • Phi

    ILOVE HER!!!

  • xdom

    she did so well!! (:
    GO DEMI.

  • .

    u could tell she was scared but i love her for her imperfections…shes normal just like us..but with a HUGE beautiful voice

  • Sarah

    she’s so amazing at singing! I loveeee her :]

  • Kelly

    That was mind-blowing!

  • michelle


  • amy

    No comment…

  • Cindy

    She’s amazing! You rock that National Anthem girl!

  • Andy

    Now she has talent, unlike Miley.

  • mandy

    Amy#4: you’re a loser!

    Demi’s beautiful and she have an amazing voice!

  • mandy

    wow, demi’s voice is AMAZING. i love her very much!

  • zena

    Demi that was absolutely stunning. I think that she out-sang the Jonas Brothers by a mile, as she does on several occasions.

  • kathy


  • kathy


  • Rissa

    i agree with #8. though she was pitchy on the ends of some notes, because i think she was a bit nervous, but she ended really strong. great job demi!

  • celine

    she is so amazing!!
    she has beautiful voice… I would crap myself up there :D but she done really well, it gave me chills!!

  • no idea

    Even she was singing in front of thousands people, she was still very awesome.

  • K

    No comment…²

  • rhonda

    Demi has an incredible voice and is destined for many years of success.

  • nunu14

    her voice is sooo powerful……..LOVE HER!!!!
    u rok…amazing voice:)

  • danielle


  • sam b

    that was amazing!

  • Rachel

    she did an amazing jo but there was one flaw for me. she breathe between spangled and banner at the end. everyone does. why do people breathe inbetween the title? My choir teacher pinted it out to me and now it bugs me. But she did an amazing job!

  • (){S-s-S}

    OMG, that girl has serious lung capacity….lol
    Her voice is amazing…. I luv her <)

  • lalaine

    i think she just yelled out some high notes but i still got goosebumps. she did good!

  • Amanda

    Better than I would have expected her to do. Certain parts made me cringe, but she did okay.

  • She looks cute and has a really big voice, but i kind of think that she overdoes it. I really like Bethany Joy Galeotti´s version. Don´t get me wrong, i love Demi, she´s amazing! :)

  • Carrie

    Personally I dont think she did that great of a job. Now I am not saying she doesnt have a good voice, I just dont think she sounded all that great in this performance.

  • demiroxmysox

    that was effin amazing,
    she even made it her own.
    pretty awesome.

  • gracie

    when she first sang she was a lttle low but then she blew my mind what an amazing vocie. i still love ashley and vanessa more but they dont have Demi’s amazing voice.



  • jamiee

    ugh. it was great but she stoped alot to catch her breathe and i dont think that made it sound WONDERFUL

  • bd

    I’ve got to say, she has an amazing voice but I don’t think that is the best anthem I have heard. A few parts turned me off. Keep in mind I adore Demi Lovato, but that just wasn’t her best. Better than some keep in mind!

  • lillilou187

    Theres no need to compare hers to Miley because she completely DEMOLISHED her! Demi was nervous, you would be too if you knew thousands of people were watching and about thirty percent of them dont like you or want you to freak up, but SHE BLEW MY MIND! So what if she was pitchy at parts? SHE’S FREAKIN 16 and has an AMAZING VOICE!!

  • vhhvmjnbn,m..

    that certainly wasn’t awful or anything, but, speaking from a singer’s point on view, she took it down a lot and had a lot of trouble reaching several notes. you could tell she was yelling most of it out, not singing.
    but overall, i like her and think she sounds good in her recorded songs.
    it’s totally understandable and fine to mess up or get nervous onstage in front of so many people.

  • lia

    Demi rockz!

  • Frustrated

    I’m not a fan, but Demi easily has the best voice Disney has ever produced. However, she also gets the least amount of credit for it. Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus fans have pushed over and over again how untalented she is, to the point where people aren’t willing to give her a chance. All three of them are trying to win approval from the same audience. The Jo Bros and Miley have most of the 12 and under crowd wrapped around their fingers. The only people left for Demi are the people who don’t like the other two, or the people who are open-minded enough to like them all.

  • Lizzie

    I like both Miley & Demi
    but in the singing department I think Demi has kind of a new fresh and funky voice

    I love it! She’s very cool and seems like a person you could just kick it with

    Good Job Demi (:

  • :] lovebug

    I like the girl and am not an obsessive fan, but that was quite amazing. She did great especially since she knew millions of people are watching

  • :] lovebug

    but I wasn’t fond of her breathing. She could cover the mic when she took a breath

  • lindsey

    she’s so amazing :)

  • mary

    miley cyrus, take some notes.

  • Hallie

    she really made me angry with this… I mean she has a wonderful voice and she sang beautifully, but I just HATE when people try to “change up” the national anthem. Just sing the song, all the crazy rock crap is not needed.

  • Miriam

    Demii is so fantastic…she has got a beautiful voice and looks amazing =)

  • reenuh

    pitchy…sounded like she was just plain shouting


    that was amazing demz !
    you’re soo talented. :)<3

  • Emy

    now lets see little miss miley do that……….

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    She looks great and her voice os ah-mazin’!
    GO DEMI ♥

  • ughhh

    UGH she has a decent voice(it’s mostly just power) but she does not know how to sing. She’s too breathy, she shouts, she has absolutely no control over her voice. Being able to be hold a note and being loud does not make up for the lack of uniqueness or the ability. Either way I rather she stick with singing because her acting is atrocious.

>>>>>>> staging1