Selena Gomez is Matthew Williamson Magical

Selena Gomez is Matthew Williamson Magical

Selena Gomez looks spectacular as she snuggles up to British star Brad Kavanagh in a Matthew Williamson black and violet dress at the British Academy Children’s Film and Television Awards in London on Sunday evening.

The 16-year-old Disney darling’s film Horton Hears a Who was nominated for the Feature Film Award. Wall-E took home the award. Selena also presented an award for Best International TV series.

Selena and her Wizards of Waverly Place castmates – David Henrie, Jake T. Austin and Jennifer Stone – will be hosting Disney Channel’s New Year’s celebration, Totally New Year. Viewers can now go online to to vote for their favorite music videos, episodes and moments of 2008 to air in the special on Wednesday, December 31st.

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  • http://irina chloe


  • Cheryl

    selena looks gorgeous as always :)

  • Annna

    omg! that is the ugliest dress ever!

  • loover

    she looks pretty:)

  • Annna


  • bfan

    stop tryin. no matter she do its just not right.

  • tori

    well if ANY on you know about the fashion in europe
    then youd know that, that dress is gorgeous and she looks awesome :)

  • .

    agree with #6 and #1 omg her taste sucksss

  • .

    actually i kinda like the dress

  • .
  • xoxooooooo


  • http://JUSTJAREDJR Nicky!!!!!!!:)



    #7. i totally agree with you!!! that dress is gorgeous and so is selena.

  • asdfksd;a

    that dress is ferosh

  • hilarie

    #7: Yes i know about fashion in Europe, and this dress IS horrible!! And the big blue belt doesn’t help!

  • tori

    #15 apperantly not.
    because Matthew Williamson is a beautiful designer
    and you are being completely rude about his work
    this is dress is cute,
    something most couldnt pull off, but she can.

  • :)

    Omg , ONE word … HORRIBLE

  • lesha

    aww she looks so pretty. um and william is a fierce designer so don’t know what some of you are talking about. he work is fab.

  • joss

    wow she looks stunning, i dont see anything wrong with her dress and it’s appropriate for her age as well, unlike miley…

  • Casey

    the dress is pretty cool :)

  • michelle

    She looks great! I love the colors of the dress and the look of it!

  • Ally

    Who’s the guy in the last picture? He’s cute.

  • lovebug


    at least she’s trying new & different things
    and she isn’t wear those same old same old dresses.

    if you don’t like her, move on.

    she just looks so gorgeous, i can’t get over it!
    love the dress, matthew williamson does beautiful work

  • lovebug

    and also, if you’re not an idiot, you can clearly see that the blue belt works great with the dress as it highlights the ink blue tones in the flowers.

    it’s pretty clear you know nothing about fashion.
    so why don’t you take the time out to think a little before you go off making rude little comments on something you have no idea about.

  • brigitte

    she looks incredible!
    and that dress is soooo cute :D

  • Vfan

    She’s cute but that belt on the dress just does’nt cut it…but all in all she looks pretty.

  • jenny

    The Guy Is Brad Kasomething!
    He’s Like Disney Channel England.He Won Some Compettion And Got To Sing A Theme Song Or Something.

    HaHa, LoveBug Is So Right


  • Krissy Fantasy

    # 23 / 24
    i agree with you so much! thank you for posting the truth, people need to hear :)
    SEL= perfection in that black and purple dress.
    She obviously looks 100% stunning.
    beautiful- lovely-sexy- AND GORGEOUS.
    if you people don’t know style and fashion sense
    move on with yourself
    and get lost.
    seriously. it’s bad enough you LIKE her, but think she has no taste at ALL.
    Or the haters who are complete idiots, thinking she HAS the worst fashion sense ever.

    well w/e
    who cares what you think.
    IT shouldn’t matter, since your opinion doesn’t belong here on this site.

    I’m glad she’s trying different styles, and not wearing the same outfit 247.
    UNLIKE miley cyrus.


  • Just Jill

    Thank you Jenny!

  • bob

    Too much is going on with that dress, but she IS beautiful!!

  • Emy

    I love her dress!

  • ash

    she wears the weirdest dresses ever. She tends to wear stuff that are objective, i think thats the word, so thats why either people hate them or love them. I really dont like this dress though the colors are nice but the dress is pretty ugly a different design with the same colors wouldve been better

  • emilly

    That dress is like a grape with fake flowers.

  • sara

    she is beautiful!

  • Vanfan4life

    That’s a weird dress.

  • Emma

    At first I thought the dress was kinda ugly, but now I kinda like it – Selena pulls it off really well! She looks GORGEOUS!!!

  • michelle

    she looks pretty

  • teresa

    She was in Horton Hears a Who?

  • Camila!

    She looks ok, but i think i wouldn’t use that dress!

  • china


  • Shika

    Oh my, look at this ugly dress.

  • Loren

    HOTTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mary

    What an AWFUL dress! OMG, what was she thinking? She looks horrible as always, but I gotta say, her shoes are amazing.

  • katie perry


  • jackie

    wow, this girl just gets prettier and prettier ha i like her dress =]
    ohmigosh she does have fashion sense. you guys should
    be asking youself if you have fashion. i mean come on, your guys
    fashion probably sucks. this girl is beautiful no matter what.

    i love you sel.

  • dorothy

    i love that dress its just so fun!
    beautiful girl.

  • ally

    not her best outfit… too many flowers

  • Ew.

    Its 0bvious That Girl Got Dressed In The Dark;
    Shes Has No Sense 0f Style; She Even Admit It Herself That She Dresses Like An 0ld Woman. She Tries To Hard; She’s Like Always Copying Someone Else; Like Miley. Miley;s Style Is Unique.
    That What Makes Her Great. Now That Girl Has Style. The Dress Isnt Cute. But Selena Has Wore Some Great thing In The Pass. She Just Went Wrong 0n This 0ne. Like The Belt, Has To G0!

  • Angelica

    b e a u t i f u l !

  • Joyce

    i like the dress.

    and dude, its a Matthew Williamson dress.
    you do not mess with Matthew Williamson.