Vanessa Hudgens is Katsu-Ya Covered Up

Vanessa Hudgens is Katsu-Ya Covered Up

Paparazzi-shy Vanessa Hudgens hides her face from photographers as she makes her way into Sushi Katsu-Ya for dinner on Saturday in Studio City, Calif.

The 19-year-old High School Musical sweetheart was seen hiding her face as she was denied a seat at the restaurant.

Vanessa then jumped in her car with her mother Gina and little sister Stella. The family then bolted home to order for delivery!

UPDATE: A rep for Katsu-Ya exclusively tells they are deeply sorry for not being able to seat Vanessa: “There were no available tables and the management was extremely sorry they could not accommodate her.”

10+ pictures inside of Katsu-Ya covered up Vanessa Hudgens

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  • Annonymous

    Yeah first.

    Well to all V hater out there who commented on her VIP treatment at a shopping mall. This shows that she troo is a normal human being.

  • nadine

    Vanessa is the best!!!! love her<3

  • vfjnbgcfmj


  • vfjnbgcfmj

    4th :P

  • vanessafan


    she’s so pretty! i love the top!!

    go vanessa!!!

  • EWW

    she’s NOT even that FAMOUS!


  • a


  • Angel

    poor V
    the cameras following her must be sooo anooyinngg
    luv her to death tho

  • erihar

    She wasn’t exactly denied a seat…there weren’t any available tables stupid!!

  • Caroline


  • Sam

    Love her, she is so cute.

  • zanessafen4e

    love her !! need zanessa news

  • Boji

    Yes, to be denied a seat means the person was not welcomed JJ. Get your information right. The restaurant was fully booked as simple as that. Having light bulbs flashed in your face at night is no joke especially when you have to drive. It blinds you.

  • Lucy

    On youtube i saw about a 5-10 second clip of Zac and V seperate but hugging this girl, v hugs her and the girl kisses her cheek and then the next clip zac is holding the girl and she kisses his cheek and he grins at the camera. Does anyone know where this is from?

  • mia’s

    stella looks pissed

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    she’s cute :))) Love her <3

  • sara

    i cant stand her!!!
    Grow up already gosh

  • (:

    love her <33:D

  • ookk

    haha shes coving her face cuz shes not wearing any make up!!
    yea a real natural beauty!

  • ELizabeth

    LUV VANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tini

    How can they possibly DENY a seat to Vanessa???? I would be sooo pissed if something like that happened to me!!! Anw!!

    LOVE V!!!



  • Michh!

    oh beautifull

  • qwerty

    That is just not cool, not allowing V to eat there. And that paparazzo jerk who put the camera into V’s car. Why can’t the whole world just back off and give the girl two seconds to breath?

  • Zanesa4ever

    Love her! hopefully we will c zanessa soon!!

  • maria

    Why does it look like JJ doesn’t like vanessa hudgens? and prefer ashley better. I just have that feeling because i really like vanessa caus eshe’s an amazing person! It’s just my opinion….

  • british girl in the know

    I think this is so funny.
    It just shows that she doesnt get special treatment all the time.
    I just think its funny,I bet she was so embararssed. Maybe next time she will call ahead and see if they have any tables instead of having to suffer the embarassment of either being turned away because the restaraunt has no tables or because they dont want all the drama and press attention that would go with her and her family eating there.

  • Boji

    JJ makes controversial statements or half truths to get the fans riled up and the haters gleefully posting on the threads. This is the only way he can make an otherwise bland thread interesting and acquire more hits.

  • Boji

    Vanessa would not have expected preferencial treatment. She was just trying her luck and didn’t expect it to be fully booked. A normal occurance. Nothing embarrassing, the same as queueing. It is the papz hounding her that is embarrassing and intrusive.

  • erihar

    Exactly… her hiding her face has nothing to do with embarassment or getting turned away. She isn’t gonna give the paps anything…good for her.

  • zvlover

    #23? i agree with you! vanessa does not need to let the paparazi make money off of her pretty face! i think she looks great and nice to see that she finally combed those bangs to the side so u can see her face agagin!
    “hopefully zanessa pix soon!!

  • XxXx

    love her…have zanessa soon
    ashley suck and so fake

  • didi

    love u vanessa!!!!!!!!!!

  • Boji

    My spelling is bad I meant preferential not preferencial.

  • haha!

    haha how embarrassing for her.

  • haha!

    why do people on here act like they know how she was feeling?
    you dont know if she was embarrssed or whatever shes thinking.
    so shutup, you’ve prolly never even met her.

  • :] lovebug

    I don’t think she got turned away. I mean this restaurant wants to keep it’s a-b listers and anyone with a gaggle of pappers sure qualifies. I’m not worried about a breakup I just love seeing them together can we get some pics? And vanessa looks great.

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    sara,shut up,and the only one who have to grow up is you,ok?
    i love v so much,and jj,please get the right information,because they dont denie v a seat,the restaurant was full,thats it.ok..but thanx for the pics…hope we get zanessa pics VANESSA!!!she is so pretty!!

    zanessa lover forever!!! haters…get out!!lol

  • zanessahsmxoxo



  • waou

    no offense but she should try to avoid paps better than that if it’s possible. She could become like lindsay L or Paris H, being photographied doing nothing special when she knows that the paps are always looking for her. I don’t want to be mean, I like her and wish her the best.
    Sorry for the mistakes I dont know english very well

  • leave her alone

    Jared I don’t know what’s your problem but I don’t recall Vanessa ever doing anything wrong to you so stop hating on her! And how old are you ? I’m sure your in your twenties or older and your hating on somebody you don’t personally know?! GROW UP and so can all the haters.It’s funny because you never did this to Ashley .If any of you think that you can go through life hating on people that YOU DON’T KNOW then YOU’RE WRONG.

  • tyuoi

    Why does it look like JJ doesn’t like vanessa hudgens?

  • Vicky

    Some of you guys need to stop freaking out and think for a second! She wasn’t “denied”, the restaurant was full, she was probably told she’d have to wait a half hour or so and decided to make other plans. This is normal, is there honestly anyone here who has never shown up at a busy restaurant and had to go elsewhere??

  • j

    she was hiding her face even when she was entering the restaurant so she def. wasnt hiding her face when she came out because she was embarrassed.

  • brian

    GIVE ME A BREAK. Talk about full of yourself. You’re cute, but not that cute, Vanessa.

  • ayen

    pointless post, you can’t even see her face. nice outfit though.

  • amy

    #31, how is this scenario of her being full of herself? She’s not trying to be cute. She’s trying to get away from the paparazzi.

  • Kar

    i bet she and zac broke up

  • curiosity

    Brian get life…She was just trying to get something to eat it’s not like it said no available table in the front of the restaurant it actually said OPEN. I’ve been to many restaurant and tables are full and a long wait so we go somewhere else…. It’s not like she made a scene and demanded a table.