Ashley Tisdale: It's Just Another Manicure Monday

Ashley Tisdale: It's Just Another Manicure Monday

High School Musical sweetheart Ashley Tisdale treats herself to a fresh manicure on Monday afternoon in Toluca Lake, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress is currently working on her sophomore album from Warner Bros Records and took a part in planning Miley Cyrus‘s 16th birthday bash at the American Music Awards last month with good friends Taylor Swift, Julianne Hough and Jordin Sparks.

Ashley will next be seen in the comedic alien movie, They Came From Upstairs, due out in theaters July 2009.

10+ pictures inside of Ashley Tisdale‘s Monday manicure…

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ashley tisdale monday manicure 02
ashley tisdale monday manicure 03
ashley tisdale monday manicure 04
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Credit: Ben Tsui; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • megan

    man, she’s such a loser…
    gooooo slutnessa!

  • Krissy

    GO ASH!
    love her!
    mani petis .>

    alien movie?
    can’t wait!

  • Krissy

    sorry, for some reason , my real post got deleted

    go ash!
    love her!
    mani pet’z
    looking good, sexy (L)

    # 1
    can you spell S-H_U_T U_P
    it sounds more easier, saying it outloud, then typing it
    so think, before you say
    forget the past-move on already!

    i can’t believe ash is still sticking around her.
    MIL doesn’t deserve good people like ASH
    like honestly.
    this girl, tries to hard
    to look and act older
    what a phony!


    still love ash!
    can’t wait for her album + new movie <333

  • alysson pokrywiesky

    Ashley sempre com Stilo!

    Gata de mais ;P

    te amo’s.

    Fã Br. Alysson Pokr

  • Thaís from Brazil

    I like her soooo much, but I prefer Vanessa.

    Jared…more Vanessa’ pictures

  • zanessa/jashley

    she looks so cute !! I am def. feeling the hat there.

    I totally can’t wait to hear her new album AND see her new Alien movie !! Hm, July ? ….i seriously CANNOT wait that long.

  • ayen

    cute outfit Ashley.

  • :] lovebug

    Ashley looks great… I wish I had her life :) my manic Monday was consisted of 6 am gym 8 am class 3 pm work now home watching the hills.

  • http://ZacEfron Ashley Tisdale’s #1 Fan

    Ashley looks so Beautiful as always.

  • http://ZacEfron Ashley Tisdale’s #1 Fan

    I am a big fans of Ashley Tisdale’s. she alway looks so Pretty and Beautiful. Love her.

  • http://ZacEfron Ashley Tisdale’s #1 Fan

    I can’t wait to see Ashley;s new movie. I think she will do great. and move on from The Hsm and show people she is grown Up.

  • super fan ashley

    She looks pretty!!!!!!!!!1
    I love her style, she is such a great girl!
    Go ASH!!
    I love her SO much, xoxo

  • Andy

    Looking pretty cute as always!!!

  • http://ZacEfron Ashley Tisdale’s #1 Fan

    Ashley will do good in whatever movie she does.

  • http://ZacEfron Ashley Tisdale’s #1 Fan

    #12 I agree with you

  • areli

    so gorgeous!!!

  • http://ZacEfron Ashley Tisdale’s #1 Fan

    I don’t know why the haters can’t leaves us ashley fans alone.

  • :] lovebug

    it appears to be more of a beanie vs a fedora.

  • kara

    ashley tisdales #1 fan i love her too but i think you need to chill on commenting for a bit

  • WOW!

    #11, you must be kidding me. It’s a movie about an alien…….? How is that gonna show she is growing up?

    Ashley’s nose is nasty. She looks so fake, even after dying her hair brown/orange.

  • a

    Ashley Tisdale’s #1 Fan @ 12/01/2008 at 10:48 pm

    will u shut up!!! how many post do u want to write



  • MEAN


  • jen

    im a tiz fan but all she seems to do is go out and shop!

  • vicky!

    Omg she looks dammm awsome! I love her tan i wish i can spend a shopping day with her and stuff. I love everything shes wearing. I cannot wait for her album to come out, Shes going to rox it!! Lol

  • OSama

    hey megan u ur self is a slut so u think otherz like ur self so plz dont look every1 as u

  • OSama

    ash is best!!!

  • http://yahoo cutie


  • ashtisdalelover1905

    OMG she looks really beutiful and her hair color like orange ::))

  • teteu

    I love her, she are so amazing… =}

  • yeah

    ugghhh this girl is a spoiled brat!!!

    has she nothing to do in life besides going out and do something that related to her body!!

    shopping here, shopping there!!! why don’t she just give out her DAMN designer bags, shoes, and clothes!!!

    a movie about aliens???.. oh,,, i hope they changed the title:
    “they came from ashley tisdale’s house”

    cause that would be a blockbuster!!!! to the aliens!!

    oh please give a break,.. maybe she’s the alien!!! she’s freakin’
    23 years old.. and she’s making a kinda like childrens movie!!!

    c’mon ashley fishtale, do some mature roles you damn idiot!!

    and one thing she’s a fake!!!

    theres no more natural on her body…

    how many times does she change her hair color…twice?!?! yeah right!! thats what u called UN-NATURAL!!!

    she’s not even beautiful!!!

    why cant she be her bestfriend vanessa, hanging-out and spending time with her family??…oh self-centered

    (i’m not even fan though)

    oh, dont worry tisdale fan, its just my opinion!!! so dont fight!!! cause if
    you did, meaning you cant accept the fact that she’s ugly!!!! and fake… :p

  • gabby

    go ashley!! your outfits are always amazing. anyways, i love your dress and shoes and bag. cant wait to see more of your candids, tizz.!

  • SH!!!!!!!!!

    JJJ kidding me?????/. It’s a movie about an alien????????
    She’s 23 and she do movie about alien??????
    It’s a children movie and she is 23!!!!!!!!
    Oh man she’s the most stupid actress I ever seen !!!!


    is the bestt! she is very beautiful! IS FABULOUS! ASHLEY ROCKSSS

  • Mike

    she is awesome!!!
    and she can do every movie she wants, she is 23, and she can make every character, thank god she is not one of those who only can play one role… she can make anything she wants!!!
    and I can’t wait for her album!

  • ZJ207

    #30 ^^ so what??? She’s 23, she’s doing a film for kids!! She’s FREE to do whatever she wans!!! And just for ur info… I’ll be the first one to watch that movie!!!!!!!!!!!
    GOOOOO ASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D <33

  • Blair

    aww, she looks amazing. Her style is so cool :]

  • Gardenia

    so perfect, ashley YOU ROCK!
    love you so much :D

  • ashlove

    she rocks my world i love you ashley!!
    she a great role model she doesnt drink, smoke, take sluty pictures of
    her self and doesnt go out clubbing even if she allow too
    I Heart Ashley tisdale for life

  • tommy

    ashley is so hoooooooooot
    ashley is so hoooooooooot
    ashley is so hoooooooooot
    ashley is so hoooooooooot
    ashley is so hoooooooooot
    ashley is so hoooooooooot
    ashley is so hoooooooooot
    ashley is so hoooooooooot
    ashley is so hoooooooooot
    ashley is so hoooooooooot
    ashley is so hoooooooooot

  • http://justjaredjr jemma

    i love ashley i will admit see has days when see does not look her best but so does vanessa but today she looks so pretty.

    ps vanessa has more bad days

  • gracie

    she looks really pretty and i love her boots. i just love her style. she can wear anything she wants

  • http://Mozillafirefox Donna W.

    Ashley looks like she may be thinking about something. Would like to see more of her and her bff’s Vanessa and Zac.

  • ♥ashleytizzy♥isthebest♥

    i admire her every day even when she had a bad day =)
    (sorry for my bad nglish i come from germany ^^ )

    ps all haters f*** off i think you might become an own life before mentionig she’s a slut!!!!!
    become as famous as she is than we’ll talk…


    Ashley Tisdale is so cute and she’s so attractive. whenever I hear “If you were her tonight”, that song makes me think of Ashley Tisdale dancing with me in the starlight.

  • ash rockz

    Ash looks gorgeous <3
    Cute outfit.
    Love you Girl (:

    No one want to read your stupid comments!
    You are all ugly and jealous :D

  • zanessahsmxoxo

    she is cute!!!! yay! ashnessa fan 4-ever!

  • Jennifer

    all u haters just shut up and take a look at urselves!
    I bet u never took a look at a mirrow cause ure all propably soo ugly, ure all just jealous of ashley and u wish u would look like her!
    Ive already met her a couple of times and shes even prettier in real life than on tv or any photos like these^^
    Ashleys perfect at all! And cause of her nose.. stop annoying us fans and her with those stupid wrong arguments.. her nose looks like it was before the surgery and u all know that she never wanted to do this surgery, she had to cause of health reasons.. i mean.. she even fainted on stage while doing a performance and it was cause of her nose..
    Ok… just wanted to tell u haters^^ some real positive arguments about ashley, dont judge about her if u dont really know her!! And – try to compare her with urself and then ull see that shes not better than u!
    Anyway, Ash rox, shes the best, shes awesome, kind and sweet, always nice, and shes just perfect and a good rolemodel!

  • Jennifer

    oh and – sry
    I did a mistake, I wanted to write: “Compare ashley with urself and ull notice that ure not better than her..” shes propably better than u haters all are ;)
    xoxo :P

  • ashleylover

    i think she looks awesome, but i swear thats zac efrons beanie?