Push Play Have A 'Jingle Bell Rock'

Push Play Have A 'Jingle Bell Rock'

Long Island teen band Push Play members – CJ Baran, Derek Ries, Nick DeTurris and Steve Scarola – pose together on the set of The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet in New York City on Monday morning.

The musical quartet will appear on the popular morning talk show @ 9AM on Friday, December 5th along with Dancing with the Stars winner Brooke Burke and actor Adrien Brody.

Push Play will also be at the Reckson Plaza Tree Lighting in Uniondale, New York on Saturday with singer Ashanti. The festival will start @ 5:30 PM and best part of it all? It’s FREE and there will be a meet-and-greet after their concert where they’ll perform “Jingle Bell Rock” @ 6:30 PM.

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Photos: Albert Michael/Startraksphoto.com
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  • http://party-with-us.org sandy

    I’ve actually never heard of them…

  • Deanna

    Push Play! Yay, thanks for putting them up!! They are so unbelievably awesome

  • bella

    oh! theyre hot

  • Lilly

    Push Play Rox, I am really proud of them!!

  • shelby

    whoever those boys are, they r hottt thanks for poting this just jared, now i have a new fav bend, well im actually gonna take a listen to them right nowww

  • Lilly

    Push Play Rox, I am so proud of them!!

  • megan jonas xo

    thankyou for posting this! i love my long island boys & i cant
    wait to see them saturday! although im gonna miss having to explain to people who they are ]: im so proud of them!

  • grace

    thanks so much for featuring them on here! the boys appreciate it, I’m sure. and so do all us fans! I met them a month ago and they were the sweetest guys. can’t wait for friday!

  • KaityXOXO

    I love Push Play! They are such great musicians and performers! I’ve gone to 4 of their shows, and they make sure that EVERYONE is having a great time. Go to their myspace (www.myspace.com/pushplayrox) and check out their music!!

  • kait

    Thank you so much for putting up push play! i love them!

  • http://www.youtube.com/jashleyforever639 Larissa

    i love pushplay and i know Mandy isnt in here but i think Clay and mandy are so cute together!!! lol

  • http://www.youtube.com/jashleyforever639 Larissa

    i ment CJ not Clay lol

  • Megan.

    I’m sooooo glad you posted about them.
    They deserve all the attention they’re finally getting.
    They’re definitely 4 boys you’re gonna wanna watch out for in 2009 cause it’s gonna be their year to shine!
    I’m soooo happy for them<33

  • aly

    omg!!!..its the first time i see them in here im so prouudd!!!

  • *

    I’m so proud of them. They deserve being featured on JJJr.

  • Natalie

    Thanks for putting a post up about push play!! They are super talented, amazing live, and of course gorgeous.

    I’ve seen them 4 times now live and each time gets better. make sure to visit their myspace http://www.myspace.com/pushplayrox and give them a listen.

    I know they will have a breakout year in 2009 so get hooked on them now!

    I’m proud of you boys!

  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    wow they look like lesbians, all except the guy in the purple shirt, he is the only one that actually looks like a man. never heard of them probably will be long gone soon though.

  • emilie

    who are they?and they look weird specially the ones on the left…

  • Chelsea

    CJ looks like a homosexual.

  • mia’s

    umm there teens?? they look really old!!!!

  • Jj

    their SOOO good i saw them like and met them and i soo loved them but they are kind of the same old kind of thing

  • lt

    what did cj do to his hair?! the last time i saw him it was totally different, not hating but i definitely liked it better before!! when did this happen!?

  • amber

    They are amazingggggg guys! and if you didn’t know cj used to date jbs bff mandy…. so if your a jb fan you may wanna check them out but i lovceee them i became a fan of them because of mandy actually so check them out at myspace.com/pushplayrox

  • alex

    OMG, i’m so happy that you guys put push play up. for those of you that haven’t heard of them.. GO LISTEN TO THEM NOW! myspace.com/pushplayrox <- they are honestly AMAZING<3

  • lisa

    i just met them a few weeks ago (:
    they are amazingg!
    its so awesome seeing them on here

    if you dont know who they are..you definitely need to listen to themm


  • hailie

    what is the blonde one thinking with his hair? i saw them live once, they came to a place i always go to see shows. there was like 20 people there. it was actually quite pitiful. maybe if they didnt try so hard to be the jonas brothers they wouldnt be so annoying, but whatever. they kinda sucked and the freaky haired blonde one looked like an anorexic girl. one of you fan girls should give him a gym membership…

  • Romina

    I am SO glad that you posted about Push Play.
    This is the first time I’ve seen them featured in your site and I am very happy!
    I am sure that they appreciate the support and for those who do not know Push Play, you should check them out! http://www.pushplayrox.com
    They are an incredibly talented band and a group of amazing guys who really care about their fans.
    The most incredible part about them is that all they have, is because of their hard work and passion for music!
    I love Push Play, and I happen to think that they all look good in the picture!

  • ….

    they’re so overrated,
    no offence but they’re just one wannabe girlfriend.
    they got all their fame from mandy.

  • ….

    wannabe boyband*

  • fx

    I have to disagree with commet # 28
    I knew about Push Play and liked their music wayy before I found out that they were connected to this girl, mandy
    But if there is people out there who found out about Push Play because of Mandy, I’m sure is their talent what made people become fans.
    Just because Mandy is dating one of them doesn’t automatically make people want to listen to their music.

  • victoria+

    PUSH PLAY! :]<3
    finally theyre on here

  • anonymous

    First off CJ(the blonde), yeah he’s not anorexic OR homosexual, OK just clarifying that because its really immature to make assumptions based on what a person looks like.
    Second, they did not get all they’re fame from Mandy. Mandy and the boys are all friends, yes she helps promote them, as do many other fans! They worked their asses off to achieve everything they have. Not one thing was handed to them on a silver platter. They made it happen with everything they do. and They deserve everything they get!
    Third, they are not trying to be the Jonas Brothers trust me, they are their OWN. There really is no similarity. Why is it that every other male band is compared to the Jonas Brothers. They are not Gods they are 3 boys that love playing music. Push Play has there OWN unique sound. As do the Jonas Brothers, Hanson, and any other male band out there.

  • anonymous

    i totally agree with comment 32!!
    push play did not get all of their fame from mandy because i knew about them wayyyy before i knew cj was dating her
    and they are totally different from the jonas brothers. they have a different sound and they do not in any way try to copy them!!
    and cj is not anorexic and his hair is hott!!!!! so stop trashing them just because you dont know about them and think that they are just another boy band…they’re not!!!!!!