Miley Cyrus: Tour the Cyrus Family Farm!

Miley Cyrus: Tour the Cyrus Family Farm!

Miley Cyrus smiles wide as she and and papa Billy Ray take us on a private tour of their family farm in Nashville, Tenn.

The video, which is a bonus feature on the Season One DVD of Hannah Montana, follows the father-daughter pair as they recall some of their greatest memories of the farm.

Billy Ray shared of his famous daughter, “Every place out on the farm, she had a name for it. Like the big rock down there is the Snake Rock and Stairway to Heaven is where the moss is. Buckeyeland is where all the buckeyes are. Every place had a name.”

Take your own personal tour on the Cyrus Family Farm below!

Miley Cyrus Tours The Cyrus Family Farm

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  • hilarie

    Okay, running around at a farm wearing a chanel hat.. that is not wierd at all!

  • hilarie

    Okaay, running around at a farm wearing a chanel hat… that is not wierd at all!!

  • Savannah

    That’s…. nice?

  • Carrie

    I think its nice to see how close she is with her dad and really her entire family. Thanks for posting.

  • hilarie

    She’s wearing a chanel hat… at a farm!

  • Sunil`

    this is very old news. Just jared stay updated wit latest news. visit for the lates teen gossip.

  • izabella

    she’s so awesome!
    I love her personality!
    thanks to Miley and the way she is with her family, me and my mom are closer than ever, Miley inspires me to love my family!! :) ♥

  • carl

    she is looks really down to earth here. no wonder she such a positive girl she had a wonderful family that are very loving. no wonder she so nice to everyone. she looks happy in this video.t

    she must be really nice to the animals because when they saw her they came to her they didnt run away. she must have a nice feeling for animal like horses to come to you like that.

    it must it been nice to grow up on that farm.
    she seems very down to earth here no wonder she feel safe it looks so paceful there!!

    i love this video thanks for posting!

  • hilarie

    Sorry I didn’t mean to post my comment three times :)
    Btw, loved this video, it was really cute:)

  • 005

    love miley
    selenas sucks

  • jo

    Umm who the hell cares whether she is wearing a chanel hat or an old navy hat?? It just depends on what you could afford, and she can clearly afford it seeing as how she is the hardest working teenager on the planet.
    She should/could wear whatever she wants.
    The J brothers probably wear chanel pajamas to bed.

  • hilarie

    Yeah I know, but I don’t wear my Marc Jacobs hat when I’m the stable. But then again, it’s not gonna be on Youtube ;)

  • BrendaSong♥♥♥isthebest

    that was so cute she is really the hardest working girl on this planet =)
    loove her
    and of course brenda ♥♥♥
    pls jared give us brenda fans new picssss ?^^

  • Izabella

    haha! I love it when she’s on the swing, she’s like “hold on, I got a wedgie!” LAMO :D

  • anna

    This video is adorable:)

  • christina

    She’s funny in this video :)

  • sophie

    I love horses too!

  • super fan ashley

    She is awesome, I love her so much
    She is like a child!!!

  • amanda

    hayhow silver(somethinglikethat)

    back to the roots.
    is good that ,because she have to remember where she came from,is nice never forget who you are and that`s what miley is doing

  • girlnextdoor. [:

    she look very pretty here! <3
    love it how she’s so down to earth.

  • jabba

    miley is too sweet and too cute…i love her

  • jad

    my god she’s such a brat i mean come on u grew up in that farm be more passionate. She sounds like ewww and not interested. Her dad was amazing and all spirit. She’s so selfish. Stepping on her fathers back and she says “i hope i don’t fall” i mean come on ur stepping on ur father’s back at least ask if he’s k, even if she knows it. That’s the thing bout Miley, she’s a rich, city brat who forgot her roots just cause she’s all famous . U come from a farm, embrace it don’t go all ewwww. i mean u grew up there! if u didn’t then tat’s another story all together.

  • Hello

    Obviously she does love Tennessee, she always talks about it in a good way and how she loves going back home. Of course you wouldn’t know that though since you only look at the negative things about Miley. Her and her dad have a great relationship.

  • ally

    wow her life on the farm seems amazing!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR Nicky!!!!!!!:)

    loooooooove her by the way nice farm Miles ;) love you Miley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)

  • bridget

    Agree with jad. I noticed that too. Her dad was all excited that they still has those rocks or whatever that she found when she was little and she’s like ‘eww, bugs,’ come on now….

  • Crys

    Uh oh…Miley made her dad get highlights.
    I think she’s taking Nick’s advice again.

  • Bella

    #22 & #26 –
    Bugs are gross, that’s why she’s saying “ew”. Did you not see how many bugs came out of that bag. Some people are scared of bugs. Also I don’t see how she was being rude to her dad. When she said “I hope I don’t fall”, she was talking about falling off the old swing not her dad. Besides he’s the one who told her to step on his back. She was not being spoiled or annoying in this video at all. Stop criticizing her for every little thing or making something out of nothing…

  • Heather






  • Angela

    aww i like how miley has time to visit
    her hometown.. even though she’s
    like a really busy girl. [; miley is
    a great girl and there are a lot
    of positive things she does but
    you faggots aka haters only
    look at the negative side of her.
    it pisses me off. D:

  • Lil Mil;

    Oh Miley.. Love u so so so so so so so so so so so xD much (L).
    You are really sweet =P.
    And so nice LOL.
    Love ya!

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