Selena Gomez is Airport Casual

Selena Gomez is Airport Casual

Selena Gomez slips a smile as she slides into a limo and returns home at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening.

The 16-year-old Wizards of Waverly Place starlet recently got close with British Disney star Brad Kavanagh on Sunday night at the BAFTA Children’s Awards in London.

At the ceremony, Selena‘s animated flick, Horton Hears A Who, was nominated for best feature film but lost out to Pixar’s Wall-E.

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Credit: Gabo; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline
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  • Phi

    Sel’s finally home!!!
    she loks gourgeous but tired
    Love her!!!

  • http://JUSTJAREDJR Nicky!!!!!!!:)

    i’m not a fan but i guess she looks kinda ok here sometimes i like her most of the time i dont like her so whatever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lv Nicky B :)


    i don’t know wat i think bout her. but i have i 2 say i luv her song ‘Fly To Your Heart”. it’s sooo pretty. she looks pretty 2.

  • sandy

    This little girl is gorgeous.. very very pretty girl…she’s well dressed and mannered for her age..Not excessively over done or fake..

  • lesha

    lol. i cant look at pics of her anymore. everytime i do, i cant help but laugh at her highlights. they’re not bad or anything, but the coincidence is just hilarious.

  • kaitlin

    her boots are adorable :]

  • lilpip

    hey! any idea where’s her bag from? its pretty!

  • cLAUdia

    her smile’s cute :)
    her outfit is simple and nice

  • shiley


  • Stephie

    Sweet :)

  • vanessajonas

    she’s always coping vanessa! aarrrghhh

  • julia




  • china

    I LOVE SEL!!!!!

  • atie

    brad kavanagh….. i met him, he’s the most amazing guy in the world! We hung out for 2 hours


    kay guys, she’s not ugly .
    but she is not “GORGEOUS”


  • angel

    To some people she is gorgeous.
    That’s why it’s called an opinion. ;]

  • .

    #9 vanessa hudgens has that spot sorrryyy

  • emilly

    Selena Gomez = Rebound Girl.

  • kasia

    im sick of this
    whenever miley wears a tanktop, she gets called a slut
    but here is this girl with her bra showing and her boobs
    hanging out && people call her gorgouess

    i just don’t get it…

  • jackieee

    okay to girl who siad she is copying vanessa ca i ask you why? stop making up such things. and emily shut up. SELENA LOOKS GAW JUSHHHH.

  • erika

    yay i love selena! shes so pretty. i also love bffs and fellow disney stars selena and demi!

  • edenm

    She actually looks so pretty here;
    Her outfit is simple yet chic and her hair looks nice
    for being someone who just got off the plane.
    Me, I’m in sweats, and a baggy shirt, there are some
    shiz in my hair and drool dripping down my face.
    Lovely, she’s beautiful.

  • Chiggyx3

    I love how everyone’s arguing about pointless things about her. She looks fine. Ok, maybe she should’ve put on an undershirt, but who cares, SHE JUST got off a damn plane, and she was probably irritated by all the flashes.

  • socal

    she is sooo pretty!! so much more mature/pretty than all the other disney stars!! selena, you’re awesome. keep being awesome and ignore the haters!

  • jobro lover

    ahh i love lena
    she so amazing
    i totally support her
    all the way ;]
    shes is so pretty :]

  • Izabella

    what happened to her bangs?? :O
    she looks cute:)

  • amanda


  • jocelyn:)

    vanessa hudgens is wayyyy better than selena gomez! the only reason selena is famous is because of miley. And then selena turns her back on miley and dates her boyfried.Real great friend selena is! TEAM MILEY AND MANDY!!

  • Hockey! best sport on earth.

    why does everyone freak out when someone says something bad about another celeb. WHO CARES! it is their opionon. let them think what they want. i am personaly not a fan of selena at all, but you don’t see me talking trash about her. give it a rest!

  • Ariana

    that is kinda weird that she has highlights now

  • naee.

    who is this poser with a freaking low cut top?

  • volleyballgirl

    i love selena gomez, shes such a great role model!

    more pictures please?

  • amanda


  • ceejay

    she look’s really good…but miley…

  • zanessa rox

    omg where is selena these days is she like not a celeb no more cuz she is no where wutha hell! omg…lol! she has been airport casual for so long! OMG!

  • love

    she’s pretty :)
    I love her
    I’m with #35
    more SELENA please !!

  • love

    where is SELENA these days ??
    pleasa jjj we want more pics or news about her

  • mrs.jonas yo (:

    sel gomez is AMAZING, her talent is amazing, she always looks amazing (:
    i loveeeeeeeeeeee her & demi & jonas bros <3 (:

  • jbforlife


    no one over the age of 10 even likes her.
    she has NO TALENT.

  • soccer star

    Selena Gomez is so hot!

>>>>>>> staging1