Miranda Cosgrove - "About You Now" Music Video

Miranda Cosgrove -

Here’s the premiere of iCarly cutie Miranda Cosgrove is ready to premiere her music video for her second single, “About You Now.”

The 15-year-old actress/singer had a blast filming the video. She even got to spend time with the same band that was her debut music video, “Stay My Baby.” How cool is that?

The music vid will officially make its TV premiere tomorrow night during the Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh premiere on Nickelodeon. Check it out below!

Miranda Cosgrove – “About You Now” Music Video

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Miranda Cosgrove’s music video — YAY or NAY?

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  • Julia


  • Julia


  • hanna

    WOAH she is a good singer for her age xx

  • lina

    i like her , she is cute

    the Video is cool …


  • jimmy_choo_ freak

    yay all the way, her voice is good and she is very pretty :D

  • LMAO

    um wow. she is so awkward when she jumps around and makes those weird arm movements up and down.
    not impressed with her or the song.
    who is she anyways

    p.s. her voice is annoying
    rather listen to selena gomez then that and thats saying something

  • nicola

    This is a cover, right?
    Because a girl band called Sugarbabes also sings it!!

  • Nikkilou

    She did good but i personally prefer the original

  • Nessa

    The version of the Sugarbabes is much more better then this

  • fabulous

    she cannot sing for crap. nick stars are so annoying. the only nick star i liked was emma roberts. miranda’s just plain annoying. the only teen star out there that can actually sing is Demi Lovato. the end.

  • emily

    this a cover of the sugababes song.
    i really like it! <3

  • vintagelove

    she’s annoying
    like who is she?
    no one watches her show

    and why is she jumping around?
    trying to copy mile cyrus?

    rather listen to miley or demi or even selena

  • xx

    very similar to Sugababe-about you now

  • Shannon x

    i like her as an actress but i dont think singing is her thing.
    not the worst, but not the best either :[ x

  • Vanessa

    NAY! She don’t sing wonderful and the song is bording! nothing special in her

  • reenuh

    miley’s video and demi’s singing…

    no originality

  • Vanessa

    NAY! She sings horrible and the song is bording! NOTHING special in her

  • sophie`

    I think she did ok.
    i prefer sugababes who originally sang it!

  • Clo (: x

    shes alright. but sugababes is so much better!

  • Melissa

    The sugababes version is wayy better that this one.
    Shes trying to be like miley, but shes an okay singer.

  • Lucy

    Isnt that a Sugababe song??? Anyway she sounds really good!!! x

  • .

    okay she did really good but shes so awkward as a performer!! shes deff no miley cyrus and how dare u compare her voice to demi’s!! #16 that is an insult i do like miranda’s voice shes just really boring to me if she improved as a peformer she would be good

  • AnniLupo

    This is a cover… and they didn’t even metioned it in the text! What about some new songs?

  • marsh

    not that bad =)…omg but what is doing Diego in that video??…he has cool songs on his own…love him♥


    I do give her credit for trying but I really wish they would write or get someone to write their own songs, the sugarbabes in the uk did this only fairly recently and im sorry but Miranda was nowhere near as good as that version.

    I cant blame her, we have some really wicked songwriters in the uk especially at the moment but that arrangement was shocking and her vocals did leave a lot to be desired.

    The vid was also pretty predictable and lame.

    I think in all honesty, its more about making money while icarly’s still on tv than her actually starting a substantial professional singing career.

    I give it 4/10 and thats being kind.

    Hey whats s bad about that though, why not? With all the young disney and nick fans out there buying her records, I bet she could retire in about 10 years if she really wanted too.

  • Maddie

    thats a cover of an english group sugarbabes’ song
    i prefer their version

  • Nicolette

    nay she can’t sing.
    her voice sounds so computer edited.
    and she dances so awkwardly.

  • whatsup

    YAY!!! Great song! cute vid! love her! <3

  • erika

    NAY! why is she singing shes so annoying. all nick stars are like disney wannabes.

  • cinthya

    what the hell is diego gonzales doing in that video? O.O
    and.. with miranda cosgrove? that is SO WEIRD
    i like the song.. but only at the begining.. then the chorus came out and it ruins it all xD but she did it well, i didnt knew she sings!
    but well, it’s not bad : )

  • http://myspace.com/hsmgabriellamontez123 Victoria

    How cute! I love it & that guys is totally hott!

  • Helen

    yall are haters and ya know it leave her alone

  • Mila

    Umm.. YAY .. i think this video and the song is so much better than leave of me .. she’s not cute.. but she has a good voice.

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  • me

    Diegito :) & now I see why the picture w/Miranda last time.
    Interesting to see him in someone elses video when he is very popular in Mexico.

  • Karen C.

    i ♥ Diego gonzalez!
    i like song
    nice (:

  • kkjjjjjjj

    yayyyy =]
    its her dream what if it was you r be a suportterrrrr

  • http://www.myspace.com/laschikasdelbikiniazuljuarez Karen C.

    i <3 Diego Gonzalez!


  • d pattinson


  • bia

    the drummer boy is cute ;)

  • mi

    Aw, CUTE! =D And Miranda Cosgrove isn’t a bad singer. =)

  • mandy

    aww…. that was cute… i LUB the song <<<<3333

  • =)

    Omg…the video was awesome…Diego you rock♥…but I don’t know why he is in there…he deserves more than an extra on a video…he’s a singer wth =S

  • gyhsbelle

    i want to hear diego sing!!!!!!! DIEGO!!!!!!!!not bad, illike the song, but she just needs to practice her dancing

  • Nicky


  • babette

    Why doesn’t she have her own song!? Why cover if your starting as a singer?

  • geena

    You suck, haters.
    Trying to look cool, but you look like fools..
    and Nicky, YOU are weird.
    Posting about someone you don’t like.

  • Diana

    I only like the chorus. Other then that the song is… blah. She obviously can’t sing, but if Miley Cyrus can get away with it why can’t she? It’s not that bad. I’ve heard worse. I think the video is cute though :)

  • http://JustJaredjr.com bETHANY




  • maddy

    she bugs the shxt out of me


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