Miranda Cosgrove: Diego Gonzalez is Super Funny!

Miranda Cosgrove: Diego Gonzalez is Super Funny!

iCarly starlet Miranda Cosgrove takes us behind the scenes of her new music video, “About You Now.”

The 15-year-old singer tells Popstar magazine that she had a blast making the video. She shared, “It was real fun because I got to have my real friends in the music video because it’s based in the mall. So I invited like six of my best friends and we got to hang out all day. So that was a blast.”

Miranda also dished about on-screen love Diego Gonzalez. She said, “Diego, the guy in the music video. He played my love interest and it was cool. He was just cool on set and he was super funny and fun to hang out with.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes photos and take a peek at the video below!

Miranda Cosgrove – “About You Now” Music Video Preview

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  • wink

    I am in Love with Diego González.
    hahah i will def watch the video!

  • go go go madi

    wait, About You Now is by the sugar babes, she’s redoing it?

  • china

    i know Diego Gonzalez jejejje from Rebelde !!!!

    es lindo !!

  • sara

    I also Love Diego Gonzales, he’s a good singer, and Miranda is so cute

  • becky

    OMG, i cant believe Diego Gonzalez is working at US now o.o
    i mean, i know him from Rebelde! i loove his songs!

  • vanessajonas

    omg! diegoo! i saw him last month in my home town giving a concert.. he is so cute and so talented=) its great he is going so well



    diego gonzalez is so cute:) he’s a good singer. and it’s really good that now he’s working at US.

  • CLA!

    OMG! is Diego Gonzalez! I love him. He is so succesfull here at Mexico! and he is really cute and attractive! I know him from Rebelde too! listen to his songs! they’re great!

  • geena


  • chris


  • tbrlz

    how Miranda met Diego? :O he’s actually really cute, he could open (again) the rbd concerts *-*

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com pau sepulveda

    iiloveehiiiim hees handsomee.. but hess from mexicoo how come hes working with mirandaa.. weird.. haha well they look like they make a good couplee…

  • roxanna

    i think diego gonzales is really cute i was in love with him when i was eight and he was thirteen.and i also can’t believe he’s working with miranda cosgrove.

  • luciana

    Diego Gonzalez hae love but it does in the video of Miranda Cosgrove?? Well good, but the ash!
    I love him!
    This super cute!?
    I die for?
    that the fate of this girl!

  • karla

    Diego is hot!
    he is veru very cute ;)

  • karla

    Diego is hot He is very very cute!
    he is my love platonic!

  • brenda


    I admire you, and i love all of your songs
    te deseo lo mejor y que sigas haciendo mas musica sea en ingles o espanol yo te apoyo y en mi tienes una almiradora q te quiere y respeta.


  • Hillary

    HI!! Who is this guy? i don like him.. Is handsome but i think that in US we have a pretty and beutifull boys!! better than him.
    i dont like latins people and lest mexicans!!
    sorry! but so ugly and he is not a exception!!

  • Hillary

    HI!! Who is this guy? i don like him..

  • Mexican girl

    Hillary, I´m sorry but you don´t know well to mexican people. Perhaps we aren´t so beatiful people, but a iferent with you , we already have a great culture , we have wondeful views and wonderful people, single and workers. Ah1 Diego is so handsome and talented and much of your people are evil people , lazy and stupids.
    I hope never meet you, because like mexican I could hit you! Púdrete
    Viva México!!!

  • frida

    i’m from mexico and i don’t agree that diego (who’s very hot) work with she i mean she can get another like i don´t know umm how about drake or josh? she used to work with them no? so i don´t agree with that and she’s a kid and he is a man o yeah!! i love him!! and he is from my country

  • i love diego

    hi every one im dating diego .
    i met him in a place called codigo fama
    then we wer in 2 tv show roghether (alegrijes y rebujos and mision s.o.s)
    then we broke up and then like 3 years later we got back together.
    my name is allison loozano look me up.

    i love diego!!!!!
    and u all dont have a chance with him

  • i love diego

    i love diego !!!!!

  • MIa

    This is such a great video and song!
    I like seeing Diego González agian after REBELDE and Alegriges y Rebujos!!! He has such an amazing voice!!!!
    Miranda is amazing teenage girl!!!

  • Vanessa

    Hey u guys shot the video at lakewood mall huh??? I love diego!!! If I would have know I would have gone!!! I would love to see him!!! :)

  • Vanessa

    Hey u guys shot the video at lakewood mall huh??? I love diego!!! If I would have know I would have gone!!! I would love to see him!!! :)

  • joe

    I hate diego!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love you miranda!!! *kisses*!

  • Danielle

    First of all Diego Gonzalez is not from rbd he is from The show rebelde cause some of u are saying he is from rbd but hes not he use to play a character on there And he is so hotttttt!!!!!

  • http://PAIGHEHOWARD alex


  • stef

    omg i know thats what i wanna know its driving me crazy
    ive been looking and looking and cant find the info

  • http://community.bsu.edu/members/smartguy88.aspx Sam

    BWAHAHAHAHAAAA! That’s hilarious!

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